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Patterson Bandy & Candace A. Rose of Pike County, Ohio

June has turned out to be Bandy Family Month on my blog. My hope is that some close Bandy descendants find my posts and contact me to share more information, as the descendants of George and especially of Andrew are some of my husband’s closest cousins along this branch of the family tree.

The month is almost over and it’s a good thing I’ve run out of Bandy children!

Today’s post is about Patterson Bandy, the ninth child and fourth son of George and Celia (Sanders) Bandy, born 10 July 1846 and died 6 August 1914, Pike County, Ohio.

His two youngest sisters, Emiline and Margaret have no known descendants.

Patterson Bandy married Candace A. Rose on 28 October 1868, Gallia County, Ohio. Candace was born c1851, probably Gallia County, Ohio and died


1. Margaret Emma Estella, born 6 April 1870, Gallia County, Ohio; died 17 April 1939, Ross County, Ohio; married George Abner Sherrick, c1898. He was born 17 October 1877/79; died 18 October 1937, Pike County, Ohio. They were the parents of five children – Henry Franklin, Ethel, Amy Pulena, Calvin Chester and John Wesley.
2. Mary Hannah, born 1 February 1872, Lawrence County, Ohio; died after 1910; married (1) William Detillion, 13 February 1890, Pike County, Ohio. William was born 18 May 1864; died 18 March 1906, Lincoln County, Washington and was buried at the Poor Farm. Mary married (2) John H. Spenser, 21 July 1906, Pike County, Ohio. This marriage apparently had its ups and downs as she was living with her father and her children in Clark County, Ohio in 1910 while John was living with his four children by an earlier marriage in Pike County, Ohio. However, in 1930, Mary was living with John in Pike County. No children were at home by then. Mary Hannah was the mother of three Detellion children – Bessie Sarah, Myrta Mae and John Myron.
3. Andrew Franklin, born c1875; died 1940; married Stella Mae Butcher, c1898. She was born 12 July 1882; died 4 August 1950, Pike County, Ohio. They were the parents of nine children – Dora C., O.C. Della Ina, Mary E., Frank Andrew, Della Marie, Jacob Patterson, Ruth Isabella, Emmitt Eugene and Dwight Edward.
4. George Otis, born 1877; died 1962, Pike County, Ohio. He married (1) Myrtie M. Kreiger, 27 April 1899, Pike County, Ohio. She was born March 1883 and isn’t found after the 1900 census when she was at home with George and son Clarence.  (2) Cora Bell Kuhn, c1907. Cora was born c1889; died 30 September 1964, Franklin County, Ohio. George had one son with Myrtie – Clarence. George and Cora were the parents of thirteen children – Mabel Lee, Woodrow William, Jess Willard, Leota, Raymond Theodore, John Ava, Hazel Maxine, Harlan Patterson, Grover Cyphs, Betty Ann and Irma Bell.
5. Patrick C., born 18 February 1881; died 19 March 1939, Wood County, Ohio; unmarried. No known descendants.

Whew! We have reached the end of the Bandy family sketches. There have to be hundreds of descendants of these lines out there today. If you are one of them, I would love to hear from you. 🙂

William Andrew Bandy Family of Gallia & Pike Counties, OH

William Andrew Bandy was born on 25 April 1835, in Lawrence County, Ohio, the fifth child and second son of George and Celia (Sanders) Bandy of Gallia County, Ohio. He died on 3 April 1926 in Pike County, Ohio.

William is sometimes confused with his cousin, Andrew Jackson Bandy, the son of Andrew and Rebecca (Wooldridge) Bandy of Lawrence County, Ohio because they were close to the same age.

William is found either as William or William A., while Andrew Jackson went by Jackson. Therefore, the “Andrew” records seem to combine these two cousins into one person.

William Andrew Bandy lived both in Gallia and Pike Counties during his lifetime.

He married (1) Luvina (Melvina in 1860 census) Wray, 30 December 1856, Gallia County, Ohio. Luvina was born c1838; died 1865, Gallia County, Ohio. (2) Ara Jane Wilson, 31 October 1870, Jackson County, Ohio.

John had surviving children with both wives.

Children (with Luvina):

1. Marquis D., born November 1857; died after 1930 census, probably Scioto County, Ohio; unmarried; no known descendants.
2. Morris/Maurice Wilmington, born 15 April 1859, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 23 March 1925, Scioto County, Ohio; married Jennie Handley, c1892. Jennie was born 11 August 1866, Ohio; died 24 April 1934, Scioto County, Ohio. They were the parents of nine children – Everett Emmett, Wray Powers, Cecil Maurice, Rose Ella, John William, Carl D., Carrie Elenore, Pearl Elizabeth and Gladys L.
3. Rosa L., born 4 February 1861, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 21 March 1934, Scioto County, Ohio; married James A. VonSchriltz, c1894. James was born in 4 October 1855; died 21 May 1939, Licking County, Ohio. They were the parents of one child – Forest Wray.
4. Ella Dora, born 16 June 1864; died 28 January 1932; unmarried at that time and living with brother Marquis in Scioto County, Ohio. No known descendants.
5. Jennie B., born c1865; lived with her grandparents, James and Malinda Wray, in Gallia County, Ohio in 1870, the one and only record found for her. She may have died young.

Children (with Ara Jane):

  1. Celia Alice, born 1 November 1871, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 13 February 1916, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio; married David Stillman VonSchriltz, c1888. David was born 15 July 1854, Meigs County, Ohio; died 15 January 1914, Pike County, Ohio. They were the parents of five children – James, Effie, Early, Ella and Ina.
  2. William Davis, 16 July 1873, Gallia County, Ohio; died 26 August 1933, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio; unmarried. No known descendants.
  3. George Clinton, 1875; died 1949; married Nettie Glass, 22 November 1902, Woodward County, Oklahoma. He isn’t found in 1910 and, by 1920, he was back in his parents home and divorced with two sons. However, Netty Bandy is back in her parents home in 1910 and listed as divorced with no children in the home. George and Netty were the parents of two sons – James William and Robert R.
  4. Joseph Corwin, born 23 June 1877, Ohio; died 21 April 1939, Flint, Genessee, Michigan; married Mary Shelton, c1902. Mary was born 30 June 1886; died 23 July 1971, Saginaw County, Michigan. She married (2) Clyde D. Martin, 13 June 1949, Lucas County, Ohio. Joseph and Mary were the parents of four children – Edith E., Orville Estle, Herman E. and Nora May.
  5. Adelphia May, born 13 February 1880; died 24 August 1921, Pike County, Ohio; married Peter John Leist, c1905. He was born 5 February 1877; died 30 August 1953, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. They were the parents of one daughter, Lucille Erma.
  6. Katie M., born 1 February 1882; died 14 May 1904 and is buried in Pike County, Ohio; married Rutherford J. Dawson, 13 September 1902, Pike County, Ohio. No known descendants.
  7. Daniel Ray, born 27 May 1884; died 21 March 1968, Franklin County, Ohio; married Martha J. Rowland, c1908. She was born c1884; died 25 November 1966, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. They were the parents of three children – Harriet Rebekah, Alice M. and Daniel Glendyn.
  8. Nora Luenna, born June 1886; died 18 October 1909, Pike County, Ohio; married Luther Rowland, 22 February 1905, Pike County, Ohio. Records are scarce for Luther in 1910 and 1920, but it appears that Luther and Nora were parents of two children – Ara Jane and John W.

Next, we will look at the family of Virginia Rachel Bandy who married George Buchanan.

John Bandy & Talitha McDonald of Gallia County, OH

Today’s Bandy family post features the fourth child and eldest son of Geoerge and Celia (Sanders) Bandy.

John Bandy was born 9 June 1833, probably in Lawrence County, but possible in Gallia County, Ohio, where he grew up. He died on 25 November 1919 in Gallia County.

John married twice, although the only thing known about his first wife is that she gave birth to a son, George, born c1862. The couple likely married c1861 and she may have died during childbirth.

John married (2) Talitha McDonald, 17 September 1866, Gallia County, Ohio. Talitha was born in January 1845 and died on 18 August 1920 in Gallia County.

In 1860, John was a 24 year old single man living alone in Walnut Township, Gallia County. By 1870, John had removed to Greenfield, a stone’s throw away from Walnut Township. He was head of a household consisting of himself, wife Talitha, his son George and his two children with Talitha – daughters Mary E. and Lucinda.

It was a family neighborhood, as two doors away in one direction was his sister Tamzey Littlejohn’s home and three and four doors in the other direction were brother Thomas and his family and then the home of his parents, George and Celia.

John continued working as a farmer, unlike most of his relatives who worked the mines.

The family continued to grow through the years with four more children by 1880 and another four before 1900.  Most survived to adulthood, so this couple has many descendants.

Child (unknown mother):
1. George, born c1882; died after 1880 census; no further record

Children (with Talitha)(all events in Gallia County unless noted otherwise):

1. Mary E., but Fannie Florence after 1870, born 6 July 1867; died 12 July 1934, Toledo, Lucas, Ohio; married George Keller Jr., 13 February 1890. They were the parents of four children – Asa Mullace, Trevor Ross, and twins Effie Katherine and Ethel Wendel.
2. Lucinda Luvina, born 3 May1869; died 9 December 1876.
3. Friend, born 2 August 1871; died 10 May 1902; unmarried. No known descendants.
4. Franklin, born 8 November 1873; died 15 September 1935; married (1) Dora Bell Boggs, 17 August 1901. She was born c1880 and may have died before 1910, when Frank is at home, single, but son Clyde, aged 8 years old, is living with the family. (See below – Clyde married Rhoda Massie, his aunt by marriage and they had one daughter, June Arlene. By 1920, Frank is enumerated as widowed. (2) Minnie Jane Miller, widow of George Mossberger. She was born 28 July 1877; died 8 January 1940. They had no children together.
5. Mary, born c1875; died 6 January 1892.
6. Sarah, born 11 June 1873/78; died 12 July 1905; married Evan Jenkins Harrison Herbert, 18 June 1899. He was born 25 September 1870; died 18 April 1938, Wood County, Ohio. They were the parents of two sons, Claude and Archie. Evan married (2) Effie Dean, c1913.
7. John Estus, born 5 December 1880; died 3 February 1966, Delaware County, Ohio; married Varina Fay Shelton, c1906. She was born 26 December 1889; died 7 March 1979, Delaware County, Ohio. They were the parents of five daughters – Fanny Mae, Bessie, Katie Fay, Gladys Elva and Edith.
8. Jesse, born 20 January 1882; died 28 March 1962; married Rhoda Massie, c1925. She was born 4 September 1906, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 10 January 1975, Madison County, Ohio. They were the parents of two children – Virginia E. and Jess Willard. It appears that sometime between 1930 and 1940, Rhoda and Jesse divorced. Rhoda then married (2) Clyde A. Bandy, son of Franklin, above. In 1940, they lived in Pickaway County and Jess Willard Bandy lived with them.
9. Charles, born 28 November 1885/88; died December 1970, Lenawee County, Michigan; married Nellie Mae Thompson, c1917. She was born 6 December 1886, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 23 April 1961, Lenawee County, Michigan. They were the parents of one son, Gilbert Edward.
10. Lottie, born 18 July 1889; died 12 July 1905; unmarried