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Beyond Vital Records: Dulworth Family and Goodspeed’s Mug Book

Yesterday, I shared the family sketch of James Dulworth and Elizabeth Gwinn Spear of Cumberland County, Kentucky. While Cumberland County has some extant vital records, it has some major gaps, too.

Long ago, I found one resource that often made me jump for joy – county histories and/or paid “mug books” (books mainly published for profit in the later 1800s, financed by individuals who paid a fee to have their family story published in an article).

It just so happens that the Goodspeed volume that includes Adair County, home of Jacob Dulworth in the 1880s,  was one of those books that brought on the genealogy happy dance.

That’s because Jacob Dulworth, son of James and Elizabeth, had the financial means and desire to have the Dulworth story told. I’ve found a number of these articles in various books, but Jacob’s, I think, might have been published to honor his father.

James Dulworth died in 1887 – the same year this book was published – and Jacob’s entry tells a lot about his parents and siblings. It wasn’t “all about him.”

Kentucky: A History of the State, Perrin, Battle, Kniffin, 4th ed., 1887, Pages 104-105Adair County.

JACOB DULWORTH, a native of Cumberland County, was born February 6, 1835. His father, James Dulworth, was born near Knoxville, and was a farmer in fair circumstances.  He began the battle of life without a dollar, and when in his twenty-fifth year married Miss Elizabeth Gwinn Spears, a daughter of Benjamin and Naomi (Crabtree) Spears, the former of the Old Dominion, the latter of Kentucky.  Benjamin Spears was the son of John Spears, a Revolutionary soldier.  To James Dulworth and his wife were born six children: Benjamin, Jacob, Mathias, John, Abraham and Nancy M., wife of James R. Coe.  John and Benjamin are now dead.  Mathias Dulworth served as a private in the Fifth Kentucky Federal Cavalry, but on account of his health was not able to serve out his term of enlistment.  James Dulworth was brought to Cumberland County by his parents.  He owned about 600 acres of fine land in the southern part of the county worth about $6,000, and he gave his estate, with the exception of 200 acres, to his children.  Mrs. Dulworth, who was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, departed this life in 1878, about sixty years of age.  Mr. Dulworth afterward was married to Miss Ibby Williams, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Spears) Williams, natives of Cumberland County, Ky.  Mr. and Mrs. Dulworth, both of whom are members of the Christian Church, still live at their home in Cumberland County, Ky.  John Dulworth, grandfather of Jacob Dulworth, had emigrated from Germany to the United States, and settled in Tennessee, where he was a farmer.  Benjamin Spears, maternal grandfather of Jacob Dulworth, was a native of the Old Dominion, and for sixty years he was a strict and consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Before his death he divided his estate, which was small, consisting of 200 acres of land and $1,000 in cash, among his three children, two of whom were daughters, and several years before his death lived with Jacob Dulworth.  In youth Mr. Dulworth acquired a moderate English education in the common schools of his neighborhood, and remained at home working for his father until twenty-four years of age. He then, in 1858, emigrated to California, but after working unsuccessfully nearly two years, both in California and Vancouver’s Island, returned home in 1859, and went into brandy distilling.  Prior to emigrating he owned and ran three whiskey distilleries.  He quit distilling in 1860 and turned his attention to farming entirely.  The first farm Mr. Dulworth owned was in Overton County, Tenn., and it consisted of 180 acres, and was worth $2,500.  In 1870 he removed to Adair County, and purchased 200 acres of fine land on Green River, where he has since resided.  November 6, 1860, he was united in marriage to Miss Hannah, daughter of Burrell and Jane (Smith) Willis, natives of Overton County, Tenn.  Burrell Willis was a farmer, and the father of ten children, only two of whom were sons, John and Charles Willis.  John Willis was a veteran of the Mexican war, and served as private in Gen. Scott’s army.  Charles Willis was a private in the Fifth Kentucky Cavalry, Federal Volunteer service, and served until his death in 1863.  To Mr. and Mrs. Dulworth have been born nine children: Martha, wife of George A. Fease; James A., Joseph M., Leslie, William B., Rufus M., Jane N., Marietta and Rosa Belle, all of whom are living.  Mr. Dulworth is a member of the Masonic order, and of the Democratic party.  He began life with $640 in 1856, and is now worth $12,000, which is all the result of his own industry.  His farm comprises 576 acres of fine land on both sides of Green River, some of which is worth $100 per acre, and he has 200 acres of this tract in cultivation.  He first lived in a log house, but five years ago erected a frame two-story residence.  Mr. Dulworth does a great deal of trading and has been very successful in it–especially in tobacco and mule trading.  He has bought 25,000 pounds of tobacco this year, and now has on hand thirty-two young mules, which he bought when colts, and will sell when two years old.

This is one of my favorite finds of all time, as it tells me so many details that I’ve been able to verify through other sources, but adds information about which I had no idea. For example, Jacob’s brother Benjamin is in the 1860 census of Calaveras County, California, but I had no idea that Jacob had also gone to California.

On caveat about this mug book articles – sometimes families purposely exaggerated (or outright fibbed) about details or they were just plain mistaken. For example, Jacob’s grandfather, Benjamin, is well documented in North Carolina and his family migrated from Maryland. He wasn’t from the Old Dominion – but the Crabtrees – his wife’s family – did move to Kentucky from Virginia. Before that, they, too, were Marylanders.

Even though these volumes are long out of copyright, I haven’t always been able to find digital versions online. I think that may be because some of them have modern reprint versions. However, if you haven’t ever sought out these books, you might be missing an opportunity for your own genealogy happy dance!

James Dulworth & Elizabeth Gwinn Spear, Cumberland County, KY 1800s

James Dulworth and Elizabeth Gwinn Spear are my husband’s 3X great grandparents. I’ve been dwelling on the Dulworth family and it’s various mysteries and quirks for several weeks now.

I’ve shared family sketches of two of the four children of James’s parents – John Dulworth and Mary (MNU) Broadway. I began with their son, John Jr., because he was the oldest child. I then wrote about the family of daughter Hannah Dulworth, who married William Spear.

I thought I was finished with the family sketches because John and Mary’s second daughter, aged 15-19 in the 1830 census, hasn’t ever been identified.

I also thought – wrongly as it turns out – that I had written about James’s and Elizabeth’s family a long time ago. However, when I went looking for the sketch, I found I had many posts about Elizabeth Gwinn Spear’s maiden name, and even more about their son Abraham (my husband’s 2X great grandfather) and the goings-on with the Adams clan.

I have never actually written about the children of James and Elizabeth as a family unit.

In 1830, James Dulworth was head of the household in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He wasn’t yet married, but lived at home with his widowed mother, Mary, sister Hannah, and his unidentified second sister, both in the 15-19 age range.

James married Elizabeth Gwinn Spear about 1831, likely in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Marriage records for that time period are lost, but Elizabeth’s family also lived there.

She was born c1817, so only about 14 years old when they married. James was quite a bit older – about 26 years old. There is no evidence that he had a previous marriage.

In 1840, the young family still resided in Cumberland County and they had four sons – Benjamin, Jacob, Mathias and John – soon to be joined by a fifth son, Abraham, born in July 1840.

By 1850, the family had been completed as daughter Nancy had been born in 1843.

1870 is the last census in which Elizabeth appears. At home with his parents is Abraham Dulworth. There is also a 9 year old boy, James Dulworth, aged 9 years. Familial relationships aren’t given in this census. James might be a child of James and Elizabeth, as she would have been in her early 40s when he was born.

However, Abraham had several children born before he married and it is possible that James is a son of Abraham. The census lists Abe’s age as 26, but he was born in 1840, so 30 years old in 1870.

The third possibility, and probably the most likely, is that James is a grandson of James and Elizabeth and was the son of Mathias Dulworth and his first wife, Sarah (MNU). Mathias was a newlywed in 1860, not found in 1870, but married Nancy Jane Brewington on 19 May 1873, Clay County, Tennessee. In 1880, he has a son James, 19 years old, at home.

Elizabeth Gwinn (Spear) Dulworth died in 1878, and James married (2) Ibby Williams, before 1880, probably in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

Neither James nor Ibby is found in 1900, although it is said that James Dulworth died on 11 November 1887 in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

James and Elizabeth (Gwinn) Spear were the parents of six known children:

  1. Benjamin Dulworth, born c1832, died after 1860, when he was a miner in Angels Camp, Calaveras, California, unmarried at that time. He also appears living at home in 1850, but I’ve found no evidence that he married, had a family, or what happened to him after 1860.

2. Jacob Dulworth, born 6 February 1835, died 11 July 1891, Adair County, Kentucky, married Hannah Willis, 6 November 1860. They were the parents of 9 children: Martha Elizabeth, born 30 June 1863, died 11 October 1933, Adair County, Kentucky, married George R. Feese, 13 December 1883, Adair County, Kentucky; James Andrew, born 17 May 1865, died 2 January 1934, Green County, Kentucky, married Sidney B. Christie, 25 October 1888, Adair County, Kentucky; Joseph M., born 12 May 1867, died 28 May 1891, Adair County, Kentucky, unmarried; Ambrose Leslie, born 6 November 1869, died 12 May 1942, married Vinnie E. Cave, 15 May 1899, Clark County, Indiana; William B., born 6 February 1871, died 14 June 1921, Adair County, Kentucky, married Bettie Jane Christie, 14 September 1892, Adair County, Kentucky; Rufus Marion, born 2 May 1873, died 11 September 1897, Adair County, Kentucky, married Louisa Louretta Riall; Janie Ann, born 28 October 1875, died 26 December 1944, married Joseph Daniel Eubank; Mary Etta, born 21 January 1880, died 4 March 1904, Adair County, Kentucky, married Mont Elliott Corbin, c1903; Rosa Belle, born October 1884, died 30 December 1917, Adair County, Kentucky, married George O. Corbin.

3. Mathias Dulworth, born 21 January 1836, died 25 March 1905, Overton County, Tennessee, married (1) Sarah (MNU), c1860 (2) Nancy Jane Brewington, 19 May 1873, Clay County, Tennessee. Mathias was a Union Civil War veteran who served as a private in Co. G, 5th Kentucky Infantry. Mathias was the parent of at least 8 children, born to both wives: James, born 9 November 1860, died 15 May 1947, Clinton County, Kentucky, married Alice Alred, 22 February 1898, Clay County, Tennessee; John, born December 1872; died after 1918, when he registered for WWI draft, no further record; Benjamin, born c1874; died 21 June 1924, Greer County, Oklahoma, married Johnie (MNU)Daughter, born November 1877, died December 1877, Cumberland County, Kentucky; Sarah E., born November 1884, died after 1930, when she lived with her daughter’s family in Toledo, Ohio, married George Ambrose Phillips, 12 December 1908, Clay County, Tennessee. She moved to Inez, Roosevelt, New Mexico by 1910, widowed and in Overton County, Tennessee by 1930 and in Ohio by 1930; Joseph Harrison, born 18 October 1886, died after 1942, when he registered for the WWII draft in Lucas County, Ohio, married Bessie Ledbetter, 21 May 1911, Clay County, Tennessee; Bertha S., (may be Hester, born c1895?) born July 1891; John M., born January 1896, died after 1900.

4. John Dulworth, born c1837, died 22 July 1858 of fever, Cumberland County, Kentucky; no known children.

5. Abraham Dulworth, born July 1840, died before 30 April 1925, probably Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Mary Jane Adams, 1 February 1883, Clay County, Tennessee. They were the parents of 10 known children, although 5 were born before they married: Matilda Jane, born July 1869, died 1931, Greer County, Oklahoma, married Clayton Columbus Nation, 20 June 1896, Clay County, Tennessee; James, born 22 March 1872, died 7 June 1945, married Melvina Taylor, 20 October 1901, Clay County, Tennessee; John, born May 1873, died after 1930 census, possibly Washita County, Oklahoma, may have married and divorced, but no known children and wife’s name unknown; Sarah Ellen, born c1876, died after 25 April 1925, married Captain Duley, c1892; Sid W., born 24 February 1880, died 7 June 1945, Beckham County, Oklahoma, married Nancy Clary, 20 January 1908, Clay County, Tennessee; Benjamin Franklin, born c1886, died after 1900, unclear whether he or his cousin Benjamin Dulworth died in 1924 in Oklahoma; Crittenden, born between 1887-1892, died after 2 May 1927, probably Oklahoma, married Della E. Short, 9 May 1914, Greer County, Oklahoma; Jacob, born September 1889, died 17 June 1913, unmarried, shot and killed by Clay Nation, his brother-in-law, who was acquitted of murder; Martelia, born 1 January 1892, died 20 June 1968, Greer County, Oklahoma, married John Roach, 4 April 1909, Clay County, Tennessee; Elizabeth Jane, born 8 January 1894, died 13 January 1981, Lea County, New Mexico, married George Robert Roach, 4 May 1913, Clay County, Tennessee.

6. Nancy Dulworth, born January 1843, died 14 January 1934, married James Robert Coe, c1859. They were the parents of 7 children: Mary Angeline, born 19 December 1859, died 14 April 1936, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Rufus Lollar, 21 October 1891, Monroe County, Kentucky; Isabell E. Sarah, born June 1865, died after 1900, when she lived in Monroe County, Kentucky, married James Short, 31 March 1883, Cumberland County, Kentucky; Jemima F., born 3 December 1866, died 7 June 1931, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married (1) Mr. Short (2) Mr. Graves; John Fowler, born 10 August 1867/71, died 3 July 1950, Monroe County, Kentucky, married Lucy Belle Melvin, c1897; Lela, born 12 July 1873/74, died 28 September 1929, Marion County, Indiana, married Stephen Shelby Hurd, 15 December 1894, Monroe County, Kentucky; Davada, born 11 May 1874/77, died 17 October 1958, Jackson County, Indiana, married William Milam, 27 July 1899, Monroe County, Kentucky; Laura, born 21 August 1879, died 26 March 1970, Monroe County, Kentucky, married Porter Biggerstaff, 8 January 1898, Clay County, Tennessee.

This was the smallest branch of the John Dulworth-Mary (MNU) Broadway family tree, as James and Elizabeth Dulworth had but 34 grandchildren!

William Spear & Hannah Dulworth: Grandchildren

Although the children of William and Hannah (Dulworth) Spear weren’t quite as prolific as those of John and Hyla (Willis) Dulworth, who had 72 grandchildren, William and Hannah had plenty of grandchildren to fill their home several times over.

William and Hannah Spear had ten known children, but one, Henry, was stillborn in 1852. It must have been heartbreaking to name a baby who never enjoyed even one short breath of life, but name him they did and he has a death certificate.

This family hasn’t been found in 1880, so it is possible they had one or two more children.

Their other 9 children married and had families of their own:

  1. Isaac Spear, born 23 August 1832, died 5 December 1924, Barren County, Kentucky, married Mary Almira Long, 20 October 1858 (2) Sally Willis, 29 September 1898, both in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Isaac was the father of 8 known children, all born to Mary: Parmelia, born October 1859, died before 1870; William Haggard, born c1861, died 1929, Washita County, Oklahoma, married Bettie H. Wilson; Martha Laura Bell, born 22 September 1862, died 30 May 1954, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Richard Willis, 21 July 1880, Clay County, Tennessee; Alice, born either 1861 or 1870 (census taker listed her last of the 1870 children, aged 9, but older than her siblings. All other primary records give a birth year c1870. He might have forgotten to say 9 MONTHS instead of 9 years old), died 14 October 1918, Barren County, Kentucky, married Burrell Willis, c1889; Ida Ruth, born 4 October 1871, died 5 February 1962, married Ulysses Grant McFarland, c1887; Peyton P., born 22 June 1874, died 11 April 1961, Obion County, Tennessee, married Louvenia Spear, who was his first cousin; Charles Curtis, born 15 May 1876, died 11 June 1953, Wells County, North Dakota, married Mary Ellen Alexson, 25 July 1906, McHenry County, North Dakota; Samuel Powell, born 5 August 1878, died 27 July 1973, married Dora Taylor.

2. Elizabeth Spear was born c1837, died after the 1880 census and married later in life, compared to her peer group. She is a bit of a sticky wicket, as she married John Dutchman Long, who unfortunately married two, or possibly three women, all named Elizabeth. His first wife is said to have been Elizabeth Day. Undocumented information online states that he married “Elizabeth Dulworth Spear” by 1858, when a son was born to them. Elizabeth Dulworth and Elizabeth Spear were two separate people and first cousins, close in age. This is a hot mess because Elizabeth Dulworth married . . . . . . . . John Long, but not John Dutchman Long, who was also close in age to the same-named man. Both Long families lived in Kettle Creek, Cumberland County, Kentucky.

Next, John Dutchman Long did have a son born in 1858 – Benjamin. Benjamin’s death certificate identifies his father correctly and gives the maiden name of his mother as Griffith. Well, we know how that goes on death certificates. Sometimes, the informant is 100% correct, other times – not really.

However, I tend to believe that John Dutchman might have married an Elizabeth Griffith, who died sometime around 1860, when John had a son, Alexander, born. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a death certificate for Alexander, which would be a second source for the mother of Benjamin and Alex, himself.

However, unless they had a relationship before marriage, Elizabeth was not the mother of John’s sons, Benjamin or Alexander, as she was living in her parents’ home, unmarried in 1860.

John’s next child was a daughter, Hannah, born 2 June 1862/64. Hannah was likely named for her grandmother and her death certificate names her mother as Elizabeth Spear.

For purposes here, then, I am assuming that John Dutchman Long and Elizabeth Spear were the parents of 9 children: Hannah, born 3 June 1862/4, died 13 October 1965, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Peter (Pitts) Ferguson, c1883; James W., born c1863, died after 1880, no further record; Mary, born c1865, died after 1880, no further record; William Freeman, born September 1866, died 23 June 1948, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Sophronia Cook, 17 April 1892, Cumberland County, Kentucky; George Hunter, born 14 November 1868, died 20 December 1918, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Lee Ann Matilda Moore, c1891; Catherine, born November 1872, died 1939, married John W. Moore, c1892; Barbara Ann, born October 1875, died 30 June 1914; married Charles Emmett Groce; Nancy M., born c1877, died after 1880, no further record.

3. James Spear was born 1 April 1839, died 30 March 1928 and married Paralee Long, c1858. Paralee was 9 years older than her husband. They were the parents of 5 children: Malvina, born c1859, died before 1870, no further record; Salem, born 18 March 1861/62, died 10 July 1921, married Elizabeth Johnson, 23 September 1879, Clay County, Tennessee; Valentine, born 10 February 1863, died 9 May 1933, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Martha Frances Capps, c1906; Darius Allen, born 8 December 1864/65, died 13 March 1963, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Calista Belle Watkins; and Ezra, born c1867, died 29 July 1924, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Mary Ann Scott, c1888.

4. John Spear was born 12 April 1843, died 30 March 1928 and married (1) Catherine Elam, c1864 (2) Mary E. Poindexter. As with a couple of the other Spear families, this family isn’t found in 1880. Therefore, John was the parent of at least 9 children, 6 born to Catherine and the three youngest to Mary: James Wolford, born 21 March 1864/65, died  16 March 1956, married Laura Young, c1884; Melvina Elizabeth, born 19 September 1865/67, died 26 April 1952, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married William H. Moore, 21 June 1882, Clay County, Tennessee; Joe Godsby, born 4 July 1869, died 29 November 1948, Coal County, Oklahoma, married (1) Sarah Catherine Young, c1891 (2) Martha Florence Spear, c1910; Nancy Eviline, born 9 January 1871, died 29 May 1961, married Johnny C. Young; E (male), born May 1876 – in Cumberland County birth register, no further record; William Hamilton, born 14 May 1880, died 25 April 1963, married Ada Whitley, 20 December 1909, Clay County, Tennessee; Jesse, born 13 Marcy 1884/85, died 9 November 1955, Barren County, Kentucky, married Ellen Sarah Capps, 20 May 1904, Cumberland County, Kentucky; Vela, born 25 February 1891/92, died 5 December 1966, Cumberland County, Kentucky, married Walter F. Spear, c1913; Howard Ernest, born 26 November 1896/97, died 21 March 1974, married Dora Brandy Spear.

5. Nancy Jane Spear was born c1846, died 15 February 1922, married James R. Elam, 16 May 1871, Clay County, Tennessee. Jim and Nancy had no known children together. However, Nancy had one daughter, Louvenia, born c1867. She has already been mentioned in the family of Nancy’s brother, Isaac, as Louvenia married her first cousin, Peyton P. Spear. Louvenia grew up using the Elam surname, but it isn’t known whether James Elam was her natural father. However, Louvenia had no children, so there are no known descendants of Nancy Jane Spear.

6. Sarah Spear was born c1848, survived her husband who died in July 1912, but passed away before the 1920 census, married Olander Hughes, 19 September 1878, Cumberland County, Kentucky. They were the parents of two children: Sarah M. and Olander. The 1880 census shows Olander to be 9 years old and Sarah M., born August 1879. However, in 1900, Olander has a June 1879 birth date and Sarah reported having only one child. Olander Jr. died 26 January 1934, Delaware County, Indiana and married Frances Barnes. Also, in 1870, Sarah was unmarried and at home with her parents. She had a two year old daughter, Larena, who hasn’t been found in 1880. It appears that Sarah gave birth to three children, but only Olander grew to adulthood.

7. William Taylor Spear was born 29 September 1848/49, died 15 March 1930 and married Arva Tennessee Elam, c1871. Arva reported in 1900 having given birth to 10 children with 9 surviving. This family hasn’t been found in 1880, which is problematic with the missing 1890 census. Also, the ages of their children, as with Martha, sometimes vary by 5 or 6 years. That is a huge problem, as it appears Arva might have had two sets of twins. So, for now, I am assuming that they were the parents of 9 children who lived to adulthood. James, Martha and Ambrose were the only ones at home in 1900, so I am taking the word of others for the names of their other children: Lydia, born 3 March 1872, died 4 March 1947, Barren County, Kentucky, married Samuel Lawrence Rush, after 1910, had no children; Nancy Jane, born 9 December 1873, died 29 March 1930, married John Newton Watson, 31 October 1891, Clay County, Tennessee; Mary Belle, born 24 December 1876, died 9 December 1954, Clay County, Tennessee, married Wiley White Thompson, 8 October 1896, Clay County, Tennessee; Alvis, born 12 April 1881, died 9 September 1939, married Alice Long, 28 February 1906, Clay County, Tennessee; Martha, born 12 April 1881 or 1886, died 11 February 1972, said to be twin to Alvis, who isn’t found i n1900 at home or anywhere else. Martha had at least three children, but no marriage record has been found for her. She is variously listed as single, divorced and widowed in the censuses. Some say she married James Spear; Joel, born 28 December 1883, died 14 January 1905, unmarried, twin; James Harrison, born 28 December 1883, twin to Joel, died 17 May 1971, married Maggie Florence Spear; Ambrose, born 10 September 1887, died 18 August 1920, unmarried; Burr, born 6 January 1880, died 18 January 1968, married Mary Lou Bertha (Barger) (Roach), 4 October 1904, Clay County, Tennessee.

Joseph Bledsoe Spear was born 10 June 1857, died 22 August 1916, Cumberland County, Kentucky and married Martha Elizabeth Long, 18 January 1880, Clay County, Tennessee. It is uncertain how many children they had. In 1900, Martha reported giving birth to 11, with 4 surviving, but there were 7 children at home. I think someone erred when recording the number of living children, as in 1910, she reported have given birth to 12 children with 7 surviving, which matches records I have found. Also, with children Cora and William, there are links online to marriages and deaths. However, even the birth month doesn’t match the 1900 census. With so many Spears in the neighborhood and all the cousins they married, I hesitate to link William and Cora to spouses. Therefore, I believe they were the parents of 12 children, with 8 identified: Cora B., born December 1881, died after 1900; William T., born April 1885, died after 1900; Walter F., born 4 August 1889, died 29 April 1967, married Vela Spear, c1913; Sarah Cassie, born 9 December 1892, died 24 December 1915, married Marion Burr Spears, c1908; Dora E., born 22 March 1891/94, died 18 December 1919, Monroe County, Kentucky, married Oliver Hoffman, 29 March 1917, Clay County, Tennessee; Burr M., born 29 March 1897, died 17 October 1961, married Rosie Estella Adams, 4 August 1918, Clay County, Tennessee; Iva, born April 1899, died before 1910, no further record; Lola Edna, born 26 August 1906, died 13 September 1923, married James Carl Spear, c1920.

William and Hannah (Dulworth) Spear had 55 known grandchildren, not all of whom grew to adulthood and married, but they have many descendants today.