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Summertime Genealogy Education

Summer is almost here. Have you made plans for your genealogy education?

Here are a few ideas with costs ranging from free to a bit expensive:

The best deal in town are the webinars hosted by Legacy Family Tree and state genealogical societies because they are FREE if you register and watch them live. The only downside to free is that if you are not a member of the hosting organization, you may not access handouts.

Visit Legacy Family Tree Webinars and GeneaWebinars for topics coming up soon.

The Family History Library also offers free classes online every month.

Next, bookmark Conference Keeper, a free calendar of genealogical presentations, both virtual and in-person, free and paid. Many organizations add their events to the Conference Keeper calendar and many are free if viewed live.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars has a library of literally well over 500 webinars and offers several new webinars each week. A yearly subscription is $49.95 – a bargain for all the access.

If that stretches your budget to much, how does $9.95 sound? Legacy Family Tree also offers a monthly subscription. Sign up for just one month for $9.95 and binge-watch all the webinars you can fit in 30 days – plus access all the handouts – and you will have honed your research skills immensely!

Not inexpensive:
If you are ready to splurge and tackle an institute – a one-week class on a single topic, there are several summertime offerings. Registration for each opens months beforehand. However, you might find a class spot open here and there. Otherwise, add it to your 2023 calendar.:

IGHR (Institute of Genealogy & History Research)

GRIP (Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh)

SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy) – SLIG is held in January, but registration opens in July and fills up quickly

Gen-Fed (Genealogical Institute on Federal Records)  – Because of the pandemic, Gen-Fed was not held in 2020 and those who had registered were carried over to 2021. These seats go really quickly, so if you are interested, bookmark the page and watch for 2023 information.

As you can see, there is no reason why everyone can’t hone their genealogical research skills this summer!

Education Opportunity: Applied Genealogy Institute

Last year, I read with interest the launch of the Applied Genealogy Institute.

Given the huge increase in interest in online learning and the additional cost of traveling in person to advanced class experiences, there is definitely room in the market for more in-depth programs similar to SLIG and GRIP, among others.

The Applied Genealogy Institute is fulfilling a need for genealogists who want to develop skills in specific areas of expertise, but who can’t travel to distant locations, for reasons aside from our new pandemic lives. Cost is a major factor.

AppGen, as it is known, will always be virtual. Class sizes are very small – limited to 15 per session. The cost is very reasonable, too – $300 – for weekly classes spread out over one month’s time.

Given the big genealogy projects already on my plate last year, I didn’t sign up for any sessions with the Applied Genealogy Institute classes.

However, this time around, I decided to register.

Applied Genealogy Institute

There are five sessions on offer with well qualified instructors:

Catholic Records: Margaret S. Fortier, CG
Applied Genetic Genealogy: Leah Larkin, Ph.D
Foundations I: Using the Records: Lisa Gorrell, CG
Advanced Swedish Genealogy: Jill Morelli, CG
Learning from Ledgers: Diane L. Richard

Detailed descriptions of each class can be found on the website under the “Current Class Offerings” tab. (See yellow arrow on the image above. Use the link to the website to view.)

From the AppGen FAQs:

How do I register for a course?

  • Sign up on our Mailing List
  • We will notify Mailing List members of the class offerings, the opening of the registration window and other opportunities
  • Registration window will be open for 7 days.
  • Fill out the registration form noting your course preferences.
  • At the end of the registration window, AppGen will assess and place individuals into their first preference.
  • If a course is over-subscribed, AppGen will institute a lottery system for placement.
  • If a course is under-subscribed, all individuals will be placed in their preferred course.
  • Those on the wait list of over-subscribed courses will be offered placement in courses that are under-subscribed, if you entered a second or third choice.
  • You will then be notified of your course placement.
  • Once you are notified of your class placement, you have five days to pay electronically at the “Store.”

Read the FAQs carefully. Registration is not first-come. The registration window is open for a week. Everyone has the same chance of gaining enrollment in their first choice whether they sign up on opening day or closing day of the registration period.

The current sign-up period began on 2 January and will close on Sunday, 9 January 2022.

If 15 or fewer opt for a particular course, all will be placed. If more than 15 persons sign up for that class, a lottery system will be held to determine who is enrolled and a waiting list will be created.

After notification of placement in one’s preferred class, payment will be due.

Which class have I chosen? Given my brick walls in Sweden in the early 1800s, I have opted for Jill Morelli’s class, Advanced Swedish Genealogy.

I am hoping that no more than 15 people have registered for it!

If you see a class of interest, now is the time to submit the registration form.

Make 2022 a priority year for your genealogical education.



It’s Time to Go Back to (Genealogy) School!

It’s time to go back to school – GENEALOGY school, that is! No matter what your budget, there are multiple opportunities to enhance your genealogical research skills this fall.

If you aren’t a regular webinar attendee, you should be because there are innumerable topics presented every month and the price is perfect – FREE if you watch them live. (Handouts are usually only available to members, though.)

American Ancestors – The New England Historic Genealogical Society offers both paid and free webinars. It also maintains an archive available to the public for free.

Board for Certification of GenealogistsBCG offers free webinars which are produced by Legacy Family Tree Webinars. BCG webinars are geared towards improving methodology and research skills. While the intended audience are certified genealogists or those working towards certification, the lessons are excellent for everyone.

BYU Family History Library – offers weekly webinars across a number of categories:

DearMYRTLE – Pat Richley-Erickson, aka Myrtle, hosts hangouts –  Mondays with Myrt (news and various topics), Wacky Wednesday and various study groups. focused on Val Greenwood’s 4th Edition of The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy. She also has a number of videos on YouTube.

Family History Fanatics – Andy and Devon Lee offer an ever-growing range of videos on YouTube on a variety of genealogy topics.

FamilySearchClasses and Webinars (go to Search and then Research Wiki. Then enter WEBINAR in the search box to get to the link. It’s buried!) FamilySearch archives its classes and webinars. Handouts are free, as are all of their online classes and webinars. FamilySearch even offers its mini-conferences online for free.

Florida State Genealogical Society – offers a monthly series called Poolside Chats.

Illinois State Genealogical Society – offers a monthly series called ISGS Webinars.

JewishGen Learning Center – has an archive of educational videos on YouTube. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the list and links.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars – This is the only company whose purpose is to host genealogically oriented webinars. MyHeritage bought the company several years ago. All of its webinars are free to the public when presented live. However, there are a couple of subscription options. The regular rate is $49.95, but they often have 40% or more off sales. They also often a terrific bargain – $9.95 for a one month subscription, giving unlimited access. You can binge watch genealogy webinars and access all the handouts. Legacy Family Tree Webinars also offers a bonus webinar each week, not presented live, only accessible by members.

Southern California Genealogical Society – offers two webinars per month

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society – offers monthly webinars

YouTube – There are literally thousands of hits for genealogy. Narrow your topic and you will be surprised at what’s available for free by well known speakers.

The Virtual Genealogical Association – If you are ready to go virtual and would like the friendship and virtual companionship of other genealogists, then VGA is for you. It is just a year old and hosts many activities. It’s like an in-person genealogy society (like Pima County Genealogy Society) except all activities are online. There is a Facebook group where announcements are made and news shared, along with an official website. It hosts monthly webinars for members. Membership is $20.00 per year.

For those who are looking for an online academic program, there are several options, which are tuition based. Details for each program can be reviewed below. :

Boston University Online Certificate in Genealogical Research

National Genealogical Society

BYU – Idaho Certificate in Family History Research

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) Virtual Programs

Last, but certainly not least, check out this highly rated FREE 6-week course, which begins on 19 October 2020:
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow