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Please! Help Needed Figuring Out This Surname!

I hope everyone visiting today will help out and give me their interpretation of what this surname is.

I have a beautiful old photo of a family proudly standing in front of their home:

From the style of dress that the woman is wearing, plus the shorts and caps worn by the three boys, I’d say this photo was taken in the early 1900s.

Who are these people? Well, they were friends of Minnie Mae (Williams) (Brasher) Horne, Dave’s great grandmother.

The back of the photo is inscribed, but I can’t figure out what the surname is. I’ve traced the lettering in pencil:

It says:
from B J (or possibly I) Hulte____
to Minnie Horme (sic)


The closest name I can come up with is Hulterantz, which is Swedish, but they settled in Minnesota, and, unless the writer misspelled their own name, there aren’t enough letters in this surname. However, the cursive is childlike!

Minnie Mae was born in Texas, grew up and married in Texas and died in Texas so this family had to be a neighbor, family from church or some other acquaintances. She might have lived in Oklahoma for a couple of years around 1901-1903 because she and her first husband, Joseph Brasher, divorced and he was remarried by 1904 and living in Oklahoma. If Minnie lived there, too, she left and returned to Texas.

I’d love to return this picture to descendants, but that won’t happen unless I can figure out what surname this is. I’m open to any and all suggestions!