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Looking for Family of Anna Kowalsky, died 29 Nov 1936, Passaic, NJ

There are a few more funeral cards in my possession that belonged to my grandmother. Today’s card is for Anna Kowalsky, who died on 29 November 1936. She passed away only two days after my grandfather, George Sabo. Interestingly, her funeral was handled by the John J. Labash & Son funeral home at 40 Monroe Street in Passaic, New Jersey, while my grandfather’s was handled by the Andrew Labash funeral home at 102 Market Street, also in Passaic. The Labashes might have been cousins as there are a couple of different Labash families in Passaic and all are undertakers.

Anna Kowalsky Prayer Card

Anna Kowalsky, reverse side

I don’t recognize the Kowalsky name from my grandmother’s many friends, so she must not have kept in touch with the family in later years.

The Kowalskys are a bit confusing. I have found several different John and Anna Kowalsky family groups (Anna and husband John are buried together at St. Michael’s Cemetery in Garfield, Bergen, New Jersey) but none of their children are buried there.

Online family trees have the usual splattering of records attached for them in Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Litchfield County, Connecticut and Passaic and Clifton, New Jersey. Children’s names don’t match up. Some records say born in Germany, some in west Prussia, some in Kiev, Russia.

However, John Kowalsky’s naturalization declaration record, dated 16 December 1918,  is recorded in Passaic County, New Jersey. He was born 18 October 1879 in Resolv, Poland. Anna, according to the same petition, was born in Nowa Grobla, Poland. It indicates that he arrived in New York from Hamburg, Germany on 29 May 1905.

It appears from the 1910 and 1940 censuses that John and Anna Kowalsky had at least two children, Mary, born about 1908 and Nicholas, born about 1912, both in New Jersey.

Links to Mary call her Elizabeth Marie and indicate that she married Harry Feld. Harry appears to have been born 13 October 1899 and died on 6 July 1993 in Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey. Wife Betty was born 21 September 1907 and died 19 December 1992 in Passaic, New Jersey. Both are found in the SSDI.

Nicholas was born 5 December 1911 and died in January 1975, also found in the SSDI.

If you are related to John and Anna Kowalsky, please contact me. I would love to return Anna’s funeral prayer card to a family member.

Looking for Family: Michael and Henry Wancho, d. 1964, Passaic, NJ

These are the last two funeral cards, I think, looking to be returned to family.

Michael and Henry Wancho were father and son and died only four months apart – Michael on 11 May and Henry on 1 September, both in 1964.

Michael Wancho
Michael Wancho, died 11 May 1964

Henry Wancho
Henry Wancho, died 1 September 1964

I recognize the surname “Wancho” as the Americanized spelling of “Vancso,” found in the village church records of Udol, Slovakia. Many villagers emigrated to Passaic between 1890 and 1920.

I can’t find the family in 1940, likely because the name is not indexed correctly, but in 1930, they lived at 52 DeWitt Street, Garfield, NJ. They lived in that house for a long time, because in the early 1960’s, I remember addressing Christmas cards for my grandmother and 52 DeWitt Street was one of the addresses I remember writing.

Michael Wancho Family, 1930

I am sure there are descendants of this family today, but I long lost touch with them.

If you are part of this Wancho family or know where to get in touch with them, please leave a comment. I would like to return these funeral cards to the family.

Looking for Family of Rose Marie Dzamko, d. 1949, Passaic, NJ

Here is another funeral card looking for its family.

Rose Marie Dzamko
Rose Marie Dzamko, died 3 April 1949

Rose Marie Dzamko was born about 1876 in today’s Slovakia. In 1940, she lived with her daughter, Anna Dzamko, at 159 Jackson Street, Passaic, New Jersey.  Anna was born in 1902.

Rose Marie and Anna Dzamko, 1940

My grandmother, Julia Sabo, must have been friends with daughter Anna.  We often walked downtown to the Passaic shops and Nana would meet friends along the way. I remember stopping on Jackson Street and it may have been to socialize for a bit with Anna.

A look at Find A Grave brought up some more information. Rose Marie is buried at St. Peter’s Greek Catholic Cemetery in Garfield, New Jersey. However, it appears that her husband, Stephen, who died in 1922, her brother-in-law, Vasil, who died in 1930 and her daughter Anna, who died in 1982, are all buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Paterson, New Jersey.

If you are related to the Dzamkos or know how to reach them, please leave a comment as I would like to return this funeral card to family.