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New GeneaGem: American History & Genealogy Project

Looking at my list of Genea-Gems links, I notice that there has been a dry spell for a while. I hadn’t really come across many terrific underused and/or unknown (to me, anyway) websites to share with readers.

Lately, though, several have popped up and today’s GeneaGem, the American History & Genealogy Project, is completely new to me.

I discovered this website while looking for historical information on women and their daily lives and accomplishments, which turned out to be just one link on this fabulous site.

The home page brought up multiple categories. The AHGP project puts me in the mind of a small USGenWeb-type site where volunteers contribute items, based on their own interests.

There are state coordinators for most of the states. Even for states lacking a coordinator, like Maine, resource links are contained on the state page.

Many of the subject headings are very specific to one place or event, but if it pertains to your family – like the Confederate States Navy, then this site is a treasure.

It also has a section on U.S. gazetteers, Creoles in Louisiana, a Native American resource page and a neat section on old occupations.

One of the strongest resources on AHGP appears to be the one which I first came across, Women in America.  Look at the second image to see the depths of topics about U.S. women in history. This is the best single site I’ve come across!

Like most other sites I write about and recommend, this one is also totally free to access and use. I’m actually a bit amazed that I’ve never heard of it until recently. It is a true Genea-Gem. 🙂