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Family of William Holland of Harrison County, KY

Yesterday, the will of William Holland named his surviving wife and children. He likely died in March or April 1814 as his will was proved at the May 1814 court term.

I believe that this William has been identified as the son of Anthony Holland who died in Scott County, Kentucky in 1799 for three reasons:

  1. Anthony named a son William in his own will.
  2. Scott County and Harrison County border each other.
  3. William Holland’s son, also named Anthony, lived to be enumerated in both the 1850 and 1860 censuses and, both times, reported that he was born in Maryland. Anthony Holland was a native of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

I need to research land and tax records in these two counties to look for further documentation of their father-son relationship, but until then, I will proceed on the theory that they are indeed father and son.

Here is the family of William Holland and Amelia (MNU, but some say Gattrell):

  1. Aaron, born c1780; died 1840-1850, probably Pike County, Missouri; married Lavina Richardson, 3 April 1813, Harrison County, KY. They removed to Pike County, Missouri between 1830-1840.
  2. Mary; married Mr. Greenup before 4 August 1813. No further record.
  3. Anthony, born c1785, Maryland; died after 1860, probably Smith County, Tennessee; married Elizabeth R. Hogg, 10 April 1816, Harrison County, Kentucky. Elizabeth was born c1794, Kentucky; died about 5 June 1880, Smith County, Tennessee.
  4. Rachel; married Mr. Wilson, before 4 August 1813. No further record.
  5. Sally, born c1794, Maryland; died after 1855 Christian County, Illinois state census, where she was head of household; married Edward Elliott, 5 October 1811, Harrison County, Kentucky. They lived in Gallatin County, Kentucky, where Edward likely died between 1820-1830, as Sarah Elliott was head of household in 1830.
  6. Uriah, born c1796, Maryland; probably the man who lived in Pike County, Illinois by 1830, when he registered land; died after 1850, probably Pike County, Illinois
  7. Lydia, born c1798; died probably c1844, probably Pike County, Missouri; married James Anderson, 19 June 1816, Harrison County, Kentucky. Aaron’s son Ethelbert married Fanny Anderson, daughter of Capt. James Anderson in Pike County, Missouri in 1840. James Anderson married (2) Medusa Ann Edwards, 17 August 1845, Pike County, Missouri. James was born c1793, Kentucky; died 28 (Mar or May?) 1864, Pike County, Missouri.
  8. Rebecca, born c1809, Kentucky; died after 1860 when she lived with Nancy Hogg, aged 70, in Smith County, Tennessee.
    married Mr.  McCall, probably a son of Alex McCall, who died before 1850.

Unfortunately, this research hasn’t yet uncovered any new bits of data about William and Amelia. It is also quite frustrating that little to nothing can be found about Mary Greenup, Rachel Wilson or Rebecca McCall and their spouses.

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William Holland of Harrison County, KY, 1814 Will; Releasing Mulatto Man Moses

I decided to pursue a clue about William Holland, son of Anthony Holland who had died in Scott County, Kentucky in 1799. Lore said that this William had died in Harrison County, Kentucky before 1814. Harrison County touches Scott County on Scott’s eastern border. The two county seats are only 20 miles apart.

Today’s post is a transcription of William Holland’s will, which was written on 4 August 1813 and probated at the (undated) May 1814 term of the Harrison County Court.

1814 Will of William Holland
Harrison County, KY Will Book A:221-223
Source: FamilySearch

In the name of God amen I William Holland of the County of
Harrison & state of Kentucky being of sound mind and memory
but takeing into consideration the uncertainty of life and that it
is appointed for all men once to die & as Touching such worldly Estate
as it hath pleased God to bless me with my will & desire is that
after my Death the same shall be Distributed in the following
manner 1st Whereas the tract of land on which I know live that
was purchased of Abraham Craig belongs one half of it to myself
and the other half to my son Anthony Holland my will and
Desire is that from & after my Death my Beloved wife Amelia Holl
=and shall have hold occupy & Enjoy my half of said tract or so
much thereof as she shall so cause during her Natural life also
that my said wife shall in like Manner have hold & enjoy
my Mulatto man slave named Moses also my riding mare one
Good Cow & Calf six sheep & Eight hogs to be of value proportional
to the average value of the rest of my stock of hoggs & sheep over
Six months old also 2 Beds with the furniture belonging hereto
during her Natural life. 2nd I Give unto my son Aaron Holland
one Dollar which with what I have heretofore given him I give
as his full proportion of my Estate 3rd I Give to my Daughter Mary
Greenup Two Dollars which with what I have heretofore Given her
I give as her full proportion of my Estate 4th I Give to my
Daughter Rachel Wilson five Dollars which with what I have
heretofore Given her I Give as her full proportion of my Estate
5th I Give to my Daughter polly Elliott five Collars which with what
I have heretofore Given her I Give as her full proportion of my Estates
6th I Give to my son Anthony Holland my Mulatto man slave
Moses from and after the death of my Beloved wife to him and his
heirs forever 7th I give to my son Uriah Holland from & after my
death so much of my half of the tract of land on which I
now live as my wife Amelia Holland shall not wish to hold
& at her death the whole of my half of said tract of land to
him & his heirs forever 8th I give to my Daughter Rebecah Holland
one hundred Dollars also one horse to be worth not less than
Sixty Dollars one Good side saddle & bridle one Cow & Calf &
the same number of of Sheep & hogs that I have willed to my
wife & of the same value all of which to be paid to her at her
Marriage or when she arrives at the age of Twenty one
years if she should then remain unmarried and at the
Death of my wife one bed & furniture and of those bequeathed
to my wife by this will to her and her heirs forever 9th I Give
to my Daughter Lydia Holland one hundred Dollars also
one horse to be worth not less than sixty Dollars one Good
side saddle & bridle one Cow & Calf and the same number
of sheep & hoggs that I have willed to my Daughter Rebecah
Holland and of the same value all of which to be paid to her
at her marriage or when she arrives at the age of Twenty one
years if she should then remain unmarried and at the death
of my wife the remaining bed & furniture bequeathed to my
wife by this will to her and her heirs forever. 10th I Give unto my
sons Anthony & Uriah all the remainder of my Estate of every
Description including all Debts that are to me oweing to be
Equally divided Between them to them & their heirs forever but
upon this condition that they pay all my Just debts & Personal
Expenses also the Expenses of selling my Estate 11th my will
and Desire is that if either of my four Children now living with
me namely Anthony Uriah Rebecca & Lydia should die without
Issue that such part of my Estate as is willed to such child
should be Equally Divided among the survivors or survivor
of my said four Children or their heirs 12th I do constitute &
appoint my sons Anthony & Uriah Executors of this my
last will & Testament directing them to Pay to the different
Legatees their respective legacies and to Execute this will in
Every part thereof In Testimony that the foregoing is my
True last will & testament I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 4th day of August in the year 1813.
Wm Holland (L s)

Test. Josiah Griffith
James Smith
Harrison County
May Court 1814 Sct

This Last will & Testament of William Holland deceased was
proved in open court by the oaths of Josiah Griffith and
James Smith Subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be
Recorded Attest A. Moore DClk

What Happened? John William Hollon, 1857-1913

Census records tell us so much, but at the same time, tell us so little about a person, a family and their daily lives. I’ve not found any smoking gun to determine what caused John’s life to end the way it did, but a short, terse newspaper notice and his death certificate tell part of the story.

John William Hollon was the son of Ephraim Holland and Elizabeth Hoskins of Sullivan County, Missouri, born 6 July 1858 in Sullivan County, Missouri. As was typical for the times, John was part of a large family, the fifth of nine children.

In spite of growing up during the Civil War, his family appeared to be in good circumstances, both before and after the war, based on his father’s increased values of real estate and personal property. Like many neighbors, it appears that his oldest brother, Joseph T. Hollon, might have joined the Union Army at the age of 16, enlisting next door in Mercer County and perhaps died, as he hasn’t been found after the 1860 census.

On 21 January 1883, John married Florence Ann Pipes in Sullivan County, Missouri. They went on to have twelve children, 8 surviving in 1900, all apparently born in Sullivan County, Missouri:

  1. Thomas Homer, born 17 July 1884; died 6 February 1959, Oakland, Alameda, California, but buried in the Hollon Family Cemetery in Sullivan County, Missouri. He married Ivah Chloe Jones, 20 March 1913, Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born 6 May 1895; died 28 December 1980, Sutter County, California.
  2. Roy, born 19 June 1888; died 13 December 1946, Sullivan County, Missouri; married Nora Nancy Hunsaker, 18 March 1908, Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born 18 March 1894; died 24 July 1972.
  3. Evert, born 16 December 1890; died 10 October 1950, Sullivan County, Missouri; married Goldie Mattie Hunsaker, 5 September 1912, Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born 2 March 1897; died 10 March 1977.
  4. Margaret Jane, born 31 March 1893; died 5 November 1973, Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri; married Willard Allen Jones, 18 February 1912, Sullivan County, Missouri. He was born 4 March 1891; died May 1968.
  5. Lindley John (Jack), born 14 June 1895; died 15 May 1963, Linn County, Missouri; married Sylvia Irene Ellen Hunsaker, 14 April 1914, Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born 8 February 1900; died 19 June 1977.
  6. Edward, born 6 January 1897; died 27 May 1952; buried in Linn County, Missouri; married Bessie Leila Head, 22 April 1922, Linn County, Missouri. She was born 28 February 1906; died January 1978.
  7. Lola May, born February 1899; died 1961, Sullivan County, Missouri; married Hardin C. George, 25 January 1916, Sullivan County, Missouri. He was born 4 February 1892; died 6 September 1962.
  8. Edith Ophelia, born 1903; died 1988; married (1) James Carl Thurlo, 25 August 1920, Linn County, Missouri. He was born 5 February 1902; died 12 May 1941. (2) Warren G. Everett. He was born 1922; died 1996.

It’s hard to say when things changed for the Hollon family, but the first loss was likely when wife and mother Florence passed away on 9 January 1907 at the young age of 43. In 1910, John still had seven children at home, including 7 year old Lola. Homer and Evert were likely there to help with the farm work, but the census indicates that John rented his land.

John’s father, Ephraim, had died back in 1891, but his widow, Elizabeth (John’s mother) was living on her own next door to John’s family in 1910. Sadly, she passed away on 22 February 1912, after a bout of bronchial pneumonia.

Was it all just too much for John? He lost his young wife, then his mother and still had children at home. While browsing Missouri’s newspapers in Chronicling America, I came across this terse announcement:

The Laclede Blade, 19 September 1913

I could find no other mention in the newspapers, but Missouri Heritage has this death certificate:


No doubt about it. The CAUSE OF DEATH section on the right says “Verdict of Coroner’s jury Suicide by taking Carbolic acid Self administered.”

An online obituary gave a few more details, but not many:

J.W. Hollon Drinks Carbolic Acid and Dies in Few Minutes.

On last Sunday morning about 11 o’clock John W. Hollon, commonly known as John Eph Hollon, committed suicide at his home
Southeast of Cora by taking carbolic acid and died in about 20 minutes. He had been in Milan, Missouri of last week and it is said was drinking some. On Sunday Morning he took the 10 o’clock train here to Cora, and then took a team that his son had there to meet him and went home leaving the son in Cora. When going to his home, he passed his son Everett’s house a short distance from his own.

As he passed, he made some remark about the weather and appeared as usual. Soon after he came out in his yard and called his son and his son reached the house, he was in the yard and he told the son that he had taken carbolic acid and for him to pay what debts there were, but not to sell the farm. When asked what he had done that for, he said there was no use talking about that now and he could not live this way. In a short time, he became unable to talk and was carried in the house and died before a physician could be called.

The funeral was held on Wednesday and the remains laid to rest in the family cemetery near Cora. Deceased was 54 years old. His wife died in 1909  and he lived with his Mother and children on the old home place. Something over a year ago his Mother died, leaving him the 40 acres of the old home farm with the improvements. Since then he lived there with his four children yet at home. Two sons and two daughters. Mr. Hollon was a good citizen and neighbor and a kind father and husband and had it not been for the booze joints around Milan and Cora, would have continued to be a prosperous, producing citizen, adding his full part to the welfare and upbuilding of the county. But some of the so called business men tell us that we must have these to make business good, and this being so, of course it matters not what becomes of the manhood of the county.

It finished with a statement about the ills of alcohol consumption:

So again draw a curtain on a blighted life and an orphaned home and keep mum, to the end that those, having buildings to rent may get their toll, although lives are wrecked.

What a terrible time for his family and four children still at home.

R.I.P. John William Hollon