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Edward Winn & Joanna (MNU) of Woburn, MA, 1600s

Edward and Joanna Winn are two of my 11x great grandparents who were the immigrants from England or possibly Wales, as the jury is still out on their origins.

Edward Winn was born c1601. Joanna (MNU) was born c1604. Both estimates are based on the estimated birth year of 1626 for their first known child.

Joanna Winn survived only a few years after their c1640 arrival in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. She died on 8 March 1649 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, where the young family settled.

Edward Winn married (2) Sarah Beal (1603-1680) on 10 August 1649, in Woburn and (3) Hannah Page, c1681.

Edward died the year following his third marriage, in Woburn, on 5 September 1682.

Edward and Joanna had five known children, but only the youngest was born in Massachusetts. Given the gaps in the birth years of their children, they likely buried several who died young before they left for Massachusetts.


  1. Ann, born c1626; died 6 May 1682, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Moses Cleveland, 26 September 1648, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  2. Elizabeth, born c1628; died 2 May 1695, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married George Polley, 21 May 1649, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  3. Sarah, born c1636; no further record
  4. Joseph, born c1639; died 22 February 1714/15, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Rebecca Reade/Reed, c1664.
  5. Increase, born 5 December 1641; died 14 December 1690; married Hannah Satwell, 13 July 1665, all in Woburn.

Increase Winn also became an important part of the history of Woburn, as he was the first child born to the settlers of the newly established town.

Edward Winn left a will, dated 1682, which is recorded in Middlesex County, Massachusetts Will Book Volume 6:111. It is file number 25242. However, the file online only includes a note as to where his will is located. I haven’t been able to find an image of it, or even a transcription to share.

If anyone has an image, a transcription or even an abstract, please share. 🙂


Moses Cleveland & Ann Winn of Woburn, MA

In spite of being one generation earlier than yesterday’s family of Moses Cleveland Jr. and wife, Ruth Norton, today’s family – that is Moses Jr.’s parents and siblings – can be better documented because they spent their lives in Woburn, where records were kept!

Moses Cleveland Sr. was baptized on 2 February 1621 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, the son of Isaac Cleveland and wife, Alice (MNU), both of whom died in the spring of 1626, leaving six small children to the charge of St. Stephen Church, one of which was young Moses.

Ann Winn was the daughter of Edward Winn and Joanna (MNU), who settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts by 1640. However, Ann was born c1626 in Europe, possibly Wales, but probably in England.

Moses Cleveland married Ann Winn on 26 September 1648, either in Woburn or Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Moses Cleveland died on 9 January 1702 in Woburn. Ann predeceased him by twenty years, passing away on 6 May 1682.

They were the parents of eleven children (All events in Woburn unless otherwise noted.):

1. Moses, born 1 September 1651; died before 31 October 1717, probably in Southold, Suffolk, New York; married Ruth Norton, 4 October 1676, Woburn or Martha’s Vineyard.
2. Hannah, born 4 August 1653; died 16 January 1737; married (1) Thomas Henshaw, 24 September 1677 (2) Thomas Lepingwell, 28 May 1706, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
3. Aaron, born 10 January 1655; died 14 September 1716; married Dorcas Wilson, 26 September 1675, Woburn or Cambridge, Massachusetts.
4. Samuel, born 9 June 1657; died 12 March 1735 or 1736; married (1) Jane Keyes, 17 May 1680 (2) Persis Hildreth, 23 May 1682, Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut. Samuel removed to Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut.
5. Miriam, born 10 July 1659; died before 31 March 1745, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, when bond was put up for her estate administrator; married Thomas Foskett, 13 December 1683, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
6. Joanna, born 19 September 1661; died 12 March 1667.
7. Edward, born 20 May 1664; died September 1736; married Deliverance Palmer, c1684. This family removed to Connecticut.
8. Josiah, born 26 Feb 1667; died 26 April 1709, Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut; married Mary Bates, c1689.
9. Isaac, born 11 May 1669; died 10 August 1714; married Elizabeth Curtis, 18 July 1699, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
10. Joanna, born 6 April 1670; died 18 March 1758, Westford, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Joseph Keyes, 28 May 1690, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
11. Enoch, born 1 August 1671; died 1 August 1729; married Elizabeth Counts of Charlestown, Massachusetts, 9 October 1695.

My line of descent from the Clevelands:

1. Moses Cleveland and Ann Winn
2. Moses Cleveland and Ruth Norton
3. Joseph Moore and Elizabeth Cleveland
4. John Woodward and Saphira Moore
5. Robert Wilson and Mary Woodward
6. Robert Wilson and Dolly Holmes
7. Benjamin Parker and Maria Wilson
8. Daniel Adams and Sarah Ann Parker
9. Calvin Segee Adams and Nellie F. Tarbox
10. Charles Edwin Adams and Annie Maude Stuart
11. Vernon Tarbox Adams and Hazel Ethel Coleman
12. George Michael Sabo and Doris Priscilla Adams
13. Linda Anne Sabo Stufflebean – Me!