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Lt. Henry Green & Esther Hasey, 1600’s, Malden, MA

I decided it was time to delve back into some of my early New England families.

Henry Green was the last child of Thomas and Elizabeth Green of Toppesfield, Essex, England to be born in the old country. Sometime between his birth on 13 January 1638/39 and April 1645 when his brother Samuel was born, probably in Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, the young family decided to make the trip to the colonies.

As an adult, Henry acquired the military title of “lieutenant” and married Esther Hasey, born on 20 Mach 1650/51 in Boston, Massachusetts to William and Sarah (MNU) Hasey.

I have a double descent from Lt. Henry and Esther Hasey Green:

Green Double Descent

Lt. Henry and Esther were the parents of eight children and I am descended from children 5 and 6, Lydia and Daniel (later Deacon Daniel).

Deacon Daniel Green was born about 1681, probably in Malden, MA and died on 15 August 1759 in Stoneham, Middlesex, MA. He married Mary Bucknam on 29 December 1708 in nearby Reading, MA. Mary died sometime after the birth of their last child in 1723. Their seventh child, Sarah, was born on 6 September 1717 in Malden.

Sarah married Abiel Brown, son of Josiah Brown and Susannah Goodwin, on 25 March 1736 in Stoneham. Abiel and Sarah Brown’s daughter, Phebe, was born on 29 March 1747, again in Stoneham.

Now, switching to the other descent and back to Henry and Esther, their daughter, Lydia, was born on 11 August 1685 in Malden. She married Thomas Lynde on 22 July 1708 in Malden.

Thomas and Lydia Lynde’s daughter, also named Lydia, was born on 31 May 1723 in Malden. Lydia married Peter Hay of Stoneham on 30 December 1742 in Malden.

Thus, Phebe Brown married William Hay, her second cousin, on 25 January 1765 in Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

These are the family lines in the double descent image above. From there, my line continues:

5. Abigail Hay = Joses Bucknam (Rev. War Soldier)
6. Mary Goddard Bucknam = Oliver Scripture
7. Mary Elizabeth Scripture = George Rogers Tarbox
8. Nellie F. Tarbox = Calvin Segee Adams
9. Charles E. Adams = Annie Maude Stuart
10. Vernon Tarbox Adams = Hazel Ethel Coleman
11. Doris Priscilla Adams = George Michael Sabo
12. Linda Anne Sabo = Me!

The Green, Brown, Lynde, Bucknam, Scripture, Tarbox and Adams lines have thousands of descendants. I’d love to correspond with you if you are among them.

I have Lt. Henry Green’s line further back in England and have data on many of the siblings of these ancestors. I’m most happy to share.