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Ancestral Origins of the Dingman Family of Albany County, NY 1600s

It isn’t often that I have an opportunity to prove new lines of my husband because his family jumped all over the place – that applies to both his paternal and maternal ancestors.

Today, though, I not only found success, but the crumb trail leads to a completely new location. I’m excited, as Dave’s 10X great grandparent, Adam Dingman, married in Haarlem, Netherlands, but his marriage banns stated he was 29 years old, a purse maker  and of ANTWERP! Belgium is an entirely new research world for me! I’m not sure how far I’ll get since the time frame is already back in the 1500s, but it’s an exciting find nonetheless.

Adam Dingman married Janneke Gerritsdottir, aged 21 years old with permission from her mother,  “from Wezele” (Wesel, Germany today), soon after 15 September 1601, when one of two banns was published.

There are some online comments that Adam Dingman was a Huguenot, but I’ve found no proof of that. However, the family was Protestant and there was much turmoil and persecution of non-Catholics in this time period.

Little else is known about their lives, except that their five children were baptized at the Haarlem church:

  1. Gerrit, baptized 20 December 1604
  2. Rachel, baptized 11 October 1606
  3. Adam, baptized 10 May 1609
  4. Anna, baptized 28 August 1611
  5. Janneke, baptized 27 November 1617

The only child for whom further information has been found is Gerrit. Gerrit Dingman, from Haarlem, aged 24 and  living on Molen Straat,  married Janneke Teuwis, daughter of Hans, who lived on Weterings Gracht soon after their intentions were recorded on 25 January 1629 in Amsterdam.

Gerrit Dingman and Jannetje Teuwis were the parents of five known children, all baptized in Haarlem, Netherlands:

  1. Adam, baptized 27 August 1630; died young
  2. Adam, baptized 31 August 1631; died New York; married Aeltie Jacobse Gardinier, c1660
  3. Willem, baptized 25 September 1633
  4. Gerrit, baptized 1 February 1637
  5. Rachel, baptized 15 April 1635

Exactly when Adam Dingman settled in New York is unknown, but he appears in Greenbush, New York records by 1663. He married Aeltie Jacobs Gardinier sometime before 1677, when Adam bought a farm in Kinderhook  from his father-in-law, Jacob Janse Gardenier. Both are just south and slightly east of Albany.

Adam Dingman did well in his new home, becoming a prosperous freeholder. He served the community as overseer of the roads and fences and appears as a “referee” in more than one court case, assessing damages.He also served as a deputy sheriff for two terms.

Adam Dingman and Aeltie wrote a joint will, dated 19 November 1683. I’ve not been able to locate it in Albany records online, but it appears in the New York Calendar of Wills:

Aeltie predeceased Adam, but it isn’t clear whether her portion of the 1683 will was probated. Adam wrote a second will much later in life, dated 21 January 1721. It was proved in court on 20 March 1721, so Adam died sometime within that eight week period of time.

Adam and Aeltie (Jacobse Gardinier) Dingman were the parents of seven children:

  1. Janneke, born c1670; died after her father; married Pieter Barentse Cool, 5 February 1688 (bond), Albany County, New York. Pieter Cool was executor of his father-in-law’s will.
  2. Jacob, born c1675; married Eva Swartwout, 9 October 1698 (bond), Ulster County, New York
  3. Sara, born c1677; died 1747; married Johannes Van Alen, 3 July 1697 (bond), Kinderhook, New York
  4. Rachel, born c1680; married Pieter Ostrander, 4 June 1704 (bond), Kinderhook, New York
  5. Josyntje, baptized 28 September 1684; married Pieter Van Alen, 7 January 1705 (bond). They had no children.
  6. Gerrit, baptized 16 January 1687; married Cornelia Gardenier, 22 January 1714 (bond)
  7. Catalyntje, born c1690; married Johannes Barheit, 3 March 1718 (bond), Kinderhook, New York

We’ll look at the last two generations until they intertwine with the Stufflebean family in a couple of days.




Jacob Dingman and Eva Swartwout, Columbia County, New York


Warning: Genealogy with no sources is mythology!

Although I have generations of Dingman ancestors earlier than the generation I am sharing today, I will not be posting any of that information unless I am able to find some documentation. I have written about the first three of my husband’s Dingman ancestors in hopes of making contact with Dingman researchers who can either provide documentation for these family groups or who can guide me to resources which will provide documentation.

Here is the third and last of the Dingman generations:

Jacob Dingman, no dates available, married Eva Swartwout, date unknown, but probably in Albany County, New York in the late 1690s.

They had four reputed children:

  1. Adam, baptized January 1699/1700, Albany, Albany County, New York
  2. Johannes, born 13 February 1703/4, Albany, Albany County, New York; married (1) Geesje Janzen, 16 November 1729, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York (2) Marytje Muller, before 17 December 1749, when their first child was born
  3. Geesje, baptized 17 September 1706, Albany, Albany County, New York
  4. Gerardus, baptized 9 January 1708/9, Albany, Albany County, New York

Not only is the data on this family more sparse than on the other two generations, but I have yet another problem. While I have four children noted, FamilySearch only has baptismal records for Geesje and Gerardus!

There must be Dingman family researchers out there somewhere who have worked on this family in modern times.


Johannes Dingman and Geesje Janzen of Columbia County, New York

Yesterday, I shared the sparse details about the family of Johannes Stoppelbein and Eva Dingman, parents of Revolutionary War soldier John Stufflebean.

Today, I am sharing the equally sparse details about Eva Dingman’s parents and siblings.

Her parents were Johannes Dingman, born 13 February 1703/4 in Albany, Albany County, New York. Her mother was Geesje Janzen or Jansen, born about 1705. They married on 16 November 1729 in Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York.

Albany and Kinderhook are about twenty miles apart, not very far by today’s standards, but that was quite a distance in the early 1700s.

As I have no information on where Geesje was born, it is possible that the families lived near each other at one time and then the Janzens removed to Kinderhook.

Johannes and Geesje (Janzen) Dingman had four children:

  1. Eva, born 13 December 1730, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York; married Johannes Stoppelbein, c 1755, probably in Columbia County, New York
  2. Johannes, born 28 May 1732, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York; no further information
  3. Jacob, born 7 April 1734, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York; no further information
  4. Geesje, born about 1738, no further information

Geesje Janzen Dingman died sometime between the death of possible daughter Geesje born about 1738 and 1749, when Johannes and his wife, Marytje (Muller) had their first child.

Johannes and Marytje (Muller) Dingman also had four children:

  1. Geesje, born 17 December 1749, Albany, Albany County, New York. Geesje’s birth might be an indication that the earlier Geesje might have died young or there was only one Geesje, this one.
  2. Pieter, born 3 August 1755, Coxsackie, Greene County, New York
  3. Elsje, born 15 May 1757, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York
  4. Catherine, born 10 March 1765, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York

I have no vital record dates at all for Marytje Muller Dingman. She must have been much younger than Johannes if the birth date for Catherine is accurate. Coxsackie is not far from Kinderhook and, again, if these birth places are correct, then the Dingman family moved around.

As I first mentioned, my information and documentation on the Dingman family is very spotty. If you are descended from the Dingman family and have sources to cite, other than very old family histories, I would love for you to leave a comment.