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Joseph Robins & Ann Pack of Woodbridge, NJ, 1700s

This is almost the last in my Nation family-related posts. Joseph Robins and Ann Pack of Woodbridge, New Jersey were the parents of Bethiah Robins who married immigrant John Nation.

Woodbridge does have some surviving records from the colonial era and they help with Joseph’s birthdate, Joseph and Anna’s marriage date and the birth of their daughter, Anna.

Joseph’s will provides the name of his children, but he was just in his late 30s when he died and his children were still at home. In fact, Anna was expecting their 9th child, mentioned in his will.

Joseph Robins was born 12 March 1670/01 in Woodbridge, the son of Daniel Robins and Hope Potter. He married Anna Pack, born possibly in New Haven, Connecticut, the daughter of George Pack and Anna (MNU). Anna was likely a few years older than her husband, Joseph.

They married on 8 June 1692 after publishing their marriage intentions on 22 April of that year.

Joseph died before 6 June 1709 when his will was recorded in Monmouth County Court records.

New Jersey Calendar of Wills, Volume 1:240
Source: Internet Archive

Anna survived Joseph, but it isn’t known whether she made the trek to North Carolina with family members or remained at home and died in New Jersey.

Because New Jersey and North Carolina vital records are lacking, figuring out who the children married is a big job, one that I haven’t taken on, except for tracing Bethiah, my husband’s direct line.

If the Calendar of Wills abstract lists the children in the order born, then Joseph was the eldest son and probably the second child born since Anna’s birth date is only 10 months after her parents married. I am assuming that the other children might be in birth order.


1. Anna, born 8 February 1692/93, born Woodbridge, New Jersey
2. Joseph, born c1695
3. Frances, born c1697
4. Nathaniel, born c1699; married Sarah (MNU)
5. Bethiah, born c1701; married John Nation, c1720; died after John wrote his will on 15 December 1772 in Guilford County, North Carolina
6. Rachel, born c1703; said to have married Henry Everingham
7. Jacob, born c1705; married Willimity (MNU)
8. Charity, born c1707
9. Child, born c1709 (possibly a son, Richard since a Richard Robins witnessed the will of Joseph Jr.)

As you can see, a lot of help is needed with this family. There are tons of Robins descendants out there! Please leave a comment.

George and Anna (MNU) Pack of Elizabeth Town, NJ

George and Anna (MNU) Pack are my husband’s 9X great grandparents. Recently, I decided that it was time to review my New England ancestors and gleefully discovered all kinds of new, well documented research that extended many of my earliest lines back several more generations.

Now it is time to take a new look at Dave’s ancestors, too. They were mostly mired in the South living in areas with a dearth of records, but I can always hope.

George and Anna Pack are unusual in his family because they are two of just a handful of ancestors who lived north of the Mason-Dixon line.

George Pack, born c1635 or so, based on an estimated 1660 marriage date, is thought to have been born in England and perhaps was part of the New Haven, Connecticut colony of settlers that became the 80 Associates (George was #63 on the list) of Elizabeth Town, New Jersey in 1665. George has been connected to New Haven because most of the 80 were from the Milford, Connecticut area.

Some day, I think I am going to compile a list of ancestors whose online information fits in the “hot mess” category, but for now, let’s just say that George Pack’s tree would definitely make the list because of a plethora of undocumented dates.

Before getting into that, I need to add that there is also no proof that I’ve ever come across as to the maiden name of George’s wife, so I’m not even going to mention it here.

Another oddity about his family information online is that no one seems to ever include his daughter Prudence in the list of his children even though she is clearly named in his will.

Here are what appear to be the facts, and just the facts, about George Pack. He was born c1635, probably in England. It is likely that he migrated from the Milford, Connecticut area to Elizabeth Town, New Jersey to become one of the 88 Associates who founded that town.

By the late 1670s and early 1680s, George had acquired land bordering Elizabeth which became the town of Rahway.

George married (1) Anna (MNU), c1660 and possibly in Connecticut as Elizabeth Town wasn’t formed until 1665. He also married (2) Elizabeth (MNU, in spite of online information) c1683.

George and Anna were the parents of seven children:

  1. Samuel, born c1661; died before 7 March 1712, when Daniel Sale was appointed administrator of his estate in Elizabeth, New Jersey; married Elizabeth (MNU).
  2. Anna, or Hannah, born c1663; probably died in Crosswicks, Monmouth, New Jersey; married Joseph Robbins, 8 June 1692, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey.
  3. Mary, born 2 November 1665, Elizabeth, Essex, New Jersey; married John Scudder
  4. Elizabeth, born 4 June 1670, Elizabeth, Essex, New Jersey; died before her father wrote his will in 1704; married George Thorpe
  5. Abigail, born 14 May 1675, Elizabeth, Essex, New Jersey; married Mr. Springer
  6. Prudence, named in her father’s will, so died after it was written in 1704; no further record
  7. Keziah, named in her father’s 1704 will; married George Pack

Anna makes one appearance in the East Jersey court records on 6 March 1678/79. She is identified as the wife of George Pack of Rahway and acknowledged that “she has wronged in word and deed Elizabeth, wife of William Johnson of the same place.”

Anna is thought to have died about 1681 or 1682. George married (2) Elizabeth (MNU), c1683.

George and Elizabeth were the parents of four children:

  1. Bethiah, born 11 June 1684
  2. Thomas, born 1687
  3. Job, born 21 November 1690; married Elizabeth Marsh. Job, Elizabeth and their son all died on 13 April 1750 during an Indian uprising. His estate administration began only four days later on 17 April 1750 in Essex County, New Jersey.
  4. Benjamin, born 13 May 1694; died before 22 October 1764, when his son Jacob Pack was appointed administrator of his father’s estate.

George Pack wrote his will on 31 July 1704 and died within the year, as his wife was confirmed as executrix on 4 July 1705. It is likely that he died at home in Rahway.

New Jersey Calendar of Wills, Abstracts

I was hoping that in the intervening years since I last looked at the Pack family that some clues might have emerged about the maiden names of George Pack’s two wives. However, names commonly found online have absolutely no documentation, so for now, in my family tree, they will remain as (MNU).

My husband’s line of descent:

George Pack and Anna (MNU)
Anna Pack and Joseph Robbins
Bethiah Robbins & John Nation
Christopher Nation & Elizabeth
William Nation & Jane
Isaac Nation & Margaret Tillman
Henry Nation & Unknown
Joseph Michael Nation & Christianna Riddle
Clayton Columbus Nation & Matilda Dulworth
Ethel Anne Nation & Oscar Eldon Sturgell
Ruby Jewel Sturgell & Edward Earl Stufflebean
David Lee Stufflebean