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The Utah Genealogical Association & Me!

Utah Genealogical Association

I am a brand new 2018 member of the Utah Genealogical Association. However, I don’t live in Utah, nor do I have any roots there. So, why did I decide to join?

I actually joined for several reasons.

  1. I believe in supporting genealogical societies, but choose carefully because retired funds are limited. In the “olden days” before the internet, if the society wasn’t near where I could live, I joined mostly for its publication and contact with person who lived in a community where I needed to research. Today, I am attracted to societies that have an online presence and offer perks to members who aren’t local. The Utah Genealogical Association offers that.
  2. SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy) has been beckoning to me for the last few years, although I’ve never attended. I think I might jump in and experience it firsthand in 2019. UGA members are offered a discounted price if they attend SLIG.
  3. UGA has a Virtual Chapter, which I think I will love. I can still participate even though I live 775 miles away.
  4. After I joined, I looked at member benefits and was amazed at the discounts offered for software and genealogical products. I was really happy to see that there are some restaurants and hotels around Temple Square that offer discounts to UGA members, too!

I am really looking forward to participating in my first Virtual Chapter meeting.

Genealogical societies are one of the most important connections for a genealogist to have. If you aren’t currently a member of any organization, look online and consider joining a local, state, regional or national genealogical society and reap the many benefits.