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William Stevens & Abigail Sargent of Gloucester, MA, 1600s

William Stevens was born on 10 March 1638 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, the son of James Stevens and Susanna Eveleth,  and lived his entire life there.

Abigail Sargent was also a Gloucester native. She was born 8 May 1665, the daughter of William Sargent and Abigail Clark. She married (2) Captain Nathaniel Coit, 16 June 1702 in Gloucester.

William Stevens married Abigail Sargent on 15 June 1682, in Gloucester.


1. William, born 30 March 1684; died before his father
2. James, born 12 November 1686; died 26 December 1687
3. Abigail, born 10 March 1689/90; died 25 March 1690
4. Samuel, born 21 September 1691; married Anna Allen, 23 January 1713
5. Abigail, born c1694; married (1) Jeremiah Butman, 8 January 1712/13. Jeremiah, master of a fishing sloop was lost at sea in October 1716, aged 26 years. They had two sons, Jeremiah, born 9 November 1714 and William, born 15 October 1716. (2) John Sanford, 8 November 1722.
6. Isaac, born 24 August 1696
7. Susanna, born 18 November 1698; died 8 November 1753; married Joseph Tarbox, 28 January 1724/25
8. Mary, born 2 November 1700

There are also two death records in Gloucester in this time period for William, the son of William, who died 3 June 1697 and William, the son of William, who died 1 November 1699. However, it isn’t evident where these two Williams fit in the family.

William Stevens was a prosperous merchant and well respected man in town, having served as a selectman in 1693, 1696 and 1698. He also carried the title of lieutenant. When his last illness began, he must not have expected it to lead to his death, as he didn’t make a will.

Source: American Ancestors

William was just 43 years old when he passed away. His probate administration (Essex County Probate File #26446) is 42 pages long. Although William was economically well-to-do, he and Abigail suffered much sadness, too, as only three of their children survived their father, Samuel, Abigail and Susannah:

Source: American Ancestors

This ends my posts about the Stevens family, as I am descended from Susannah Stevens who married Joseph Tarbox. I wrote about this couple and their family just last week.