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Looking for Family: Michael and Henry Wancho, d. 1964, Passaic, NJ

These are the last two funeral cards, I think, looking to be returned to family.

Michael and Henry Wancho were father and son and died only four months apart – Michael on 11 May and Henry on 1 September, both in 1964.

Michael Wancho
Michael Wancho, died 11 May 1964

Henry Wancho
Henry Wancho, died 1 September 1964

I recognize the surname “Wancho” as the Americanized spelling of “Vancso,” found in the village church records of Udol, Slovakia. Many villagers emigrated to Passaic between 1890 and 1920.

I can’t find the family in 1940, likely because the name is not indexed correctly, but in 1930, they lived at 52 DeWitt Street, Garfield, NJ. They lived in that house for a long time, because in the early 1960’s, I remember addressing Christmas cards for my grandmother and 52 DeWitt Street was one of the addresses I remember writing.

I am sure there are descendants of this family today, but I long lost touch with them.

If you are part of this Wancho family or know where to get in touch with them, please leave a comment. I would like to return these funeral cards to the family.