Gustave Glosz aka Gloss, 1895-1945

The funeral card of Gustave Gloss was among my grandmother’s mementos, but for some reason, I don’t ever remember seeing it even though it was scanned and among all the other images. I came across it during my self-inflicted project of re-organizing the files on my computer.

Gustave Glosz was born 10 August 1895 in L’ubica, Slovakia, not too far from Nana’s village of Udol, but far enough away I doubt that they knew each other in Europe. He was the son of Joseph Glosz and Maria Griglak.

Gustave arrived in New York on 13 August 1923, undoubtedly to make a better life for himself and his family. He married Julia, possibly the Julia Pavlicsko who was baptized on 12 January 1896 in the parish of Spisska Bela in Kezmarok, Slovakia. L’ubica was another small parish also in Kezmarok.

When Gustave arrived in New York, he headed straight for Clifton, Passaic, New Jersey, to live with his brother, Joseph. He left wife Julia and an infant son, Alois, born 10 December 1922 back in L’ubica.

According to the 1930 census, Julia arrived in the United States in 1929, but little Alois was not enumerated with them. With the high infant mortality rate in Slovakia, it is likely he died very young.

Gustave and Julia lived at 178 Third Street in Passaic at the time and there were no other children in the household with them. Gustav worked as a tailor; Julia had no occupation listed.

178 Third Street, Passaic, NJ
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Gustave came to America with the definite intention of spending the rest of his life here, as he applied to become a citizen on 26 July 1924. By 1930, he was enumerated as a naturalized citizen and his papers can be found online at the Passaic County Clerk’s office.

In 1940, Gustave and Julia were still living in Passaic, but at 55 Dayton Avenue, which is no longer there. Also in their home was their four year old daughter. By this time, Gustav had done well in his new life, as he was not only a tailor, but the proprietor of his own shop.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nana got to know this family because of the time when they lived on Third Street, which was most definitely an immigrant neighborhood and not far from St. Michael’s and several other Catholic churches. She might have even been a customer in the tailor shop.

Gustav’s World War II draft registration card is dated 1942:

Source: Ancestry

Sadly, Gustave died on 18 March 1945. I have not found an obituary, nor have I found any gravestone for him.

Widow Julia Gloss continued to live at 55 Dayton Avenue at least until 1956, which is the last Passaic city directory I found online.

If you are related to Gustave Gloss, I would like to return this funeral card back to a family member.

UPDATE: Descendants found and this funeral card is going back home to family.



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