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Help Needed: Otto Scherp & Margaretha Kech/Kerb, Laubenheim, Germany 1666

Otto Scherp and his wife Margaretha are the 8X great grandparents of my husband. While I have their names, I know little else about them.

Otto Scherp was born no later than 1645, based on his marriage date if he was 21 years old at that time. He married Margaretha Kech or Kerb on 20 November 1666 in Laubenheim, Germany, which is in the Palatinate. He supposedly died in 1690 or 1691, but I find no record of that event either unless the marriage record of daughter Engel to Hans Peter Stoppelbein (below) notes that her father is deceased.

There is some information online about this couple and their family, but it is undocumented and I can’t find records for some of the people these trees and pages have listed as children.

German church records are on FHL film #493,274 and I will be reading it myself when I get to Salt Lake this summer.

Children who appear in the church records of Laubenheim, Germany are:

  1. Susanna, probably born c1668; married Daniel Sterri, 15 June 1688, Laubenheim, Germany
  2. Johan Ludwig, baptized 8 May 1670
  3. Engel, baptized 24 February 1672; married Hans Peter Stoppelbein, 14 January 1691, Laubenheim, Germany.

That’s it – the sum total of actual records I have been able to find, from home anyway.

Supposedly, Otto was born c1628 and had a first wife, who gave birth to a son, Peter. That is certainly possible, but again, there isn’t a record I’ve found documenting these happenings.

Johan Ludwig supposedly died in 1734 in Livingston Manor, Columbia County, New York, but — yep — not a single record cited. I have found mention of a Jacob Scherp and wife Anna Maria in 1720 in New York, but no Johan Ludwig.

My husband’s line:

  1. Otto Scherp=Margaretha Kech/Kerb
  2. Hans Peter Stoppelbein = Engel Scherp
  3. Johan Jacob Stoppelbein = Anna Margaretha Enck
  4. Johannes Stoppelbein = Eva Dingman
  5. Johannes Stoppelbein (aka John Stufflebean) = Elsie Larrison
  6. Michael Stufflebean = Elizabeth Baker
  7. John Stufflebean = Matilda Peavler
  8. John Henry Stufflebean = Mary Elizabeth Hollen
  9. Earl Marcus Stufflebean = Pearl Lillian Brasher
  10. Edward Earl Stufflebean = Ruby Jewel Sturgell
  11. David Lee Stufflebean

If you are descended from Otto Scherp and have actually researched this family, I would love to make contact with you. I think I will at least be able to  clear up Margaretha’s maiden name when I read the church record for myself in Salt Lake. I so appreciate the top notch help on the Family History Library staff.

Past that, though, I am not sure what other records are accessible here in the United States. We shall see.