Joseph Robins & Ann Pack of Woodbridge, NJ, 1700s

This is almost the last in my Nation family-related posts. Joseph Robins and Ann Pack of Woodbridge, New Jersey were the parents of Bethiah Robins who married immigrant John Nation.

Woodbridge does have some surviving records from the colonial era and they help with Joseph’s birthdate, Joseph and Anna’s marriage date and the birth of their daughter, Anna.

Joseph’s will provides the name of his children, but he was just in his late 30s when he died and his children were still at home. In fact, Anna was expecting their 9th child, mentioned in his will.

Joseph Robins was born 12 March 1670/01 in Woodbridge, the son of Daniel Robins and Hope Potter. He married Anna Pack, born possibly in New Haven, Connecticut, the daughter of George Pack and Anna (MNU). Anna was likely a few years older than her husband, Joseph.

They married on 8 June 1692 after publishing their marriage intentions on 22 April of that year.

Joseph died before 6 June 1709 when his will was recorded in Monmouth County Court records.

New Jersey Calendar of Wills, Volume 1:240
Source: Internet Archive

Anna survived Joseph, but it isn’t known whether she made the trek to North Carolina with family members or remained at home and died in New Jersey.

Because New Jersey and North Carolina vital records are lacking, figuring out who the children married is a big job, one that I haven’t taken on, except for tracing Bethiah, my husband’s direct line.

If the Calendar of Wills abstract lists the children in the order born, then Joseph was the eldest son and probably the second child born since Anna’s birth date is only 10 months after her parents married. I am assuming that the other children might be in birth order.


1. Anna, born 8 February 1692/93, born Woodbridge, New Jersey
2. Joseph, born c1695
3. Frances, born c1697
4. Nathaniel, born c1699; married Sarah (MNU)
5. Bethiah, born c1701; married John Nation, c1720; died after John wrote his will on 15 December 1772 in Guilford County, North Carolina
6. Rachel, born c1703; said to have married Henry Everingham
7. Jacob, born c1705; married Willimity (MNU)
8. Charity, born c1707
9. Child, born c1709 (possibly a son, Richard since a Richard Robins witnessed the will of Joseph Jr.)

As you can see, a lot of help is needed with this family. There are tons of Robins descendants out there! Please leave a comment.

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  1. Hello!!
    Bethiah Pack Robbins 1701–1774 is my 8th ggm😊

    Bethiah Pack Robbins *8th ggm 1701-1774
    8th great-grandmother
    Frances Rebecca Nation 1729-1790
    Daughter of Bethiah Pack Robbins *8th ggm
    William Robbins 1755-1816
    Son of Frances Rebecca Nation
    Eliza (107) Robbins 1770-1832
    Daughter of William Robbins
    Anna Mary (132) Cagle 1794-1829
    Daughter of Eliza (107) Robbins
    Rebecca Caroline (78) Ingram 1814-1888
    Daughter of Anna Mary (132) Cagle
    Elizabeth M. (13) Cagle 1834-1887
    Daughter of Rebecca Caroline (78) Ingram
    Enoch Moses (10) Yarbro / yarbrough 1872-1945
    Son of Elizabeth M. (13) Cagle
    Winford Ross (1) Yarbro 1911-1988
    Son of Enoch Moses (10) Yarbro / yarbrough
    Helen Elaine Yarbro 1949-
    Daughter of Winford Ross (1) Yarbro
    Polly A Taylor Taylor/Watkins
    You are the daughter of Helen Elaine Yarbro
    I think I’m related to your husband’s family

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