Cora B. Bryce, Hamden, New York, 1887

Cora B. Bryce, Hamden, NY, October 1887

Cora B. Bryce was born in September 1864, New York as the eldest of two children born to William Bryce, a farmer, and Christina Renwick. Her family lived in the area for many years, as both parents were born in New York and grew up in Hamden, Delaware, New York. However, Cora’s paternal grandparents were born in Scotland.

Cora’s birth was followed two years later with the arrival of brother John Renwick Bryce, born in February 1867, also in New York and likely in Hamden.

John Bryce married Katherine E. Terry on 14 November 1894 in Hamden, New York and became the parents of Christina (January 1896-October 1947), who never married, Isabella (6 March 1900-8 November 1902) and Katherine R. (1904-1986), who never married. Therefore, John Bryce has no living descendants today.

Cora, however, does have descendants, one of whom will be the recipient of this elegant photograph of her. Cora married Horace M. Seaman, a farmer, on 18 November 1891, again in Hamden, Delaware, New York.

By 1900, Horace and Cora were the parents of two children – Hazel Elizabeth, born November 1892 and William Amasa, born 9 May 1898. By 1900, the Seaman family lived in Walton, Delaware, New York, about 8 miles west of Hamden and the place where Cora had her picture taken in October 1887. Both children were baptized in the United Presbyterian Church.

Hazel Elizabeth Seaman married Jesse Jacobs on 27 June 1942. At the time, Hazel was a teacher at Oxford Academy and Central School, New York. She had no children and died in 1949. She’s buried in Hamden Cemetery.

William Amasa Seaman married Grace Bowers on 21 April 1924 in Queens, New York, New York. In 1930, the couple still lived in Queens, but by 1940, they had moved to Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. They were the parents of one son, William Bryce Seaman, born in Glen Cove, New York on 12 June 1930.

Bryce, as he went by, married Beverly Noel Johnson on 25 June 1955, West Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. They became the parents of seven children, five of whom are living today. Bryce passed away in 1992 with Beverly preceding him by many years in 1976.

However, there are a number of descendants living today and Cora Bryce’s photograph has gone home to one of them.

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