John Millett & Eleanor Pritchard, Newbury, Berkshire, England, 1500s

With John Millett and Eleanor Pritchard, the early Massachusetts Millett family line is taken back into the 1500s.

John Millett was baptized on 10 April 1569, Newbury, Berkshire, England, the son of William Millett and an unknown wife.

He married Eleanor Pritchard in Newbury on 2 July 1593. No baptismal information has been found for Eleanor and it has been speculated that she might have come from the Pritchard family in nearby Hampshire.

No burial or probate record has been found for John, but one Elinor Millett was buried 30 November 1615 in Newbury, which is likely John’s wife.

There is no indication of John’s occupation. His son, Thomas, became a tailor. Perhaps it was a family occupation.

Children: (All baptized at Newbury, Berkshire, England)

  1. John, baptized 27 January 1594; died after 1643; vicar of Enstowe, Oxford
  2. William, baptized 17 August 1595; perhaps the William buried 1 February 1595/96; no further record
  3. ?Elinor, buried 8 October 1597
  4. Eleanor, baptized 9 April 1601; married John Woolridge, 17 July 1621, Hungerford, Berkshire, England
  5. Thomas, baptized 24 October 1604; died between 3 June 1675 and 23 September 1676,  Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts; married Mary Green(a)way, in England; emigrated to Massachusetts in 1635

From the details known about Thomas and his siblings, it appears that possibly only the Woolridges and Thomas, himself, have descendants today.

This is a very short post, but important for all the Millett descendants, as it jumps the pond back to England.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the THREE earlier DOCUMENTED generations of the Millett family, who all stayed put in Newbury, Berkshire, England.



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