Stufflebean Mystery Photos, Early 20th Century

It’s been a couple of years, I think since I shared a few of my mystery Stufflebean children photos from the early 20th century. Little by little, distant cousins are finding my blog posts about the family lines and are contacting me. Yes – blogs are wonderful cousin bait!

Here are a few of the pictures of children that I have, but who are not identified.

The difficulties in even narrowing down the possibilities are twofold. First, John Henry Stufflebean (1863-1938) had two wives with children born between 1887 and 1919. Second, the older children by his first wife were married and having children by the time their younger half-siblings were born.

The baby in the first three photos looks to be the same child with the same older boy in Photos 2 & 3. I’d guess the pictures were taken in the 1920s, but that leaves many choices as to who these boys are. It’s possible that one of them is my father-in-law, Edward Stufflebean, born June 1917, but he had no brothers so the other boy would have to be a cousin of some sort.

I think these were Bakers, children of Iva Myrtle Stufflebean Baker (1888-1976), but I would love confirmation.

Next are two photos of groups of children. The first photo has two girls in it (left and right sides, standing with bows in hair) who I again believe are Baker children, but the others are Stufflebean cousins of some degree.

Here is another Stufflebean photo with five children, one girl and four boys. They make for a very cute photo, but I really, really want to know who they are. This is a copy of an original photo that my father-in-law had. I am sure he knew who they all were, but he didn’t write anything on the back!

Ed’s father, Earl Marcus Stufflebean, was born in 1894 and was more blond than his siblings, who had darker hair. The ages and sexes of the children, along with their clothing style, suggests that these could be Iva Myrtle, born 1888, James Herman, born 1890, Owen Wayne, born 1892 (died 1902), Earl, born 1894 and Henry Sylvan, born 1897.

Here is a photo of Earl as a young man:

Earl in his later years:

I tend to think the youngest child in the middle looks the most like Earl, but then who is the child in the front, right side?

Help, please! Readers, what do you think and Stufflebean cousins, please leave comments.


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  1. I do not know any of the children in the pictures or the adults. My husband Richard is grandson to Ashford Stufflebean Athens, Ohio. If you have any information on the Stufflebean side I would be grateful. Ashford’s father is Henry B. Stufflebean. I can go no farther back than Henry I Stufflebean. Thank you, Ruby

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