Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Photos Through the Generations

I love this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun topic with Randy Seaver.

1)   How many generations do you have photographs or portraits of your ancestors and descendants?  It can be any line…it just can’t be broken!

2)  Tell us the line, or better yet, show us the unbroken line.  Provide birth-death years, and the approximate date that the photograph or portrait was made.

My longest line without a doubt is that of my mother’s paternal line. I am fortunate enough to be the caretaker of some very old original photos.

My 4X Great Grandfather, Thomas Adams, son of Loyalist John Adams, born 1783 and died in July 1859.

My 3X Great Grandfather, Daniel Adams, born November 1810 and died 8 February 1893.

My 2X Great Grandfather, Calvin Segee Adams, born 16 March 1843 and died 15 January 1921. The photo was probably taken around 1870. It’s a tintype.

My great grandfather, Charles Edwin Adams, was born 11 January 1877 and died 24 January 1922.

My grandfather, Vernon Tarbox Adams, was born 3 May 1899 and died on 7 December 1968.

My mother, Doris Priscilla Adams Sabo, was born 7 June 1923 and died on 23 July 2008.

My photos cover eight generations, spanning over 200 years of lives and about 145 years of photographs.

Thanks, Randy. I loved this challenge. 🙂



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