RootsTech 2017 – Day 2

I did something today at RootsTech that I’ve never done before. I was a lab assistant! I listen to DearMYRTLE‘s Monday morning hangouts, her study groups and other fun webinars online all the time. Last week, she mentioned that she needed some helping hands at her lab class this morning – Smart Phones, Tablets and Computers, Oh, My! Practical 21st Century Tools for Genealogists – that she and Cousin Russ presented. I volunteered to help.

I retired from teaching, but as soon as the session began, I felt like I was back in teaching mode.

A lot of information was presented in two hours and the assistants were kept hopping at the start because there were a number of internet lapses. Not a good thing in a computer lab! However, the connection issues passed and time went by quickly.

We were promised lots of information and we weren’t disappointed. There was an opportunity for hands on activity and information about lots of apps and websites that work well for genealogical research. Labs are more intense experiences than sitting in an audience, but it is great to have a chance to try out new discoveries while learning about them at the same time.

It was time for lunch, as the lab finished at 1:00 and the next session began at 1:30. I decided to use my time to interview a number of the vendors who will be spotlighted in my Expo Hall post early next week.

At 3:00, I headed to hear a new-to-me speaker, Kenneth Hardeman. First of all, he and his guitar did a great job:

AncestorClips is his website, which offers templates and suggestions for writing. Ken described his presentation this year as:

Ken will teach you how to take the good and great things from the lives of your ancestors as a pattern and foundation upon which to build your own and publish inspiring very short stories that near and distant families members will take time to read and be strengthened. Ken will discuss writing skills, blog approaches, and ways to locate and share stories with distant relatives.

His message was to focus on a single event, fact or idea about an ancestor and create a short story from there. His tips were excellent and the songs were, too!

Today was unique in another way – I normally attend one (or more) sessions each day at RootsTech, but I chose to forego some excellent speakers to return to the Expo Hall to talk with a few more vendors.

Two days down, two to go for RootsTech 2017. More tomorrow.

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