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William Thomson & Frances Quarles, Louisa County, VA

Up next in the family of William Thomson and Ann Rodes is second son, William Thomson. I really thought Rodes Thomson was a great possibility to be James Madison Holland’s father-in-law because he was involved in James’ father Ephraim’s estate administration, but the documents don’t support my theory so we are moving on.

William Thomson was born about 1 March 1758, although some accounts say 1759. He married Frances Quarles on 20 December 1781 in Goochland County, Virginia. Unlike his brothers, William wasn’t having any of the Kentucky frontier and spent his life in Louisa County, Virginia, where he reportedly died in 1818.

For this family, I have to rely on information online, which lists his children. However, I was able to pick them up in marriage records and some census records.


  1. Mary Ann, born c1782; died before 1850; married Aaron C. White, 5 February 1800. Louisa County, Virginia. He was born c1776 and died after 1860, probably in Caroline County, Virginia.
  2. William Q(uarles?), born c1785; died 1840-1850, probably in Cooper County, Missouri; married Rebecca N. Ellis, 18 November 1805, Orange County, Virginia. She was born c1788; died 1850-1860, probably in Cooper County, Missouri.
  3. Ann Rodes, born c1786; died after 1850, probably Louisa County, Virginia; married John Goodwin, 20 December 1803, Louisa County, Virginia. He was born 1770-1780; died 1840-1850, probably Louisa County, Virginia
  4. John, born c1791; died 1840-1850, probably Hopkins County, Kentucky; married Sarah (Sallie) Ellis, 10 November 1812, Orange County, Virginia. She was born c1794; died after 1870, probably Hopkins County, Kentucky.
  5. David, born c1798; died before 1850; married Maria Ellis, 22 May 1820, Louisa County, Virginia. She was born c1805; died after 1870, probably Louisa County, Virginia.

I need to add this family to my “to do” list for Salt Lake so I can see if William left a will naming his children. However, his children are a bit too young to be the parents of Annie, so William is also being scratched off the daddy list.