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Ulrich Roland & Verena Meyer & Other Rolands in Oberentfelden, Aargau, Switzerland, 1600s

Ulrich Roland is the earliest Roland for which I have found any solid information, but it is quite limited. Assuming that Ulrich was at least 25 years old when his first reported child was born in 1743, his birth year would be c1718. He married Verena Meyer, who is said to be from Suhr, a village less than two miles away from Oberentfelden in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland. If Verena married about age 20, she would have been born c1722.

Ulrich and Verena appear in the FamilySearch family tree and I tend to believe the information because the Beiträge zur Aargauergeschichte, on which I have relied for my early Roland information, states that Jacob Roland was the uncle to the younger Rolands who were also living in the Palatinate. That implies that Jacob had at least one brother.

However, Verena predeceased Ulrich and he married (2) Maria Weber.

Children, all born in Oberentfelden:

1. Hans Rudi [Rudolph], born 10 September 1643
2. Ulrich, born c1654; died before 1723
3. Jacob, born 19 June 1659; died after 2 December 1721, probably in the canton of Bern, Switzerland; married Catharina Brechbuhl
4. Hans Jacob, youngest son of Ulrich and Maria Buchi, born 9 March 1683; died 28 March 1767, Niederauerbach, Switzerland; unmarried.
4. Hans, son of Maria Weber, born c1685; married Verena Kyburz, 5 November 1706, Oberentfelden.

Beiträge zur Aargauergeschichte includes some other details about each of these children. However, I haven’t been able to find a list of abbreviations used in this series of books about Aargau and Google Translate isn’t recognizing them. Also, some of the statements are not translated well to English, so I won’t add information that might not be correct.

Here is my husband’s long line of descent from the Rolands:

  1. Ulrich Roland and Verena Meyer
  2. Jacob Roland & Catharina Brechbuhl
  3. Melchior Roland & Anna Maria Lang
  4. Johan Gaspar Roland & Mary (MNU)
  5. Jacob Roland & Mary ?Keithley
  6. Jacob Hendricks & Frina Roland
  7. Joseph Hendricks & Mary Lewis
  8. Michael Miller & Elizabeth Hendricks
  9. John Christopher Williams & Louisa Miller
  10. Joseph Henry Brasher & Minnie Mae Williams
  11. Earl Marcus Stufflebean & Pearl Lillian Brasher
  12. Edward Earl Stufflebean & Ruby Jewel Sturgell
  13. David Lee Stufflebean

It is so much fun to see some of my husband’s ancestral lines finally being taken back into Europe and extended even more. For many years, he looked at my lengthy pedigree chart, with deep New England roots and then back into England and then looked at his own pedigree chart, which was quite bare in comparison. He is amazed that after all these years, I am able to add more information to the family tree. 🙂