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John Strutt of Glemsford, Suffolk, England and Wives Catherine (MNU) and Juliann Scott, 1500s

John Strutt was born c1520, probably in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. He was buried on 22 April 1591, also in Glemsford.

He was the son of Thomas and Johane (MNU) Strutt and married twice.

His first wife was Catherine (MNU), who was buried on 18 August 1578, Glemsford, Suffolk, England.

John waited but two months before marrying (2) Juliann Scott of Fynstead, Glemsford, Suffolk, England on 21 October 1578.

Juliann survived her husband, but her date of death is unknown.

John had children with both of his wives.

Children with Catherine:

1. Joanna, born c1540, probably Glemsford; buried 14 August 1577, Leverington, Cambridge, England; married John Belgrave, 22 September 1560 at Glemsford.

2. Thomas, buried 17 July 1551, apparently unmarried as he is called the son of John Strutt, at Glemsford.

3. Ambrose, baptized 22 March 1563; buried 16 April 1591, both at Glemsford.

Children with Juliann:

4. John, baptized 16 August 1579; buried 23 May 1584, both at Glemsford.

5. Anne, baptized 4 July 1585; married Ambrose Biggs.

The mortality rate was very high and of John’s five known children, only two lived to adulthood and married. He likely buried several more young children.

Here ends (finally) my long string of posts covering New England ancestors, but I’ve learned a lot along the way and have added these leaves to the branches of my family tree.

Again, many thanks to Harold Porter and all the souls who have the skills to research Early English records back into the 16th century. 🙂