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July Tech Moment: Snagit

Do you use a web clipper to save items that aren’t easy, or impossible, to download? There are several good choices out there and if all you do is save images, then a free version – even the one built into your own browser – works fine.

However, what if you need to annotate the image or document in some way? You’d like to highlight, underline, redact, etc. information to be found in the saved image.

Those are functions I need in my webclipper, not only for blog posts, but sometimes for my own genealogical research.

The product I use is Snagit by TechSmith. It’s easy to use and the company provides tutorials to highlight its features.

A CAPTURE box appears when the program is opened, Just click and move the cursor to clip the item. Here’s what the dashboard looks like:

Recent saved items appear along the bottom with top and side menus offering choices for annotation.

An important thing to know is that it is currently possible to purchase Snagit 2024, but when the 2025 version is released, the company is going to a subscription model.

I’m not a fan of annual subscriptions and don’t currently have any as older versions of those products still meet my needs well.

If a customer purchases Snagit 2024 (for $39.00), adds the maintenance agreement and keeps it active each year, that customer will be grandfathered in to receive all future Snagit updates, per info found on the website:

June 4th, 2024

TechSmith is transitioning to an annual subscription-only model, beginning with Snagit 2025 and Camtasia 2025 this fall. Active maintenance agreements currently provide access to new major releases, and this will remain true during this transition. 

If you might be interested in Snagit, visit the website to learn more about. However, don’t wait unless you don’t mind annual subscriptions.