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Miniseries: Loyalist Philip Crouse and Sarah Burt, Part 3

Today’s post will list the grandchildren born to Philip Crouse and Sarah Burt through children #6-10 – Elizabeth, Petre, Hulda, Gould and Thomas.

Elizabeth Crouse (born 21 October 1798) married Benjamin Burtt, 7 April 1819, York county, New Brunswick, Canada. They had at least eight children. This branch of the Burt family usually spelled their surname as Burtt, but it also appears as Burt:

Children: Burtt

  1. Frederick, born c1819; died after 1891 census; unmarried
  2. Jeremiah, born 9 February 1823; died 20 December 1890, New Brunswick, Canada; married Ann Elizabeth Boone, 1 January 1845, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born 16 December 1823, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 August 1882, New Brunswick, Canada. They had at least eight children, two of whom – Milford and Beverley, died in September 1856. Son Milford B., born c1857, was likely named in their memories.
  3. Huldah, born c1828; died 2 April 1864, probably New Brunswick, Canada; married George Staples, 13 December 1854, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born c1828; died 2 September 1919, Ontario, Canada. They had three children.
  4. Joseph, born c1829; perhaps is the man who married Mary Wathen, 12 September 1853, New Brunswick, Canada. However, in 1871 and 1881, Joseph is unmarried. No known children.
  5. Rebecca, born 22 December 1832; died after 1901 census; married James Jones,  21 September 1855, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born 17 October 1825, New Brunswick, Canada; died after the 1901 census. They had at least four children.
  6. Israel, born c1834; died 1922, New Brunswick, Canada; married Anstis Boone, 22 September 1858, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born c1840, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1927, New Brunswick, Canada. She is Anstress or Austress in the 1851 census at home with her parents. They had at least nine children.
  7. Benjamin R., born 7 June 1836; died 7 October, 1917, New Brunswick, Canada; married (1) Maria A. Green. She was born c1837, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 May 1865, New Brunswick, Canada (2) Mary Jane Sisson, 13 June 1866, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born 25 April 1838, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 April 1921, New Brunswick, Canada. Benjamin and Maria had one child. He and Mary Jane had at least two children.
  8. Jemima, born c1842; unmarried in 1871. No further record.

Peter Crouse (born 2 February 1800) married Rebecca Jones, c1828. They had four children, all born in New Brunswick, Canada:

Children: Crouse

  1. Elias, born c1828; died between 1860 census and 15 February 1866; married Cyrene A. Cook, 18 January 1858, Calais, Washington, Maine. Cyrene married (2) Joshua Pettigrove. Elias and Cyrene had no children, nor did Cyrene have children with Joshua.
  2. Dean, born c1829; died between 1860-1870; unmarried.
  3. Samuel, born c1831; died between 1865-1880; married Eliza Smith, c1860. She was born c1840; died before the 1880 census. they had two children and too the surname Blyther, as the Crouse children were raised by their stepfather, Benjamin Blyther.
  4. Sarah Moriah, born 7 May 1833; died 18 October 1930, Calais, Washington, Maine; married William Coleman, 6 February 1855, Calais, Washington, Maine. They had one son and probably two daughters.

Huldah Crouse (born 15 July 1801) married John Burtt, 20 March 1833. They had seven children, all born in New Brunswick, Canada.

Children: Burtt

  1. Peter, born April 1834; died July 1858, New Brunswick, Canada.
  2. Rebecca, born 22 December 1835; died February 1857, New Brunswick, Canada.
  3. Susan, born 31 October 1837; died September 1858, New Brunswick, Canada.
  4. Abraham Tyler, born 1 August 1839; died 11 April 1921, New Brunswick, Canada; married Sarah Anne Pickard, 30 October 1861. She was born c1836, New Brunswick, Canada; died 2 October 1897, New Brunswick, Canada. They had ten children.
  5. Whitman, born 20 January 1841; died 9 September 1842.
  6. Elizabeth, born May 1843; died after 1871; married Abraham Lawrence, 27 June 1860, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born 17 April 1832, New Brunswick, Canada; died 2 June 1912, New Brunswick, Canada. They had at least one daughter, Jane, who married Avery Morehouse.
  7. Whitman, born 25 March 1844; died 12 June 1917, New Brunswick, Canada; married Mary Jane Brewer, 22 September 1880, New Brunswick, Canada. They had at least two children.

Gould Crouse (born 2 December 1802) married Hepzibah Clark, c1829. They had twelve children. All were born in New Brunswick, Canada.

Children: Crouse

  1. Jeremiah, born 13 April 1830; died 14 May 1915, Crouseville, Aroostook, Maine; married (1) Esther Christie, 27 September 1853, Aroostook County, Maine. She was born 3 February 1834, Aroostook County, Maine; died 1 July 1901, Aroostook County, Maine. (2) Matilda Jones. Matilda was the daughter of Richard Jones and Amy Crouse. She married (1) Archibald Crouse, found in the previous post. Jeremiah and Esther had nine children.
  2. Abraham, born 10 November 1832; died 14 October 1911, Columbia County, Oregon; married (1) Caroline A. M. F. Christie, c1858. She was born 12 January 1840, Aroostook County, Maine; died 23 March 1862, Aroostook County, Maine. (2) Bethiah Pickard Clark, about 15 August 1862. She was born 12 July 1846, New Brunswick, Canada; died 6 July 1912, Columbia County, Oregon. Abraham and Caroline had two children. Abraham and Bethiah had fourteen children.
  3. William, born 27 February 1834; died after 1880, Kennebec County, Maine; married (1) Prudence H. Churchill, c1858. She was born c1839, Maine; died 19 May 1862, Aroostook County, Maine (2) Lucy Jane Clark, about September 1862. She was born 27 June 1841, New Brunswick, Canada; died 3 May 1933, Androscoggin County, Maine. Lucy married (2) John Hnery Britt. He was born 1846; died 1917. William and Prudence had one son. William and Lucy had ten children.
  4. Child, born and died c1835
  5. Esther, born 5 June 1837; 30 April 1913, Oxford County, Maine; married Henry Russell, c1853. He was born c1823, New Brunswick, Canada; died 17 May 1906, Oxford County, Maine. They had twelve children.
  6. Ann, born 15 March 1839; died 27 December 1909, Aroostook county, Maine; married Job Churchill, 18 March 1855, Aroostook County, Maine. He was born 20 May 1823, Victoria County, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 May 1899, Aroostook County, Maine. They had fifteen children.
  7. Jesse M., born 30 June 1841; died 22 April 1920, Aroostook County, Maine; married (1) Minnie Sprague, c1865. She was born c1842; died 1883, Aroostook County, Maine. (2) Florence Alberta Clark, 25 February 1885. She was born 16 May 1859, Aroostook County, Maine; died 25 June 1938, Aroostook County, Maine. Jesse and Minnie had three children. Jess and Florence had one child.
  8. Gould, born 26 May 1843; died 10 December 1919, Washburn, Aroostook, Maine; unmarried.
  9. Lucinda, born 29 July 1845; died 21 February 1862, Aroostook County, Maine; unmarried.
  10. Huldah, born 24 April 1847; died 6 March 1862, Aroostook County, Maine
  11. Joshua M., born 20 March 1849; died 20 March 1931, Aroostook County, Maine; married Emma J. Upton, about 4 March 1872. They had no children.
  12. George Aubrey, born c1851; died before 1860.

Thomas Crouse (born 27 March 1804) married (1) Abigail Burt (2) Hetty Ann Day. His children were all born to Abigail and were born in New Brunswick, Canada.

Children: Crouse

  1. Rachel; born c1833; died after 1851 census. No further record.
  2. Burden, born c1836; died 1925, New Brunswick, Canada; married Hepsibeth Estey, c1872. She was born 1844, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1901, New Brunswick, Canada. They had two children.
  3. Abigail, born c1843; died 5 June 1857, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried.
  4. Mizabeth, died 26 Mach 1846, New Brunswick, Canada
  5. Wesley, born c1846; died 1916; married Almira Burtt, c1871. She was born c1846, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1916. They had at least four children.

Here ends the grandchildren born to Philip and Sarah Crouse’s children #6-10. There were 36 born to these five children, bringing Philip and Sarah’s total number of grandchildren so far to 76, but we still have five more children to cover tomorrow!