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Memories of Ruby – Civilian Wartime Employment

Dave’s mom only worked outside the home for one period of which we are aware and that was during World War II. The family lived in Compton, Los Angeles County, California and even though daughter Pat was a baby when the war began, Ruby did her part for the war effort.

Among her papers and mementos that we inherited was her termination paperwork, dated 30 June 1945, which was very near the end of the war.

RubyStufflebeanWarTimeJob 2
Ruby Stufflebean’s Termination Papers

Ruby worked as a laborer in a military warehouse in nearby Long Beach, which I imagine sent supplies to the Pacific theater during the war. She was earning $1770 per year and her boss was the commanding officer, Captain Ranseler O. Wyatt. Annual wages in 1945 averaged about $2400, so her earnings were somewhat meager.

However, in the remarks, it was noted that she was to be paid in July 1945 for 104 hours of annual leave so it appears she didn’t often miss work.

I would love to know when she started working at the warehouse. By 1945, daughter Pat was in school all day so child care wasn’t necessary if Ruby’s shift ended by the end of the school day.

We also inherited Dave’s dad’s military paperwork and I will share that another time.