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RootsTech 2018 Photo + Story Competition

RootsTech 2018 announced its new Photo + Story Competition, which looks like it will be a lot of fun to view  along besides offering the opportunity to win some neat prizes.

I had started to submit an entry back on the first day it was announced. However, I hit a little stumbling block – a shareable URL had to be included and I had no clue how to accomplish that.

If you’re like me, you might also have no idea how to do it, but Amie Bowser Tennant, The Genealogy Reporter, came to the rescue. She has created a short YouTube video which gives clear, easy to follow directions for creating the URL in Google Drive.

My entry took me all of five minutes after I decided on the photo.

You don’t have to attend RootsTech to enter the contest so get busy and choose the picture and story you’d like to submit and don’t worry about creating that pesky shareable URL. Amie took care of that for us. Thanks, Amie.

NEW: Photo + Story Competition at RootsTech 2018

RootsTech has just introduced a brand new, fun contest with winners announced at the 2018 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Everyone is invited to submit a photo along with a short story no later than 29 December 2017 for a chance to win some terrific prizes.

There are four categories – Connect. Belong. Family. Heritage. – with individual participants (no team entries) allowed to submit a maximum of one photo per category.

This contest is open to everyone, regardless of whether he/she i s planning to attend the 2018 conference. However, those who are finalists will need to attend at least that portion of the event.

If you have a photo that you love and enjoy telling a short story about it, consider sending in an entry to this contest. The winning entries will be displayed in the RootsTech hall during the four day conference.

Be sure to visit RootsTech Photo + Story Competition and view the  complete contest rules.

I already know which photo I will be submitting!