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Family Heirloom: Nipper Shakers

My mother-in-law, Ruby, was a collector and a keeper. Boy, did she save things, but that is another story. I have to admit, though, that hands down, the cutest item we inherited from her was this salt and pepper shaker set:

Nipper the Dog Salt and Pepper Set

I asked Ruby once what these were and she said they were the ceramic salt and pepper shakers that featured the RCA Victor dog, Nipper. I didn’t think to ask if she or Dave’s grandmother had bought these or if they were the one of thousands of estate and yard sale items that she scooped up.

I did check the bottoms of the shakers for a mark and, sure enough, it was there:

Radio Corp. of America

They were made by RCA or by the company’s formal name – Radio Corporation of America.

This set is in perfect condition. Each shaker is 3 1/2 inches high. There isn’t even a tiny chip to be found on either shaker and there is only very slight crazing, which is normal, down the front of the dogs’ chests and the glaze is shiny and new. The original cork plus are intact, too. I don’t think this set was ever even used.

How much are they worth? Well, value is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I’d say maybe $10 for the set. EBay has 30 listings, from $8.95 to $89.00 (wishful thinking on that seller’s part!), including a mint set in the original box for $52.16, on sale! Sold listings show they went for roughly a $10 average. It also looks like there are some reproductions out there. I don’t know if this set is in that category or not.  However, I am not looking to sell because they are just too cute!