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GeneaGem: The Home Lots of the Early Settlers of the Providence Plantations by Charles Wyman Hopkins

Today’s GeneaGem is more location-specific than most of the GeneaGems about which I spotlight. However, if you have early Rhode Island ancestors, you should definitely take a look at this book, which can be found in digital format online both at Internet Archive and the FamilySearch Library.

Published way back in 1886, the book is in the public domain and, although it is definitely an oldie, it is very much a goodie! The Table of Contents makes it simple to determine whether you have an ancestors covered in this 120-page book:

The book provides a concise history of both the purchase of Rhode Island lands from the Native Americans and the early settlement of the area. John Sweet, one of my ancestors, wasn’t long in Providence, but here is his entry:

My favorite parts of this book are the historical maps, which show the location of the lots received by each person. No, I’m not going to include the maps! I am hoping that anybody interested will use one of the links I’ve provided above to click and open the book to read for him/herself.

Mr. Hopkins did an excellent job compiling this information and, if you look at the bottom of my John Sweet entry, just above, you’ll see short footnotes, all relating to Providence records, which can then be viewed as primary documents.

This is a fabulous resource for anyone descended from any of the fifty-two individuals listed in the Table of Contents.