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Peter Prytz & Cecilia Petersdotter

This is the last of the Swedish family for a bit.

Peter Prytz was a well-to-do resident of Dalby, Skane, Sweden. He was the innkeeper of the Dalby Inn, which is one of the oldest inns in existence in Sweden today. The original inn opened in medieval times, but the “modern” building dates “only” from the 1600’s.

Peter was born about 1664 and might be the son of one Jonas Prytz, said to have been born about 1633. The occupation of this Jonas was a “rider.” Exactly what a rider did, I am not sure. He might have been in a military unit on patrol.

Peter Prytz married Cecilia Petersdotter on 18 March 1700 in Dalby, Skane, Sweden. Cecilia was born about 1662, but I have not found any information on her parentage or siblings.

Peter was buried at the Dalby Church on 23 June 1728. Cecilia was buried next to him on 29 March 1732. It is said that there gravestone still exists, but that it sits on the porch of the church.

Peter and Cecilia had only two known children, but both survived to adulthood and left descendants.

1. Magnus, baptized 2 january 1701, Dalby, Skane, Sweden. He was buried on 5 May 1741 in Harlosa, Skane, Sweden. Magnus married Sophia Sjoholm on 10 July 1733 in Malmo at St. Petri’s Church.
2. Sara, baptized on 22 May 1704 and was buried on 7 February 1769. She married (1) Jons Bager on 22 August 1726 and (2) Eric Wickman on 5 July 1734. All of these events took place in Dalby, Skane, Sweden.

In spite of sharing some relatively rare Swedish surnames, I am hoping to find some new cousins out there.