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William Allen Periman & Maggie Clementine Sturgell, Barry County, Missouri

Maggie Clementine Sturgell was the third child and third daughter born on 8 November 1880 in Barry County, Missouri to Abijah Houston and Martha Susannah Alberty.

Like her sister, Juliann, Maggie also married at the age of sixteen years.

Maggie & William Allen Periman, possibly on their wedding day

William Allen Periman, who went by Al, and Maggie Clementine Sturgell were married on 25 February 1897 in Barry County, Missouri. Unlike many of Maggie’s family members, the Perimans spent their lives in and around the small towns of Monett and Cassville, near where they were both born.

Maggie had a busy life and, sadly, died accidentally as a young woman, leaving six children.

The Perimans owned their own small farm and daily life was busy. Ten months after they married, their first child was born, followed by seven more children, all of whom were born in a span of 19 years.

By 1920, two of Maggie’s and Al’s children had married and they had lost one son, Oliver, in 1911 to typhoid and pertussis and another, Lee Miller, at birth in 1912. Four were still at home, aged 19 down to 4 years old.

In 1921, a few days short of her 41st birthday, Maggie was again pregnant. The circumstances aren’t known, but on 18 October 1921, Maggie died of “intestinal hemorrhage and septicemia brought on by an accidental abortion.” Her death certificate indicates that the abortion took place on 11 October and she died in spite of receiving medical care.

The Periman household was never the same again. Al never remarried and died on 5 March 1946 of measles.


  1. Cora Olena, born 8 December 1897; died 21 November 1958, Lawrence county, Missouri; married (1) William Matthew Henson, 27 April 1913, Barry County, Missouri (2) John Ethel Terry, c1945. Cora and William were the parents of one son and three daughters.
  2. Ophena/Ofena Arille, born 11 May 1899; died 1981, Twin Falls county, Idaho; married Delmar Ernest Spain, 1918, Barry County, Missouri. They were the parents of five children, three boys and two girls.
  3. Orena Bell, born 8 October 1901; died 25 February 1975, Contra Costa County, California; married Arthur Campbell Seaman, c1922. In 1940, they lived in South Bend, Indiana and Rena worked as a seamstress. They had three sons and one daughter.
  4. Oliver C., born 3 September 1903; died 25 June 1911, Jenkins, Barry, Missouri
  5. Linzie Houston, born 19 April 1906; died 8 July 2000, Santa Cruz County, California; married Blanche Amanda Jacobs, 12 April 1930, Caddo County, Oklahoma. They were the parents of one son and one daughter.
  6. John Allen, born 23 November 1908; died 19 March 2003, Bary County, Missouri; married Maudie Cooper, c1930. They had one son and two daughters.
  7. Lee Miller, born and died 8 April 1912, Barry County, Missouri
  8. Darlene Thelma, born 25 October 1916; died 17 December 1998, Hemet, Riverside, California; married Lawrence Merton Tackett, c1933. They were the parents of two sons and two daughters.
Periman Family, c1913, enhanced with MyHeritage photo tools

The above photo is the Periman family, c1913. Left to right – unknown, but probably William Henson who married Olena, Linzie, Ophena, John Periman, Orena, Maggie, Olena and John.

Maggie was buried in the Monett IOOF Cemetery in Barry County. Al Periman is buried next to her.

My mother-in-law was too young to remember her Aunt Maggie, but she had heard the story of how Maggie had died.