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Birthplace Pedigree Charts – Sabo and Stufflebean

OK, I am a couple of days behind in getting these posted, but I actually created them within an hour of having seen the first birthplace pedigree chart online.

I’ve created one for my own line:

Sabo Birthplace Pedigree

I’ve also created one for the Stufflebean family:

Stufflebean Birthplace Pedigree

Several facts are evident when comparing our two charts:

  1. It is easy to see why Dave and I share no common ancestors – our families lived in completely different areas of the country until we met up in California, which isn’t apparent if you only look at my chart.
  2. My actual pedigree chart has many more spaces filled in than Dave’s. Looking at birthplaces, it is also easy to figure this one out. My family lived in places that, for the most part, kept good vital records. The Stufflebean families lived in just about every badly burned county you could name.
  3. It is also evident from this chart that Dave’s immigrant ancestors came to the U.S. (or colonial America, as it was back then) earlier than much of my family. However, the CANADA birthplaces in my chart are misleading because they were all descendants of Loyalists and the immigrant ancestors in those lines were in New England by the late 1600s.
  4. The last noticeable fact from this chart comparison is that the Stufflebean family moved around a lot more than the Sabo family did. The only reason that I was born in New Jersey is that my grandfather worked for Western Union and got transferred often. The family was living in New Jersey when my mother met my father and when they married, they remained in New Jersey. Otherwise, I would be a New Englander by birth.

It is always fun to look at data in different ways. Thanks to J. Paul Hawthorne for sharing a great idea.