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Interesting Finds on OldNews.com

Disclaimer: I receive a complimentary full subscription to MyHeritage, but receive no other compensation and my opinions are my own.

MyHeritage announced the launch of OldNews.com last week during RootsTech 2024. It’s always good news when new options for accessing historical newspapers become available and I decided to look for information about my husband’s Bandy family, originally from Virginia. However, a group of them settled in Peoria County, Illinois towards the middle of the 1800s and lived there for decades.

I love old newspapers because they tell details of the life stories of ancestors that might otherwise be lost. In this case, they provide a snapshot of one day in their lives.

Three interesting articles popped up in the search for “Bandy Peoria” when I entered 1880 plus or minus 20 years and then 1900 with the same span of years.

This first article is dated 1882 and pertains to a child of Samuel Coleman Bandy and his wife, Salina Waters. Coleman, as he was known, and Salina married in 1864 in Peoria County. In 1900, she reported 8 children living with 4 deceased.

By 1882, probably 11 of her 12 children had been born (10 can be accounted for in census records) with the youngest known son, George Henry, born in May 1884. That eliminates him as the child who wedged a revolver cartridge into its nose.

The five youngest children were Nellie, born 1874, Walter, born 1877, Gertrude, born 1879, probably an unknown child born c1881 and then George, born 1884.

I would assume an eight year old girl and six year old boy would know enough not to stick a cartridge into their noses. That leaves Gertrude, who would have been 3 in 1882 and the possible unknown child who would have been about 1 year old. Either of them might be the child in the article. Note that the doctor apparently had to cut open the nostril to retrieve the cartridge! Ouch!

The second article is the announcement of the marriage of Gertrude Bandy to Bob West in a place that is unexpected. Robert West was born in Mississippi and from the article, he and and Gertrude met while Bob lived in Illinois.

It also confirms that Gertrude was one of the first Bandy family members to leave Illinois.

Lastly, this announcement about the death of John Bandy, Gertrude’s brother, doesn’t tell most of the story. John Marion Bandy was the fourth born child of Samuel Coleman and Salina (Waters) Bandy, born in 1867.

He never married and his death certificate was recorded in Illinois. He died of chronic tuberculosis, from which he suffered for a year and he died at the county farm (poor house), probably too ill to care for himself as the TB got worse.

His death record says he was buried in a cemetery in Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois, which is very close to Peoria. However, if any of his family members chipped in to pay for a gravestone, it hasn’t been found on Find-a-Grave.

So, today, I’ve learned three new tidbits of Bandy family information thanks to OldNews.

If you haven’t checked out OldNews, you should take the time to look at the website. It is an additional subscription apart from MyHeritage. I’ll be checking back with OldNews because new issues of newspapers will be added over time.