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Nathaniel Haskell & Hannah White of Gloucester, MA

Nathaniel Haskell was born 16 January 1718 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, the second son and fourth child of William Haskell and Jemima Hubbard.

The Haskells had done well in Massachusetts since the time the immigrant ancestor William Haskell appeared in Essex County, Massachusetts in 1643.

Each generation appeared to be a bit more affluent than the previous generation and Nathaniel Haskell followed in those same ancestral footsteps.

Nathaniel married Hannah White, daughter of Rev. John White and Lucy Wise, on 11 November 1740 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts. Hannah was born on 10 October 1721, also in Gloucester.

Nathaniel and Hannah continued to make their home in Gloucester, where 11 children were born to them, seven of whom survived to adulthood. All births, marriages and death happened in Gloucester unless otherwise noted.


  1. Nathaniel, born 26 August 1742; died 7 January 1827; married Comfort Sawyer, 25 March 1766
  2. John, born 7 January 1744/45; died 4 October 1828, New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine; married Hannah Parsons, 18 January 1769
  3. Elias, born 22 July 1747; died 22 December 1748
  4. Lucy, born 16 April 1750; died 24 September 1837; married Caleb Pool, 19 January 1773
  5. William, born 8 April 1753; died 21 December 1753
  6. Jemima, born 7 February 1775, according to Gloucester vital records, but Hannah would have been 54 years old. Source is a record at one time in the possession of Rev. Ada C. Bowles. Could this be a typo for 1755?; died after 30 July 1799, when her father mentioned his five daughters, but did not name them. It is believed that Jemima is the woman who married William Cogswell, 21 October 1781, Gloucester and removed to Lunenburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, where she died 16 July 1838.
  7. Hannah, born 11 January 1759; died 7 July 1829, in the Gloucester poorhouse; married (1) Captain David Low, 26 May 1778 (2) Enoch Bray, 22 August 1782
  8. Twin, born and died in August 1760
  9. Twin, born and died in August 1760
  10. Judith, born 21 November 1762; died 28 December 1851, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married (1) Jonathan Low, 23 November 1783 (2) Joseph Steele, 23 October 1797
  11. Mary, born 20 April 1765; died 15 November 1829; married Daniel Steele, 5 December 1792

Nathaniel Haskell died on 31 July 1808, leaving an estate valued at about $3500, which would be the equivalent of about $70,000 today. Hannah survived him by several years, passing away on 26 October 1814.

Will of Nathaniel Haskell, 1808
Essex County Court, File #12787
Source: American Ancestors

in the name of god our saviour Amen
i Nathaniel Haskell of Glocester in the county of Essex in the
state of the Massechusets Bay in new England being far Advanced
in years but of a sound mind and memory do this thirtieth day
of july one thousand seven Hundred ninety and nine make this
my last Will and testament: in the first place I do most
solemnly and seriously surrender my precious and immortal
soul into the hands of an All sufficient saviour depending on his
merits for salvation from a god of infinit mercy and next here
unto i Recomend my Body to a decent Burial after my deceas
at the discression of my Executor: and with Respect to my
worly Estate which God hath graciously given me I dispose
of as followeth

Imprimis I do Give unto my Beloved wife Hannah the improvement
or income of one half of all my Rael Estate dureing her life
she paying the taxes that shall be laid on it and this half after
her deceas i give to my five daughters or their heirs to be
divided or sol by my Executor and the money Equaly divided
amongst them

item i give unto my two sons Nathaniel and John or their heirs the
other haff of my Rael estate in Glocester or else whear to be
Equally divided between them as soon as may be after my decease

itim as to my personal or movable estate it is my Will that two
leagucies be paid out of it before divided one to isaac Allen my
wives sisters son or to his heirs twenty two dollers to be
paid by my Executor within one year after my deceas –
the other leagucie to my grandson Seth Low forty dollars to be
paid to him by my Executor within one year after my deceas

itim i give to my Beloved wife Hannah one half the whole of the
Remainder of my personal or movable Estate to her dispose:

itim i give to my Executor the other haff of my movable
Estate to pay debts and funeral charges and if that should not
be sufficient let there be Enough taken from the Rael Estate
before there be a division to pay charges if there should be
more than Enough in this part of pesonal Estate to pay charges
i give two thirds of it to son Nathaniel and one third to son
john: it is my desire my two sons have my wearing Apparrel
Equaly divided between them

Lastly i do constitute and Appoint my son Nathaniel to be the sole
Executor of this my last will and Testament and to Receive all
my just dues and to pay all my just debts and it is my desire
that all matters may be so maneged and settled as to keep peace and
love amongst Brothers and sisters and a great Respect to their mother (turn over)

in Testimony of all within or above written and
that this and no other is my last will and testament
i have set too my hand and seal this thirtieth day of July
Anno dominij one thousand seven Hundred ninety and
nine and in the twenty third year of the independence of the
unighted states of America july 3 1799

Nathaniel Haskell (seal)

signed sealed published and
pronounced in presence of
these witnesses
Moses Haskell
Stephen Haskell junor
Josiah Choate junr

The will was recorded in September 1808, about two months after Nathaniel’s death.

Next up is the last of my Haskell line – John Haskell, son of Nathaniel, married Hannah Parsons. I am sure they were aware that their families had intermarried in the past, but I wonder if they knew their exact relationship? They were third cousins.