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Looking for Family of Nancy Polizzi, d. 1947, Passaic, NJ

My grandmother, Julia Sabo, attended many funeral during her lifetime and saved a number of commemorative funeral cards not only of family, but of friends and neighbors, many of whom I did not know.

Nancy Polizzi was born 1 January 1879 and died 22 April 1947 in Passaic, New Jersey. Funeral services were arranged by Henry F. Marrocco Funeral Home in Passaic, but the church where the funeral was held is not mentioned.

Nancy Polizzi
Nancy Polizzi, died 22 April 1947

Here are Andrew and Nancy Polizzi lived at 51 Summer Street, in Passaic in 1940.

However, their names were Americanized as Andrew was born Mariano Polizzi in 1871 in Sicily. Nancy was born Annunziata Baldanza, also in Italy, place unknown to me. I remember the Polizzis living next door to us. Mr. Polizzi died in 1956, but I believe that at least one of their adult children continued to live in the house after that time.

Both Mariano/Andrew and Annunziata/Nancy Polizzi are buried at St. Nicholas Cemetery, Lodi, New Jersey.

If you are related to the Polizzis or know how to reach them, please leave a comment as I would like to return this funeral card to the family.