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Cute Little Girl, But She’s a Mystery!

Cute Little Girl!

This photo is inscribed on the back with “How do Aunt Nell,” but no her name is not included! How frustrating. It was part of a collection of photos that have come down through the Tarbox family.

Aunt Nell would be my 2x great grandmother, Nellie F. Tarbox Adams, born in 1856 and died in 1927. Nellie seemed to be close to her siblings because I have photos of them, their spouses and children.

Knowing that this photo was taken in Calais, Maine doesn’t help either because they all lived in Calais. However, the photography company name: Eastern Portrait Company is helpful because I know they were in business in the early 1890’s in Calais. That is because my 3x great grandfather had his picture taken by them and he died in February 1893.

The details in this picture also seem to date to the 1890’s. Props like chairs started to appear in pictures and the little girl’s dress has wide sleeves, likely mimicking the current fashion for ladies.

I think this little girl might be Othelia Fay Tarbox, daughter of Nellie’s brother, Charles Franklin Tarbox and his wife, Cleantha (Cannie) Cochran. Fay, as she was called, was born on 30 August 1890 and died on 9 August 1984 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, three weeks before her 94th birthday.

I know that Fay had a son, Thomas George Sadler, born 1 January 1928 in Rhode Island and he died on 20 March 1984 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, but I don’t know if he married and/or had children. From the little I’ve found online, it looks like he didn’t marry.  No spouse is buried with him at Newell Burying Ground in Attleboro where his parents and young sister are laid to rest.

I would love to be able to confirm that this is a picture of Fay Tarbox Sadler, but she may not have any descendants to identify her picture.