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Amos Hostetler & Sarah Ann Miller of Clay County, IL

One of my husband’s Revolutionary War ancestors is pensioner Jacob Miller, who died in Franklin County, Tennessee in 1832.

Jacob married twice and had quite a few children in total. His third born son was Jacob Miller Jr. who married Mary Borders on 26 December 1811 in Mercer County, Kentucky.

Jacob, born in 1790, died as a relatively young man in 1844 in Sullivan County, Indiana, leaving a widow and six children. One of these children was his only daughter, Sarah Ann.

Sarah Ann Miller was born on 26 August 1814, probably in Franklin County, Tennessee as the third child of Jacob and Mary (Borders) Miller.  She was most likely named for Jacob’s mother, who died when he was just a boy.

Sarah Ann Miller married Amos Hostetler on 3 September 1835 in Clark County, Indiana. He was likely the son of Jonas Hostetler and Eulila Hoagland and was born in Kentucky about 1814.

Amos and Sarah Hostetler continued to live in Indiana after their marriage, but removed to Lawrence County for several years. Sometime between the 1850 and 1860 censuses, the Hostetler family made their way to Clay County, Illinois, where they remained for the rest of their lives.

The Hostetlers faced several challenges during their lives. Amos signed up and served during the Civil War in Co. D of the 143rd Illinois Infantry. He was discharged in September 1864 after 7 months service, but apparently was either wounded or ill, as he died on 9 October 1864 at home.

Sarah was, like many other ladies, a young widow with a family to raise and most of her children were still at home.

Sarah died on 12 September 1876, also in Clay County, Illinois, leaving one son, James S., who was the baby of the family, as a minor. James was but 11 months old when his father died and 12 years old when his sister, Edith E., was appointed as his guardian.

Edith was 24 years old and unmarried at the time. She mentioned in her court petition for guardianship that James had inherited a 1/9 share of his parents’ estate.

Amos and Sarah had twelve children, but apparently three predeceased their parents. One would be son William, born c1859, as he was not at home in 1870 and would also have had a guardian appointed for him in 1876. A second child would be son Aaron, born c1849, but not at home in 1860.

The other two are daughters are Mary A., born c1840, and Sarah J., born c1845. One of them likely married. However, the Hostetler surname is often mangled in the records or even recorded as Hochstadler, so the record hasn’t been found. Mary or Sarah probably married in Illinois.

One more thought is that perhaps because Sarah had only recently passed away, when Edith stated that James had a 1/9 portion, I wonder if that was because Sarah had one portion and her children had the other 8/9? In that case Mary and Sarah would have both died before their parents.

Given that neither Mary nor daughter Sarah are found in marriage records, I tend to believe that they both died young and that their mother, Sarah, accounted for the 9th portion of Amos’s estate.

Amos and Sarah were the parents of 12 children:

  1. Elizabeth A., born 22 October 1836, Indiana; died 9 February 1918, Clay County, Illinois; married Elijah Wilcoxen, 16 October 1856, Lawrence County, Indiana. Elijah was born in 1830 and died in 1881.
  2. Julia A., born February 1838, Indiana; married (1) Mr. Painter, before 1860, when she is back in her parents’ home (2) Albert Blackburn, 1 November 1867, Clay County, Illinois. Julia is last found in the 1900 census of Laclede County, Missouri, living with her 27 year old son, Albert. Husband Albert was born c1830 and died between 1880-1900, probably in Laclede County, MIssouri.
  3. Mary A., born c1840, Indiana; died after the 1850 census. No further record.
  4. Adam, born c1843, Indiana; died 3 March 1911, Greene County, Missouri; married Louisa J. Blackburn, 5 January 1868, Marion County, Indiana. Louisa was born c1851; died after the 1910 census of Laclede County, Missouri.
  5. Sarah J., born c1845; died after 1850. She is not at home in 1860. No further record.
  6. Barbara E., born c1847, Indiana; died after 12 April 1865; married Lafayette Phipps, 11 April 1865, Clay County, Illinois. Lafayette Fipps and Barbara were living next door to Sarah Hostetler in the 1865 state census of Clay County, Illinois. No further record.
  7. Aaron, born c1849, Indiana; died after 1850 census. No further record.
  8. Edith E., born c1852, Indiana; died after 2 November 1876, when she was appointed guardian of her minor brother, James. She may be the Edith E. Hostetler, born c1852 who married John Myers, 13 November 1889, Chatauqua County, Kansas. That Edith was Edith Ellen, who died in Pueblo, Colorado, August 1927. Edith Ellen was born in Indiana, as was Amos’s and Sarah’s daughter.
  9. Rebecca Serelda, born 18 September 1854, Indiana; died 7 July 1916, Jackson County, Missouri; married Thomas A. Miller, 25 December 1872, Clay County, Illinois.
  10. Eulila (Delilah?), aka Ula, born c1857, Illinois; died after 1910, probably in Laclede County, Missouri; married Jackson Mulligan, 1 September 1878, Laclede County, Missouri. They apparently separated or divorced.
  11. William, born c1859, Illinois; died after 1860. No further record.
  12. James S., born 30 November 1863, Clay County, Illinois; died 25 November 1934, Dallas County, Missouri; married Rebecca (MNU), c1884. They apparently had no children and she was about 10 years older than James.

If you are descended from this family, I would love to correspond with you. Please leave a comment. 🙂