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Part 2 – Michael & Elizabeth (Baker) Stufflebean – Not One, but TWO Misfiled Estate Administrations!

Today, I will share the estate administration for Elizabeth Baker Stufflebean, widow of Michael Stufflebean, who died in the summer of 1850.

Like the papers of her husband’s estate, those of Elizabeth are also found in the file for Elizabeth J. and Daniel B. Stufflebean, minor children and heirs of John Stufflebean, who was the son of Michael and Elizabeth.

There are 2 pages in the file that pertain to Elizabeth’s estate. In the interest of creating a post that isn’t longer than need be, I will transcribe the pages with actual text in sentence form, but not the title pages or standard printed forms with a few words filled in.

All of these papers are found in (and misfiled) in the probate estate file of Elizabeth J. and Daniel B. Stufflebean, minors, in Linn county, Missouri with dates just before and just after 1850. Images have been digitized and are available on FamilySearch.

Although these papers are intermixed with other pages in the file folder, I have posted them in the order in which they are found in the digital folder.

State of Missouri, County of Linn}

The undersigned John Stufflebean as administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Stufflebean deceased says that to the best of his knowledge and belief the names of the heirs of the said deceased are, George Stufflebean, Hiram Stufflebean, Michel Stufflebean, James Stufflebean, Susan Stufflebean, William H. Stufflebean, Rachel Jane Stufflebean, Elizabeth Clark is a resident of the county of Sullivan in the state of Missrouri and that all the rest are residents of the said county of Linn in the state aforesaid, that the deseased died without a will, that he will make a perfect inventory of, and faithfully, administer all the estate of the deceased, and pay the debts as far as he assets will extend, and the law direct, and account for and pay all assets, which shall come to his possession or knowledge. John Stufflebean
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22nd day of October AD 1850 Enoch (?) C.L.C.C.

November the 14th 1850 Sale bill of the goods and chatels of the Estate of Elisabeth Stufflebean Decd late of Linn County MIssouri

Samuel Stufflebean, 2 Bottles, .10
Michael Stufflebean, 1 Bottle, .05
George Stufflebean, 2 Bottles, .05
Hiram Stufflebean, 1 coffeepot, .15
Milton Renolds, 6 tincups, .35
William T. Clark, 1 pepperbox & cream pitcher, .12 1/2
William Watson, 4 plates, .30
Hiram Stufflebean, 2 knives. .90?
Ballaam M. Baker, 1 Trunk and saltcellar, .80
Fredric Nester, 1 loking glass, .25
Hiram Stufflebean, 1 Razor and strap, .55
Isaac Farley, 1 Table, .10
George Stufflebean, 1 Hammer and nippers, .40
Hiram Stufflebean, 2 chairs, 1.05
William T. clark, 2 chairs, .35
William Watson, 1 Basket, .20
George Stufflebean, 1 coffee mill, .25
William T. clark, 1 pair of cards and Bucket, .22
Ballaam M. Baker, 1 Bucket, .20
Fredric Nester, 1 pail, .26
George Stufflebean, 1 spade, .12 1/2
Samuel Stufflebean, 1 Tea kittle, .95
William Watson, 1 oven, .65
George Stufflebean, 1 oven, 1.80
Hiram Stufflebean 1 Flat Iron, .80
Samuel Stufflebean, 1 pot, 1.05
George Stufflebean, 1 potrack, 1.00
Fredric Nester, 1 potrack, 1.00
Jeramiah hamilton 1 Sickel, .30

George Stufflebean, 1 Auger, .45
William T. clark, 1 Auger, .56
James pace, 1 Drawing knife, .37 1/2
Thomas G. childers, 1 Mattock, .96
William T. clark, 3 Hoes, .50
Henry Fosher, 1 Wedge, .85
Isaac Farley, 1 kittle, 4.00
MeridethDavis, 2 Stands & Box, .60
Merydeth Davis, 1 Barrel & Irons, 1.76
Hiran Stufflebean, 1 pair of gears, 1.05
Merydeth Davis, 1 Barrel, .50
James Stufflebean, 1 Big wheel, 1.10
James Stufflebean, 1 Littlewheel, 2.30
Josephus Jones, 1 sythe and stone, .70
William T. Clark, 1 Barrel of soap, .50
Joseph M. Couch, 1 Meat tub, 1.30
Fredric Nester, 1 side saddle, 10.00
James Stufflebean, 1 Bedstid, 5.00
Isaac Maccolum, 1 Bedstid, 7.00
Merydeth David, 1 Loom, 2.10
John Stufflebean 1 Reed, .50
Merydeth Davis, 2 Reeds, 1.02
Merydeth Davis ” Temples & harnesses, .55
Merydeth Davis, 1 par of Harness, .60
Merydeth Davis, 1 set of spools, .30
Thomas Puliam, 1 Keel, 1.00
Thomas Puliam, 1 pair of sheep shears, 1.00
Fredric nester, 1 Bell, 4.25
John Stufflebean, 1 Bed & Beding, 1.00
John Stufflebean, 1 Bed & Beding, 1.00
James Stufflebean, 1 Bed and Beding, 19.50
Merydeth Davis, 1 Tray and sive, .31 3/4

George Stufflebean, 1 Lot of wool, 6.00
Merydeth Davis, 1 Stand, 1.01
Thomas G. childers, 1 Gun, 7.05
J.S. kentwell, 1 Gun, 7.70
George Stufflebean, 3 Books, .75
Hiram Stufflebean, 1 Clock, 11.01
Hiram Stufflebean, 1 Bunch of cotton, 1.26
Hiram Stufflebean, 1 Bunch of cotton, 1.40
James Stufflebean, ” cotton, .75
Fredric Nester, 1 Pair of specks, .12 1/2
William T. Clark, 1 claak, .05
William T. Clark, 1 lot of clothes, 6.50
James Pace, 1 lot of locks &c, .25
James Stufflebean, 1 Box of sundries, .15
John R. Baker, 1 Bureau, 17.00
Merydith Davis, 1 Groundstone, .25
John Stufflebean, 1 Beestand, .60
George Stufflebean, 1 Bee stand, 1.50
Thomas Puliam, 1 Beestand, 1.00
George Stufflebean, 1 Beestand, 1.25
James Stufflebean 1 quart of honey, .20
George Stufflbean, 1 Jug “, .20
John stufflebean, 7 Geese, 2.01? (ink smudge)
William T. clark, 1 wheat Fan, 3.00
Georg Stufflebean, 2 head of hogs, 7.00
Robert Maccollum, 3 head of hogs, 7.50
William Maccollum, 4 head of hogs, 11.12 1/2
Hiram Stufflebean, 4 head of hogs, 8.00
John Stufflebean, 5 head of hogs, 5.35
Michael Stufflebean, 1 cow and calf, 10.40
James Stufflebean 1 cow and calf, 9.50
James Pace, 1 cow and calf, 9.70?

Morris Baker, 1 hiefer, 6.10
Henry Gier, 1 hiefer, 7.00
Benjamin Putman, 1 yoke of seers [steers?], 14.37 1/2
John Stufflebean, 5 head of sheep, 7.00
John Stufflebean, 5 head of sheep, 6.45
Samuel Stufflebean, 4 head of sheep, 4.95
William T. Clark, 1 Log chain, 2.00
Josephus Jones, 1 plow, 1.15
Jeramiah Hamilton
Lorenzo Hackler, 1 plow and Stock, 4.15
Joseph M. couch, 1 Hansaw, 1.10
William T. clark, 1 yoke of steers, 28.50
John Stufflebean, 1 lot of Beeswax, 4.00
Total: 316.84 1/4

State of Missouri County of Linn

Benjamin putman personaly appeared before me John Stufflebean a Justice of the peace in and for Baker Township Linn County Mo and made oath that the above sale bill is a correct acount of the sale of the above named goods and articles belonging to the Estate of Elisabeth Stufflebean now Decd.
subscribed and sworn to before me this December the 28th 1850
John Stufflean, JP

State of Missouri Linn County}
November the 13th 1850

Affidavit of the Appraisers of the Estate of Elisabeth Stufflebean Deceised you and each of you do Solemnly Swear that yu are not Interested nor of kin to any person Intersted in the Estate as heir or devisee And that you will to the best of your Abilities view and Appraise the property to you produced

W.W. Watson
Benjamin Putman
Isaac S. Farley
Subscribed and sworn to before me John Stufflebean J.P

3 Beds and Beding, 79.60
2 Bed Stids, 8.50
1 Lot of cotton yarn, 2.87 1/2
1 lot of Clothing, 12. 25
1 lot of wool, 3.20
1 lot of Books, .75
1 lot of Shaving tools, .75
2 locks and Box of Sundries, .25
2 wheels and cheekreel, 3.50
1 par of wool Cards, .10
4 Chairs, 1.25
1 Basket 2 Buckets, 1.00
1 lot of Castings, 4.52 1/2
2 pot Racks and flat Iron, 2.00
1 tray and sive, .25

1 lot of cobbard ware, 2.00
1 trunk looking Glass Slate &c, 1.00
1 pair Sheep Shears 1 Gallon jug, .70
2 Rifle guns, 12.00
1 lot Beeswas, 1 honey Stand, 4.00
1 Clock an dBeauro, 22.00
1 Shoe hamer & nippers, .25
1 Axe and wedge 1 Sythe Scythe & Stone, .75
1 Drwing Knife 2 Augurs, 1.00
1 Sickle 1 barrel of old irons, .60
3 Stands 1 Box 1 churn, 1.00
1 Stand of Soap, 1.00
1 lot of geese, 1.75
1 lot gears, .75
2 Eary plows, 2.50
1 log chain, 1.50
1 Bell 1 grindstone 1 table, 2.00
5 Bee Stands, 7.50
1 lot of hogs, 30.00
1 Wheat fan, 5.00
3 cowsand calfs, 24.50
2 heifers, 72.00
1 yoke of Steers, 27.50
1 yoke of young Steers, 16.00
14 head of Sheep, 14.00
1 loom & Sleys & gears & Spools, 4.50
1 Side Saddle, 5.00
1 hand Saw, 1.00
3 Weeding hoes and mattock, 1.00

Total Amount of the Appraisement Bill 264.57 1/2

Linn County court February term 1852 first Anuel Settlement of John Stufflebean Admr of the estate of Elisabeth Stufflebean Dect


by one note on Self, 10.00
order on Wm putman, 5.00
order of J.B. Baker, 2.30
Amount of Sale Bill, 316.10
total amount 333.40 minus 6.30
Ballance due 327.60
By voucher 19.00
Total 308.11

Credit by voucher No 1, 2.00
voucher No 2, 1.00
voucher No 3, 1.00
voucher No 4, 1.00
voucher No 5, .50
voucher No 6, .50

Total 6.00

Linn County Court February term 1853 second Anuel Settlement of John Stufflebean Admr of the estate of Elisabeth Stufflebean Dect


by one note on Self 10.00
order on W M Putman, 5.00
order of J.B. Baker, 2.30
Amount of Sale Bill, 316.10
333.40 minus 36.31
Ballance Due 297.09

Credit by voucher No 1, 2.00
voucher No 2, 1.00
voucher No 3, 1.00
voucher No 4, 1.00
voucher No 5, .50
voucher No 6, .80
voucher No 7, 20.00
voucher No 8, 3.43
voucher No 9, 2.00
voucher No 10 1.35
voucher No 11, .24
voucher No 12. 2.00
voucher No 13, 1.35
Total 36.31

In the probate court of Linn County March Term March 6th 1854

secon annual settlement of John Stufflebean adm of the estate of Elizabeth Stufflebean Decased
Said Administrator in (?) with said estate

To assets in his hand at first annual settlement 308.10

By cash paid county clerk and for several sundries a sper vo No 7as Adm of said estate, 19.50
” cash paid W Halliburton & A B Nidey? as per voucher No 8, 3.13
” cash paid H.H Dorlington as per no No 0, 2.00
” Tax Recept paid J.G. Fanning as per vo No 10, 1.35
”   ” vo No 11, .24
” 1st anuel settlement No 12, 3.00
Tax Recip paid Beverly neace No 14, 1.35
Cash paid to Mr. Sands No 15, 21.40
Attending february court 1852 No 16, 2.00
Attending february court 1853 No 17, 2.00
Attending March court 1853 No 18, 2.00
Attending June court 1853 No 19, 2.00
Cash paid to Joel Dewit, 5.50
Total 66.42

Amt Dr $308.10
Cr 66.42
Amt D 241.62

In the Probate court of Linn County Nov Term 1855
Final Settlement of John Stufflebean Adm of the Estate of Elizabeth Stufflebean deceased
Said administrator in a/c with said Estate

To amount on last Settlement 241.68
Credit By
cash paid B. Neice per vo No 21, 1.24
”   ” County Clerk vo No 22, 5.00
”   ” W. T. Clakr vo No 23, 18.66
To Adm Dr
To collecting and paying out assets, 20.00
” making act & final Settlements 2.00
cash pad J. Smith vo No 24, 1.90

Total 48.80
to C H Darlington, 2.50
Total  57.30
Thos Lane 2.15
Total 53.45

Amt Dr 241.68
Amt Cr 48.80
Total 172.88
Total 190.38
Thos Lane 2.15
Total 188.23

Here ends the papers found pertaining to the estate administration of Elizabeth (Baker) Stufflebean, deceased.

Two interesting things that I learned from these papers – Elizabeth had some books. John Stufflebean, Revolutionary War soldier and father of Michael Stufflebean,  stated in his pension application that neither he nor any of his children could read or write. Elizabeth’s father was a minister and perhaps she had some rudimentary literacy skills.

Second, John Stufflebean, her administrator, signed as a justice of the peace. I never knew that about him! He was obviously literate so he and perhaps his siblings had an opportunity for some schooling that his father never had.

Michael & Elizabeth (Baker) Stufflebean – Not One, but TWO Misfiled Estate Administrations!

At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say it is always worthwhile to revisit old resources and take a new look at records.

Michael and Elizabeth Stufflebean are my husband’s 3X great grandparents. Both were born in Kentucky, but migrated first to Indiana and then to Linn County, Missouri.

Michael, born no earlier than 1797 as his father gave permission for him to marry on Christmas Day in 1817. He and Elizabeth both died quite young. They were in their 40s and left a family of minor children.

Michael died by November of 1848, I suspect of cholera, and Elizabeth died in the fall of 1850. While I have names for children and a number of family vital record dates, I hoped to learn more about them through wills or probate records.

Linn County, Missouri was formed in 1837. The Stufflebeans were there by 1840 and probate records exist from around 1848-1849. Michael died right on the cusp of that date range and no probate was found for him when I made a written request years ago.

I don’t know the cause of Elizabeth’s death, but she was alive and living with her daughter’s family for the 1850 census, which was taken in October in that neighborhood. I hadn’t originally found any probate record for her, either, but didn’t think much of it as she wasn’t living on her own and may have distributed her estate before she died.

However, recently, I was looking at the probate estate files for Linn County on FamilySearch.

Notice the description of the collection says 1853 to 1925. Because I knew that the family lived there as late as 1908, I decided to browse through the files. It was a bit of a clunky process since there was no way to predetermine the size of any given file, but I discovered over 200 images related to various Stufflebean probates.

The first file I encountered was labeled Elizabeth J. and Daniel B. Stufflebean. These were children of John Stufflebean who died in the Civil War in 1864 and grandchildren of Michael and Elizabeth (Baker) Stufflebean.

Elizabeth and Daniel had their own probate file, apart from John’s other children I think, because they were children of his first wife, Gulielma Beals. John’s other children were with second wife, Matilda Jane Peavler.

Imagine my surprise as I browsed and came across:

Probate File of Elizabeth J. and Daniel B. Stufflebean, Image 1194
Linn County, Missouri Probate Estate Files
Source: FamilySearch

The top of the paper says: The following is a sale bill of the property of MICHAEL STUFFLEBEAN deciest (sic) taken by Bill Baker on the 4th day of December AD 1848.

Bought by Elizabeth Stufflebean one sickle, 25 cents
Bought by Daniel Beals two sickles, 50 cents
Bought by Bille Baker one bee hive 1.50
Bought by Wm McCollum one bee hive 1.25
Bought by Wm Humphres one bee hive 3.05
Bought by Wm McCollum one bee hive 2.00
Bought by Daniel Beals one bee hive 1.45
Bought by George Stufflebean one bee hive 2.00
Bought by Wm McCollum one bee hive 2.00
Bought by Elizabeth Stufflebean six bee hives 6.00
Bought by John R. Baker one yoke of oxen 46.50 1/4
Bought by George Stufflebean one heifer 7.00
Bought by John R. Baker one four year old steer 5.00
Bought by Wm McCollum one bull 10.75
Bought by Hiram Stufflebean one saddle 5.25
Bought by Daniel Beals one broad ax 1.62 1/2
Bought by W. McCollum one iron wedge 94 cents(? ink blot)
Bought by Bill Baker two pork hogs (ink blot)
Bought by John R. Baker 13 stock hogs 17.75
Bought by John R. Baker 11 stock hogs 16.10 (?ink blot)
Bought by Elizabeth Stufflebean one (?maybe boul or bowl) 75 cents (?ink blot)

Attested Henry A. Livingston, $139.68 3/4

Why would this paper be in the file pertaining to two of the heirs of John Stufflebean AND, of even more interest, were there any other papers that actually belonged to the estate administration of MICHAEL Stufflebean? Quick answer: The documents seem to be misfiled, as Michael and Elizabeth should have their own probate packets.

HOWEVER, there were documents in this file for both Michael and Elizabeth Stufflebean.

Given that they have hundreds of descendants, I’d like to share them in this post.

Here are the pages that should be in Michael’s probate file:

Sale Bill of the Estate of Michael Stufflebean Decd
Filed 13th day of Decr A.D. 1848

Recived (sic) and filed this 1st January AD 1849
William B. Woodruff P.L.C.C.

The following is a bill of appraisement of the personal estate of Michael Stufflebean desiest (sic) the 10th day of November AD. 1848

one buro [bureau]$10.00
one Clock 6.00
one cross cut saw 4.00
one lot of cupboard ware 1.00
one lot of castings? 3.00
one lot of kitchen chairs} six .50
one Coffe mill .10
two buckets and two pails .40
two rifle guns 10.00
one pair of sheep shears .25
three (?neck) hooks 1.00
one sythe blade .50
one wheat fan 5.00
one honey stand .50
one grey Mare 13.00
thirteen bee hives 13.00
one red yoke of oxen 25.00
one (?) 30.00
three Cows 18.00
one three year old heifer 7.00
two heifers 9.00
one 4 year old stear, lame? 3.00
three Calvs 3.00
one bull 6.00
twenty three head of sheep 20.00
three sows and pigs 4.50
one lot of yearling hogs 315, 15.00
one lot Do – stock hogs 316, 8.00
one side saddle 7.00
one man saddle 3.50
one Do saddle, old .50
two (long?) ploughs 4.50
one (?) .25

one log chain 1.50
one broad axe 1.00
two choping axes 1.50
two weeding hoes .25
one mat (ib?) .75
one spade 12 1/2 cents
one drawing knife .25
three dagers 1.50
one hand saw .75
one Waggone 13.00
one half bushel measure .12 1/2
ten geese 1.75
two pork hogs barrels 2.00
two pork hogs 5.00
one lot of stock hogs 8.00

Total $262.00

Thomas C. Packman
L.S. Nevins
Wm. Putmon

November the 10th 1848
We the under signed apprazers do solomly swear that we ar not interest nor of kin to any person interested in the estate of Michael Stufflebean desest as heir or devisee and that we will to the best of our ability view and appraze the personal estate to us produced.

Wm. Putmon
L.S. Nevins
Thomas C. Packman

subscribed and sworn to before me the day and year above written
John R. Baker JRB

The following is an inventory of the estate of Michael Stufflebean desiest both real and personal taken on the 10th day of November AD. 1848 by Bill Baker administrator

one deed the pattentee George m. Baker, viz the east half of the S E qtr – of s No fourteen (14) in T – No – sixty (60) of range No nineteen (19) containing 80 acres

one certifycate Michael Stuffle bean pattentee viz, the (?) qtr of the NE qr of section twenty Three (23) in T – No sixty (60) of range No nineteen (19) containing 40 acres and on hand twelve dollars and ninty (sic) five cents

one buro
one clock
one croscut saw
one lot of cupboard wear
one lot of (castings?)
one lot of kitchen chairs, 6
one Coffe mill
two buckets and two pails
two rifle guns
one pair of sheep shears
three (?neck) hooks
one sythe blade
one wheat fan
one honey stand
one grey Mare
thirteen bee hives
one red yoke of oxen
Do one – ?pideel
three Cows
one three year old heifer
two heifers
one 4 year old stear, lame?
three Calvs
one bull
twenty three head of sheep
three sows and pigs

one lot of year lin (sic) hogs
one lot Do – stock hogs
one side saddle
one mans saddle
mans saddle
two (long?) ploughs
one (?)
one log chain
one broad axe
two choping axes
two weeding hoes
one mat (ib?)
one spade
one drawing knife
three dagers
one hand saw
one Waggone
one half bushel measure
ten geese
two pork hogs barrels
two pork hogs
one lot of stock hogs

Attest Wm Putmon
L.S. Nevins

I do certify the above to be a treue (sic) inventory of the money papers and evidences of debt and all the property real and personal belonging to the estate of Michael Stufflebean deceast (sic) so far as has Came to my knowledge Bill Baker Administrator

sub scribed and sworn to this 4th day of December 1848
John R Baker JR

March the 4th — — 1850

the first anuel settlement of Bill Baker Admr of Michael Stufflebean deciest the following is a list of indebtedness as per account

Money inventoried 6.00
Amount of sale bill 134.68 3/4
Total 145.68 3/4
Minus 23.05
Remainder 122.63

Receipt Daniel Beals No 5, 2.00
George Stufflebean receipt No 2, 9.00
Hiram Stufflebean receipt No 3, 5.25
Elisabeth Stufflebean receipt No 4, 7.00
Total 23.5 [Note: I added to $23.25.]

Stufflebean Michael

Balam M. Baker
1 anuel settlement
Received and filed
4th March AD 1851
William B. Woodruff

Second anual Settlement of Michael Stufflebean Decd this day of February 1851 B.M. Baker Admr

Indebtedness as per settlement first March the 4th 1850
122.43 3/4
Total 128.54 3/4 minus 17.75
Balance Deue 110.74 3/4

Credit by voucher to Elizabeth Stufflebean 7.00

No 1 as per (?) allowed to Bill Baker 8.00
by voucher No 3 tax receipt 2.95
by voucher No 4 tax receipt 2.30
Total 13.75

Given under my hand this 3rd day of February 1851
Bill Baker Admr

Second Settlement on Michael Stufflebean Decd.
ordered to be filed this 3d day of Feby 1851

Recorded in Book (?) Page 91

Enoch (Kimbrel?) Clerk
by T.T. Woodruff DO

Recieved of John G. Flournoy sherif of Linn Co – on the 25 day of April 1851. . . . .ten dollars Bill Baker Admr of the estate of Michael stufflebean, decd

A final Settlement of the Estate of Michael Stufflebean Dect By Bill Baker Admr July the 3rd 1854


one last settlement $ (?) term 1853-54 7.77
interest 11.82
1 additional inventory Money Recd of John G. Flournoy 4.00
interest .02

2nd additional inventory Rent Corn sold
March the 7 1852 11.00
interest .80

3rd additional inventory Money rect of John McCollough Feb. 8th 1854 8.50
interest .21

total 184.28

Deducts 22.00
on account of error in additional inventory 182.10


voucher No. (1?) a claim allowed Joel Dewit for doctoring aloued at the Nov term 1850 term of the County Cort of Linn Co. MO $28.75
interest 4.63
voucher No. 2 a Claim alowd Samuel and John R. Baker Admrs of the estate of George W. Baker (?) against the estate of Michael Stufflebean September 4th 1850 $28.25
interest 5.25
voucher No 3 Cash paid John R Baker on Clame for smith work 4.63
interest 1.60
voucher No 4 Tax rect 1.20
in terest .25
voucher No 5 Cash paid John Stufflebean 7.70

interest 1.20
Total 82.97

voucher No 6
Cash paid to T. T. Woodrough Clerk $1.25
voucer No 7 Cash paid to J.H. Sarlington? 2.00
interest .12voucher No 8 Cash paid to Bill Baker 2.14
interst .16
voucher No 9 Cash paid to W.S. Hide 2.75
voucher No 10 Clame alloued Admr 8.42
Voucher No 10 Clame allowed Adm-11.48
Total 19.89
Total 101.86?

I leave it to the reader to determine the amounts in red here written and scribbled over in the original record.

This final page was received and filed July the 3d 1852, Jacob Smith P.B.J.

Know all men by these by these presents that I John Stufflebean, as principal and Samuel Stufflebean, as security, are held and firmly bound unto the state of Missouri for the use and benefit of William Henry Stufflebean & Elizabeth Jane Stufflebean minor heirs of Michael Stufflebean Deceased in the sum of one hundred dollars for the payment of which will and truly to be made we do severly & jointly bind our selves, our heirs Executors & Administrators firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and date this 7th day of March AD 1853.

The condition of the above bond is such that whereas the above found John Stufflebean was on this 7th day of March 1853 duly appointed Guardian and curator of persons of any property of William Henry Stufflebean and Elizabeth Jane Stufflebean Minor heirs of Michael Stufflebean Decd.

Now there if the said John Stufflebean shall faithfully discharge the duties of Guardian & curator as aforesaid, according to Law, than (sic) the above bond to be void other wise to remain in full fource and virtue at Law. Given under our hands & seals this 7th day of March AD 1853
John Stufflebean Seal
Samuel Stufflebean Seal
Witness: ? Hoyle?

John Stufflebean to {Bon Guardian Minor heirs M Stufflebean approved by the Court & ordered to be (?) March 7th 1853
Filed 7 March AD 1853
Recorded in Book H Page 90 T.T. Woodruff Clerk

Here ends the papers pertaining to the estate of Michael Stufflebean. What I found most interesting was the sale of thirteen bee hives! Apparently, Michael was a bee keeper and probably selling the honey.

There was a cholera outbreak in Linn County in the summer of 1848, but I have to wonder if Michael died from disease or if there is a chance he was stung in a bee attack and died from that?

It’s a question that probably will never be answered.

On Monday, I will post the documents pertaining to the estate of Elizabeth (Baker) Stufflebean, who died in the summer of 1850.


BSO – Down the Stufflebean Rabbit Hole

UPDATE: Thank you to Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings for deciphering a couple of my unknown words in the transcripts below. He left a comment, but my blog has been migrated to a new server and about ten comments made over 2 days last week have been lost in the migration.

There has been a bit of a lull lately in new discoveries appearing on the family tree, so I decided to take another look at some information I’ve had for years on Revolutionary War soldier and pensioner, John Stufflebean (aka Stoppelbein).

There are few written records left by the old soldier, not withstanding the fact that it was stated in his widow Elsee’s pension application that neither he nor his wife nor any of their children were able to even write their own names:

he says that the said John Stufflebean and his wife Elsee as also all their children were and are wholly illiterate and unable to write even their own names and no family record has ever been made or kept of the births marriages or deaths of any of the members . . .

My earliest Stoppelbein information (as that was how the name was originally spelled) came from Hank Z. Jones, FASG, the Palatine German researcher. John was born on 28 February 1756 in Kinderhook, New York, the son of Johannes Stoppelbein and Eva Dingman. In spite of the fact that, according to his pension file, John married and had several children before the Revolution began, to my knowledge, no one has ever discovered who he married, who those children were or what happened to his first family.

In John’s own words, he lived in New York, but 8-10 miles from the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania border near the Neversink River, which straddles the state borders.

. . . . . . .that he was born on the east side of the Hudson River not far below Albany in the State of New York – – – -That in 177_ he was living on a small River or creek that empties into the Delaware River he thinks it was called the Navasene or Nevasing – he is no Scholar & cannot tell how it was spelt; he lived in the State of New York not more than 8 or 10 miles from the Delaware River – not far from the Pennsylvania line and also the Jersey line —

Ten mile radius around Port Jervis,
where the three state borders converge
Source: Google Maps

John apparently lived in Orange County, New York, most likely up around Cuddebackville on highway 209 or possibly towards Sparrow Bush. There aren’t many towns around there even today.

Delving into the New York morass of records is left for another post, but for now, suffice it to say that I haven’t found any trace of any Stufflebeans of any spelling variation in Orange County.

My rabbit hole actually ties into John’s brother, Michael, also born in Kinderhook on 30 October 1763. John’s Revolutionary War pension statement sounds like he never again returned to New York.

Someone, however, helped him at least keep in touch with Michael, as John stated that he went to Lawrence County, Illinois in 1823 to obtain an affidavit from his brother, attesting to John’s service in the war:

He has no documentary Evidence in his possession to prove his service & knows of no person whose testimony he can procure to Establish (?) except his Brother Michael Stufflebean, who if living resides somewhere in Illinois – In 1823 he went to Illinois & took his Brother’s affidavit with a view to make application for a pension but never made application or did any thing more in the business. . .

Personally came before us the undersigned two of the Justices of the peace in and for said county Michael Stufflebeam of the same county & after being duly sworn according to Law deposeth & saith That John Stufflebeam his Brother, was an enlisted soldier in the Revolutionary war under Captain Jacob Dewit of the American army & further the deponent saith not.

Mikl Stuffelbean
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 12th day of June AD 1823.
V.L. Bradley JPeace
State of Illinois

Yet, by the time John applied for his pension and he declared his brother “if living,” Michael had died. The pension file included a statement from the Lawrence County, Illinois clerk:

Lawrenceville m (?)  25 1832

Your Letter of Enquiry as to Michael Stuffelbeam was duly Recd. M. Stuffelbem left this County about three years sinice for the County of Vermillion. I was well acquainted with him while living in this nieghborhood. He Died about 18 months since as I have been informed by one of his sons.

Respectfully yours

Here is a bit of a quandary, but it seems to have a solution. Michael Stufflebeam appears in the 1800 census of Cayuga County, New York. I am reasonably sure it is him, as there is a John Stufflebeam, likely an adult son, living next door and two doors from him is Peter Dingman. Michael’s sister Geesje married Peter Dingman.

I can’t find him in 1790, nor can I find him in 1810, 1820 or 1830. There are no Stufflebeans of any spelling in Illinois in 1820 or 1830.

I believe that Michael Stufflebeam either headed north to Vermilion County, Illinois and ended up living in Warren County, Indiana or else he headed to Vermillion County, Indiana, but settled again in Warren County. That is because in 1830, there is an Abigail Stufflebeam living in Warren County, Indiana with a John Stufflebeam a couple of doors away.

In support of my theory is this entry on pages 694-695 in the Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion County, Illinois published in 1889 by Geoffrey Chapman Publishers:

Oliver P. Stufflebeam

Oliver was orphaned at a young age, but mentions his birth in Warren County, Indiana on 13 September 1837 and that he was the son of John Stufflebeam, born in 1795 in Schoharie County, New York. John Stufflebeam married twice, although his first wife isn’t named. His second wife was Harriet Ostrander, who he married in Indiana.

His paternal grandfather was Michael Stufflebeam, who he says moved west with son John. The entry adds that Michael Stufflebeam was an immigrant from Germany, born in 1740 and who settled in Schoharie County. (Schoharie County was formed from part of Albany County in 1795.) Michael, if the son of Johannes and Eva Stoppelbein, was born in 1763, not 1740, but the book might be wrong on that count. It says Michael’s wife died in Schoharie County. Boy, do I wish Oliver had mentioned her name because no marriage record has been found.

Tomorrow, I will take a look at the Warren County, Indiana records concerning the Stufflebeam family.