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Mark Haskell & Elizabeth Giddings, Essex County, MA

Note: I am descended from two of the children of William and Mary (Tybbot) Haskell – their eldest son, William who married Mary Brown and their sixth child, Mark, who married Elizabeth Giddings and had two sons, but who died at the young age of 33.

Today, I will share the story of Mark Haskell, son of William and Mary (Tybbot) Haskell. He is my second Haskell family line.

Mark Haskell was born on 8 April 1658 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, the sixth child and fourth son of William and Mary (Tybbot) Haskell. He married Elizabeth Giddings, daughter of Lt. John Giddings and his wife, Sarah Alcock, on 16 December 1685 in Gloucester, where the Giddings family also lived.

Mark and Elizabeth had three sons, but their first died in infancy, aged 23 days old.

Less than five years later, Mark himself also died on 8 September 1691, again in Gloucester. There was a smallpox epidemic in Essex County about this time and Mark may have succumbed to it.

Mark left no will, which would seem to indicate that he was not in ill health for an extended period of time, but there is an estate administration for him in the Essex County Court.

Elizabeth, his widow, married (2) John Denison and had two more children. George Denison was born 6 October 1700 and Daniel followed two years later on 9 November 1702. The Denisons lived in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.


1. George, born 18 October 1686; died 10 November 1686, both in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
2. Mark, born 16 September 1687, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died 25 August 1775, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts; married Martha Tuttle, about 21 January 1709/10, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts. Their marriage intentions were filed on 21 January. They likely married soon after.
3. William, born 1 January 1689/90: died 10 December 1766; married Jemima Hubbard, 26 April 1712, all events in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts

Estate Administration of Mark Haskell
Essex County Probate File #12771
Source: American Ancestry

Mark Haskell’s estate inventory is short. He owned half of a saw mill and corn mill, 12 acres of land, a house and frame of a small barn, his moveable estate and debt due to him totaled £200.100.00. Debts owed by the estate to others came to £75.10.9. Notice that the first bill on the list is for Dr. Goodhue, so Mark required some type of medical care before he died.

I am descended from Mark’s younger son, William, who married Jemima Hubbard.

We will continue the family stories of Mark’s descendants next week, as the Haskell surname remains in my family line for three more generations.