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Lovingly, June Steel, 1904

This is a perfect photo for Wordless Wednesday because it’s another very annoying picture that I have in my collection.

Lovingly, June Steel, 1904

June is very fashionably dressed at the start of the 20th century. She looks to be of an age to be a contemporary of my 2X great grandmother, Nellie Tarbox Adams.

I can’t find any June Steel anywhere in New England or New Brunswick, Canada, the two most likely places where she lived, searching in a time from from 1898-1912. That would cover two U.S. censuses.

There is a photographer’s mark, which can barely be seen in the bottom right corner that says “Paul Ross Studios, Columbia, S.C.” That is a huge surprise, but it still doesn’t help me find June Steel. I am thinking that perhaps June was her middle name and that is why she isn’t showing up anywhere.

However, I am sure she is not related to my family. This is such a beautiful period photo. I would love to return it to a descendant if I could figure out who she is and where she lived!