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Passaic, NJ 1910 – Step Back in Time with Me

Among photos I inherited from my grandmother, Julia Scerbak Sabo (1893-1985) are many of friends and family who emigrated from Udol, Slovakia. Although Julia was born in Passaic, her family returned to Europe about 1898. Julia came back to permanently live in the United States in November 1910 and married my grandfather, George Kucharik (aka Sabo) in September 1915. Since my grandfather isn’t in any of these photos, they were likely taken before they married.

Today, I am sharing some photos with people that my grandmother identified. She must have been good friends with the Fabian girls, as there are several photos with them.

Julia Fabian

Julia Scerbak, taken same day as above?

Julia Scerbak & Julia Fabian

Julia Scerbak & Julia Fabian

Julia Fabian, seated
Anna Fabian & Julia Scerbak

Anna Fabian Koshliab (Koshlap)
with unknown child

Maria FengyaJuliaOsifchin
Maria Fengya & Julia Osifchin

There are many more century-old photos that I will be sharing over time.

My Entry in “Crestleaf.com’s Guess My Family Heritage Blogathon Contest”

Here is my entry for Crestleaf.com’s Guess My Family Heritage Blogathon Contest.

A few of the other contest entries that I have seen don’t seem to give many clues as to ethnic heritage. I am sharing a picture that plainly shows my Nana and her brother in clothing from the “old country.”

They are  dressed in authentic typical village clothing, although the picture was taken in the United States in the 1930’s for a church pageant.

Nana with brother, Pete

No fair peeking at old blog posts! I have written quite a bit about my family’s ethnic backgrounds. Please reference my family photo and guess my heritage in a comment.