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Looking for Descendants of John Stufflebean, Civil War Death, 1864 – Part 5: Matilda Sarah Catherine Stufflebean (1860-1937)

The last child to be discussed of John and Matilda (Peavler) Stufflebean is Matilda Sarah Catherine, born 26 October 1860 and died 23 March 1937, both in Linn County, Missouri.

Matilda died of a cerebral hemorrhage, but also have underlying heart problems and was suffering from senility.

She married Josiah Cordray on 7 April 1876 in Linn County, Missouri. They had ten children, nine of whom survived.

Josiah was born 22 February 1848 and died on 15 August 1931, a day after he suffered a stroke.

Josiah and Matilda started their married life with her mother living with them in 1880.

Matilda (Peavler) Stufflebean had married (2) John Hall on 22 March 1869 in Linn County, but the marriage apparently didn’t work out and they were divorced before 1880. The Cordrays took her in.

  1. Mary Ella, born 17 October 1878; died 9 February 1954, both Linn County, Missouri. She married Millard Head. They had two children, Gracie and Joe.
  2. Laura, born and died 2 July 1879, Linn County, Missouri
  3. Archibald Curtis, born 14 June 1880; died September 1966, Linn County, Missouri. He married Maudie Hestella Carmack. They had seven children.
  4. John Lewis, born 1 July 1884; died 22 August 1978
  5. Charles Edward, born August 1886; died 11 November 1940, both Linn County, Missouri; married Gertrude May Peavler, 5 September 1906. They had nine children.
  6. Cora Elizabeth, born 5 August 1888; died 7 August 1966, both Linn County, Missouri; married Jesse Clarence Head. They had ten children.
  7. Ritta Agnes, born 22 November 1890; died 18 August 1985, both Linn County, Missouri; married Frank Mike Head, 1910-1920. They had two sons, Oren L., born 1917 and Kermit Frank, born 1923.
  8. Gail Daniel, born 13 November 1892; died 14 November 1968, both Linn County, Missouri. He married Osa Clarkson Lanning, 21 June 1954. They had no children.
  9. Jennie A., born October 1895, Linn County, Missouri; died 1983, Adair County, Missouri. She married Harve L. Belfield. They had one son, Harry L., who died in a truck accident in 1938, unmarried.

That covers all of the children of John Stufflebean, who died in the Civil War in 1864 with each of his wives, Gulielma Beals and Matilda Peavler.

I have lots of data about these families, but would really love to share old family photos. There must be someone who has pictures of some of these people. John Henry passed on quite a few to his children.

Josiah and Matilda have hundreds of descendants today through Mary, Archie, Charles, Cora and Ritta. If you are one of them, I’d love to share information about our branches of the family tree. Please leave a comment. 🙂