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George Giddings & Jane Lawrence, Another Double Descent

George Giddings & Jane Lawrence are my 10 times great grandparents and their lines have been researched back into England, connecting to both nobility and royalty.

George Giddings was born on 24 September 1609 in Clapham, Bedfordshire, England, the son of John Gidding and Joan Purrier. Jane Lawrence was born on 18 December 1614 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, the daughter of Thomas Lawrence an Joan Antrobus. George and Jane married on 20 february 1633 in St. Albans.

The Giddings and Lawrence families were well off economically compared to many who immigrated to the colonies. They are found on the passenger list of The Planter, which sailed to New England in 1635. They family soon settled into their new life in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

My double descent from this couple happens through two of their grandchildren, siblings George and Elizabeth Giddings, children of Lt. John Giddings and Sarah Alcock. Lt. John was the son of George and Jane.

Here is a diagram to follow the descent, but notice that William Tarbox is one generation closer to George and Jane Giddings than is Judith Haskell, his wife:

Descendants of George Giddings & Jane Lawrence

Since William Tarbox is Generation #5 and Judith is Generation #6, I will omit the generation numbers from the rest of the line down to me:

William Tarbox = Judith Haskell
1779-1860           1780-1861

George Rogers Tarbox = Mary Elizabeth Scripture
1818-1895                                1827-1866

Calvin Segee Adams = Nellie F. Tarbox
1843-1921                  1856-1927

Charles Edward Adams = Annie Maude Stuart
1877-1922                              1874-1940

Vernon Tarbox Adams = Hazel Ethel Coleman
1899-1968                              1901-1995

George Michael Sabo = Doris Priscilla Adams
1926-1985                        1923-2008

Linda Anne Sabo – me!

If you have been reading my multiple descent posts and some of the names are starting to look familiar, that is because they are all part of my grandfather Vernon Adams’ line.