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James Ransone, Son of Immigrant Peter Ransone, VA, 1600s

James Ransome, son of immigrant Peter Ransone, was born about 1645 in Virginia (as Peter is found as a witness on 28 December 1642 with Edward Bereman when the patent of Thomas Symons on Charles River was assigned to Thomas Kirbye. [Cavaliers and Pioneers 1623-1666 by Nell Nugent]) as James gave a deposition in Gloucester County, Virginia in 1693 stating that he was about 48 years old.

There are two records which prove that Peter was James’s father. The first is from Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book No. 5, page 500:

On 10 February 1663, James and George Ranson, sonns of Peter Ranson, dec’d. patented 1100 acres on the North River in Mockjack (Mobjack?) Bay at the Isle of Wight Creek. . . . .

That he was Peter’s son is again stated in  the Minutes of the Council and General Court of Virginia, which I’ve seen cited online, but the original minutes are reported as lost.

At the Genl. Court holden at James City the 8th Nov. 1672, afternoon, Ransom vs. Bledshaw. in the difference between James Ransom plaintiff and Geo. Bledshaw defdant about a parcel of land of nine hundred and fifty acres in Northumberland Co. on the North Side of Divideing Creeke. It is ordered that a jury by the Sherriffe of the County be impannelled as neare as can be to said land, who are to enquire whether that land was seated or deserted by Peter Ransom father to the said James within due time according to his Pattent and returne their report thereof under their hands to the 3rd day of the next Genll Court for Judgment.

James Ransone was a respected member of Gloucester County as Captain James Ransom and John Baylor served as the county representatives to the House of Burgesses in 1693 and James Ransone with Mordecai Cooke served in the same capacity in 1696.

The last time James Ransone is found in records is when he patented 30 acres of land on North River in1704.

I have seen several online reference to the last will and testament of James Ransone, 1706, in which he names his three sons, including in the April 1902 article The Ransone Family, published in the William and Mary Quarterly. However, none of these references include the important bit of information about where the will was found. Even back in 1902, the Gloucester County Courthouse fires had claimed all the early records.

The name of James Ransone’s wife is a matter of conjecture. I have also seen reference to her possible names, but absolutely nothing that cites any source for proof or even hints, so, for now, she remains Unknown.

Children of James Ransone:

1. Robert, born c1670, Virginia; died between 10 June – 19 September 1720, probably in King and Queen County, Virginia; married (1) ?Unknown (2) Frances Williamson, by 1713, probably Gloucester County, Virginia. Frances was the widow of Robert Bird and married (3) John Aldin (4) John Bryant
2. Peter, born c1672, Virginia; died after 18 February 1759, the date of a land record which states Peter is now living on in York County, Virginia; married Dorothy North, before 11 September 1699
3. George, born c1674; [married Dorothy Dudley?]

If you have any idea where the will of James Ransone might be found, or even a reference to it in a land record, such as “land formerly owned by James Ransone, decd. and passed by will to . . “, I would be most grateful.