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Annie Thompson, Is Your Daddy Ephraim Thompson?

Thank goodness for FAN clubs. Those Friends, Associates and Neighbors can be a terrific help when we’re trying to sort out families.

This journey has produced a couple of real surprises. One Thompson FAN club – that of the family of William Thomson and Ann Rodes – led directly to a second FAN club – that of Ephraim Thompson.

Here is what I’ve discovered so far and my new – and I think perhaps correct – theory about Annie Thompson’s origins.

Ephraim Thompson was also from Kentucky, but unlike the Thomsons, he migrated from Washington County, at about the same time that the Scott County families went on the move. Washington County borders Mercer County, which has a marriage record for Ephraim Thompson to Sarah (Sally) Curry, reportedly the daughter of William Curry. The Currys hailed from Botetourt County, Virginia. Ephraim and Sally married on 18 October 1798.

There is no 1800 census for Kentucky, but the 1810 Washington County census shows the household of Ephraim Thompson, which fits well with a man who married in 1798:

Male, 26-44 (Ephraim, born  1766 -1777, if 21 when he married)
Female, 26-44 (Sally, born 1766-1784)
Male, 16-25 (Could Ephraim have child by a first marriage or sibling living with them or farm hand?)
Female, under 10 (born 1801-1810) (Annie?)
Male, under 10 (born 1801-1810) (Elmore?)
Male, under 10 (born 1801-1810)
Male, under 10 (born 1801-1810) (Elias)

There were still 14 Thompson households in Washington County, Kentucky, but Ephraim’s was not one of them. The 1820 Missouri census is lost, so we next have the 1830 census of Howard County, Missouri:

E. Thompson’s household is just three doors away from that of J. Holland:

Ephraim’s 1830 household now looks like this:

Male, 50-59 (Ephraim, born 1770-1780)
Female, 40-49 (Sarah, born 1780-1790)
Male, 20-29 (born 1800-1810) (Elmore?)
Male, 20-29 (born 1800-1810)
Female, 20-29 (born 1800-1810)
Male, 15-19 (born 1811-1815) (Elias?)
Female, 15-19 (born 1811-1815) (Polly, m. Wm. Alexander Nov 1827)
Male, 10-14 (born 1816-1820)
Female, 5-9 (born 1821-1825)

Ephraim Thompson’s last census enumeration was also recorded in Howard County:

Male, 60-69 (Ephraim)
Female, 60-69 (Sarah)
Male, 20-29
Female, 20-29
Female, 15-19
Male, 10-14
Male, 5-9

By 1840, it looks like Ephraim is the head of a blended family with the youngest child probably a grandchild.

Marriage and probate records help fill in some of these children.

  1. Elmore Thompson married Martha (Patsey) Smith, 25 February 1830, Boone County, Missouri
  2. Annie Thompson married James Holland, 27 November 1818, Howard County, Missouri
  3. Sarah Thompson married Samuel W. Scott, 26 February 1821, Howard County, Missouri
  4. Polly Thompson married William Clarkston, 28 May 1828, Boone County, Missouri
  5. Hannah Thompson married William Alexander, 10 January 1833, Boone County, Missouri

I think this is actually a second marriage for Ephraim himself and that Sally died between 1840 and early 1842:

Ephraim Thompson married Isabella Jones, 21 December 1842, Boone County, Missouri. Isabella was born c1822 and died 6 January 1894 in Boone County, Missouri.

Elmore Thompson, who married Martha (Patsey) Smith on 25 February 1830 in Boone County, Missouri, died before 13 September 1840, leaving a will naming Ephraim Thompson as executor. I’d say that definitely places him in Ephraim’s family.

Elias Thompson was the administrator for Ephraim’s estate in 1847.  He was born c1810. I’d say that places him in Ephraim’s family, too.

Not having the 1820 census really hurts here, as Sarah was already married in 1821 so not at home with her parents in 1830.

More work needs to be done to determine whether Ephraim who married Isabella Jones was Ephraim who died in 1847 or a son, Ephraim. However, Isabella is back in her parents home, an apparent widow with a 3 year old son, David Thompson, with her. It appears that David died young, as he is not with his mother in1860, nor can I locate any David about 13 years old in 1860 in Missouri.

Land deeds disposing of the property of Ephraim Thompson in 1847 might name heirs, so that is something to be looked up at the Family History Library.

For the time being, I am proposing the following family:

Ephraim Thompson, born c1775; died before 25 August 1847 married Sarah (Sally) Curry on 18 October 1798, Mercer County, Kentucky. She was born c1780 and may have died between 1840 and 1842 when an Ephraim Thompson married Isabella Jones.


  1. Annie, born c1800; died c1829, probably Howard County, Missouri; married James Holland, 27 November 1818, Howard County, Missouri.
  2. Elmore, born c1802; died before 13 September 1840, Howard County, Missouri; married Martha (Patsey) Smith, 25 February 1830, Boone County, Missouri.
  3. Sarah, born c1805; died after 1850, probably Howard County, Missouri; married Samuel W. Scott, 26 February 1821, Howard County, Missouri.
  4. Polly, born c1800-1810; died after her marriage date; married William Clarkston, 28 May 1828, Boone County, Missouri
  5. Hannah, born c1810; died after 28 August 1870, probably in Howard County, Missouri; married William Alexander, 10 January 1833, Boone County, Missouri
  6. Elias, born 1805-1810; died 23 April 1877, Howard County, Missouri; married Permelia Smith, c1835, but no record found. The 1850 census has Ann K. Smith, 72, living with the family.

There are likely at least two more children that belong to this family. I am hoping land deeds answer my remaining questions about Thompsons in Howard County and prove that both Sarah and Annie were children of Ephraim and Sally Thompson.



James Hollon and Eramanthus Scott, Sullivan County, Missouri

This is the end of the Hollon trail for my husband’s branch of the family. His 2x great grandfather, James Hollon, was the son of yesterday’s head of household, also James Holland, who kept to the traditional spelling of the name.

This James was born on 25 February 1824 in Missouri, undoubtedly in Howard County, where his parents lived. He married Eramanthus Elizabeth Scott there on 10 June 1847. (A total aside here – the only reference source I can find for the name “Eramanthus” is the boar of Erymanthus, found in the tales of Hercules. I am not sure why anyone would name a child, much less a daughter, with that name, but her mystery parents did.)

She was born about 1827 in Missouri, but all attempts to find parents for her have failed. She apparently had a brother Robert, who lived with James and her in 1850. She was enumerated as Eramanthus E. in this census.

Elizabeth Eramanthus was apparently the mother of all of James’s children. She died between 1870 and 1880, likely in Sullivan County, Missouri.

James and Eramanthus had seven known children, probably all born in Sullivan County:

John S., born about 1849; he married Clarissa A. Baskett, 25 February 1869, Sullivan County, Missouri. They had a daughter, Mary E., born in 1870. However, no one in this little family has been found after 1870.
James Milton, born 17 February 1853; died 27 August 1939, Sullivan County, Missouri. He married Nancy Melissa Baskett, 22 February 1874, Sullivan County, Missouri. James and Nancy had four daughters – Lulu who married a Jacobs, Miranda who married a Nickells, Ethel who married a Dell and Nancy Jane, who died in infancy. All remained in the area of Browning, Sullivan County, Missouri.
Eliza A., born about 1856; nothing further found after the 1870 census.
George M., born about 1858; married (1) Charity Ann Stewart, 28 July 1878, Chariton County, Missouri (2) Alice Coffman, 19 February 1896, Sullivan County, Missouri (3) Mary Rodman, 10 June 1906, Livingston County, Missouri. “G.M. Hollon” and wife, Mary, were living in Lujan, Union County, New Mexico for the 1920 census. George died there on 26 December 1920. A note on Find A Grave looks to be an abstract of an obituary, which says he was survived by his wife, a son, J.T. Hollon of Oklahoma City and a daughter Flora Cordray of Nevada, which is in Vernon County, Missouri.
Columbus Marion, born about 1861. He married (1) Sarah G. Caffelt, 31 December 1879, Moniteau County, Missouri and (2) Sarah Ann Zook, 21 May 1900, in Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas. C.M. and S.A. “Hallan” were enumerated in Franklin County in 1900. They were aged 51 and 43 with no children in the household. Sarah is shown as never having given birth. Oddly, Columbus is listed as having given birth to 2 children, 1 living. Perhaps he  and first wife, Sarah had children and when she died, her family took in the surviving child. Columbus and Sarah are last found in Cave, Sharp County, Arkansas in 1920.
William Edwin, born about 1867; married Mary Elizabeth Martin, 3 July 1894, Henry County, Missouri. He died on 20 June 1935 in Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas. It appears that William and Mary divorced. In 1920, she is married to Jacob Burgoon in Kansas with the Hollon children in the household.

James W., born December 1898
Opal E., born about 1900
Goldie M., born about 1904; died before 1910
Bernie, born about 1908
Fern, born about 1908

There is no census note about “Burney” and Fern being twins, but they are both Hollons and both 12 years old in 1920.

The last child of James and Eramanthus Scott Hollon was Mary Elizabeth. She was born 24 February 1868, probably in Sullivan County and she was the first wife of John Henry Peavler Stufflebean. Mary Elizabeth died in Garner, Linn County, Missouri on 2 January 1905. My father-in-law Ed commented more than once that he never knew his grandmother. John Henry’s second wife, Addie, was the only paternal grandmother he ever knew, but Ed was pleased to finally visit the Linn County graveyard in the 1980’s after he retired.

Mary Elizabeth Hollon Stufflebean

The family didn’t even have a photo of her, so he settled for this.

John Henry Stufflebean and Mary Elizabeth Hollen married on 27 June 1886 in Linn County, Missouri and  had a big family, all born in Linn County. Their children were:

Ernest Lavern, born 21 May 1887; died 1959. Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married Grace M. Baker, 11 December 1907, Linn County.
Iva Myrtle, born 17 September 1888; died 29 June 1976, La Crescenta, Los Angeles County, California; married Marion Everett Baker, about 1909.
James Herman, born 2 August 1890; died 27 May 1955, Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married Anna Bell Riggs, 19 December 1908, Noble, Cleveland, OK
Owen Wayne, born March 1892; died about 22 August 1902, Linn County, Missouri
Earl Marcus, born 23 January 1894; died 11 January 1946, Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married Pearl Lillian Brasher, 10 August 1916 in Norman.
Lila Hazel, born 22 March 1896; died 31 January 1897, Linn County, Missouri
Henry Sylvan, born 9 December 1897; died 27 October 1940, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; married Blanche (maiden name unknown).
Nolan Kay, born 3 February 1900; died 9 November 1970, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; married Harriet Reeves.
John Kenneth, born 15 March 1902; died 11 October 1970, Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married 3 times, first to Lucille Mosley, the other two wives are unknown.

I don’t know if Mary Elizabeth died giving birth to yet another child. With the timing in January 1905, it is possible, but there is no death certificate for her. On 21 May 1905, John married (2) Addie Lucinda Belcher in Linn County. They went on to have four daughters and a son, but as they aren’t Hollon descendants, I will leave that for a Stufflebean post.

Thus ends the saga of the Holland/Hollon family from Anne Arundel County, Maryland in the mid 1600’s to the turn of the 20th century.

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James Holland/Hollon/Hollin/Hollen and Family

James Holland/Hollon/Hollin/Hollen and Family

The Holland saga is almost finished. James Madison Holland was born in Kentucky about 1791, according to the 1850 and 1860 censuses. He married Annie Thompson on 27 November 1818 in Howard County, Missouri. I don’t know of other Hollands who migrated to Howard County, but the Thompson name is found tied to the Hollands back in Scott County, Kentucky so I imagine James might have made his way to Missouri with them. The 1830 census of Howard County shows James’s young family living three doors from an E. Thompson who is 50-60 years old. This may be Annie’s father.

Annie died sometime before 1830 when J. Holland was head of a household with no adult female.  James is listed as 20-29 years old, but he was really closer to 39. Perhaps the census taker erred in the column he ticked or one of the children gave the wrong age for their dad. There is also one male 10-14, who would be son John, one female 5-9, who would be daughter Sarah, three males aged 5-9, which would be Ephraim, James and one unknown, one female under 5, who would be Nancy and one male under 5, which was Edmund. The unknown male and  female were out of the house by 1850 and it isn’t known if they married or died young.

James married Sarah Hutchinson, probably a widow, on 29 October 1832 in Howard County, Missouri. The family in 1850 was a blended household, although all persons are enumerated with the Holland surname. Several of James’s children had married and were in their own households by this time:

James Holland, 59, born Kentucky
Sarah, 59, born Virginia
Nick, 23, born Virginia (I think he is a Hutchinson)
Nancy, 17, born Missouri
P(atsey), 17, born Missouri
Nancy, 22, born Missouri (Dodson, married to Edmund)
Edmund, 26, born Missouri

This James Holland family was household #1. Household #2 was the family of James and Sarah (Holland) Head. Sarah, or Sallie, was the daughter of James Holland. She and James Head married on 22 March 1848 in Howard County. James Head was born about 1826 in Missouri. It appears that James’ first wife might have died in childbirth. Sallie is enumerated as older than her husband with a birth year of about 1822 in the 1850 census. Sallie died between the 1860 census and 11 July 1861 when James married Lucinda Harmon in Sullivan County, Missouri.

Head children in the 1850 and 1860 censuses:
Jane, born 1837, Missouri (perhaps James’ sister)
Daniel A., born 1847, Missouri (by a first wife?)
Mary E., born 1850, Missouri
James E., born 1854, Missouri
Sarah E. born 1856, Missouri

Household #4 was that of Stokely Wyatt and Mary Holland. They married on 20 March 1845, also in Howard County. Stokely he was born about 1822 in Kentucky and died between 1850 and 1860, when Mollie Wyatt and her children were living in her father’s household. Mary was born about 1826 in Missouri. She married (2) Samuel Ray by 1870 and died between 1870 and 1880. It doesn’t appear that she and Sam Ray had any children together.

Wyatt children were:
James, born 1846, Missouri
John Alex, born 1849, Missouri
Martha J., born 1852, Missouri; married to William Mott by 1870 and living with the Samuel Ray family
Nancy Ann, born 1857, Missouri

The other three  of James Holland’s sons, married before 1850,  were James, John and Ephraim. James’s family will be examined in tomorrow’s post, but here are John and Ephraim:

John Holland, born 10 January 1820, was the first child of James to marry. He married (1) Adaline Hoskins, 18 June 1843, Howard County, Missouri and (2) Fannie A. Crooks, 16 January 1896, Sullivan County, Missouri. John and Adaline had many children:

Mary Ann, born 1844, Missouri; married a Couch and lived in Piedmont, Oklahoma in 1908.
Sarah E., born 1846, Missouri; married Joshua Jennings, 25 May 1863, Sullivan County, Missouri. She died after 1908.
Cornelia, born 1849, Missouri; married a Linnhart, but may have divorced with no children and not remarried. Cornelia was married, living at home with hr parents, but no husband in 1880. She died in 1897, buried as a Holland.
Lucretia Margaret, born 1851, Missouri; married (1) Dr. H. Schooling and (2) Dr. J.C. Kessenger; died 21 May 1908, Quincy, Adams County, Illinois.
Susannah, born 1853, Missouri
Jeremiah T., born 1856, Missouri; living in St. Louis, Missouri in 1908
Nancy Madlin, born 1859, Missouri; married James Andrews and died in Sullivan County, Missouri on 8 January 1882.
Julia Eliza, born 1862, Missouri; married Mr. Shipley; died 1937, Sullivan County, Missouri
Adaline Virginia, born 1865, Missouri
John E., born 1868, Missouri; died 1926 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.
James T., born 1871, Missouri

Ephraim Holland, born July 1822, another son, married (1) Eleanor Newcom, 22 September 1842, Chariton County, Missouri. She apparently died soon and he married (2) Elizabeth Hoskins, 23 August 1846, Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born about 1830 in Missouri. He is found there in the 1850 census, but had just buried daughter Susan F. Ephraim’s children in 1850 were:

Mandy E., born 1845, Missouri; she married Isaac C. Spencer in 1862, but apparently died soon afterwards. Isaac married Rebecca Martin on 23 July 1866 in Sullivan County, Missouri.
(Susan F., born 3 July 1847; died 5 June 1850)
Joseph T., born 1849, Missouri

Ephraim and Elizabeth had several more children:

Bennett Martin, born 1851
James Lindley, born 1853
Nancy Jane, born 1855
John William, born 1859
Ephraim Critington, born 1860
Mary (Mollie), born 1866
Ida Bell, born 1871

Ephraim died in Sullivan County, Missouri in 1891 and is buried with several other family members in Hollon Cemetery there.

Although I have standardized the spelling of the family name as “Holland” to maintain consistency, with this generation in Howard, Chariton, Sullivan and Linn Counties, Missouri, the name is as likely to be spelled Hollen, Hollon, or Hollin.

To summarize then, the children of James Holland were:

John, born 1820; died 1904; married Adaline Hoskins
Sarah, born c1821; died before 11 July 1861
Ephraim, born July 1822; died 1891
James, born c1824; died 5 December 1903
Mary, born c1826; died between 1860-28 March 1867
Edmund, born c1828; died between 1855-1860
Nancy, born c1833; no further record after 1850 census
Patsey, born c1833; married Marion Cates, 11 September 1855, Howard County, Missouri. She died soon, before 1860.

It appears that Nancy and Patsey were twins, unless the age of one was incorrectly noted.

Many of these descendants who lived in Sullivan, Chariton and Linn Counties, Missouri use the HOLLON, HOLLIN or HOLLEN spelling. If you are related to any of this family, PLEASE leave a comment.

The last of the generations will be discussed on Saturday – James Hollon, born 1824, and my husband’s 2x great grandfather.