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Jacob Hendricks & Frina Roland, NC and Muhlenberg County, KY

Jacob Hendricks was born c1768, possibly in Rowan County, North Carolina, but more likely in the New River settlement south of Roanoke, Virginia, where his parents moved in 1765, and was the son of John and Mary (MNU) Hendricks.

Jacob married Frina Roland, daughter of Jacob Roland and Mary Keithley on 25 June 1792 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Frina was born 3 February 1776 in Frederick County, Maryland and  likely had few memories of her father, who died by 22 November 1779 in Rowan County. Her mother married (2) Jonas Hon, before 22 November 1779, who would have raised her.

The Hendricks extended family, closely tied to the Rolands, Hons, Keithleys and Weltys by culture, religion and marriage, began looking at future life possibilities in the 1790s. Those possibilities were not to be found in North Carolina, but in the newly opened Virginia county called Kentucky.

By 1799, Jacob Hendricks had made the westward migration to Bourbon County, Kentucky, where he, brother Peter and Phillip Hendricks, Jonas Hon, Joseph Roland and Jacob Keithley all appear on the 1799 and 1800 tax lists.

1799 Tax List of Bourbon County, Kentucky
Source: FamilySearch

The family appears to have moved on by 1801. Jacob’s father, John, settled in Montgomery County, Kentucky by 1798, which bordered Bourbon County in 1800, so the FAN club likely migrated together.

By 1810, Jacob had settled in Warren County, Kentucky, where he lived the rest of his days.

No gravestone or probate has been found for Jacob Hendricks, who died after the 1830 census and before 22 April 1838, when his youngest son, Jacob Roland Hendricks, died and his mother and siblings sold his land. If Jacob Roland’s father had still been alive, he, too, would have been listed as an heir.

Fanny Hendricks, et al., 22 April 1838
Muhlenberg County, KY Deed Book 8: 91-92
Source: FamilySearch

Frina (Roland) Hendricks reportedly died c1843, but I have no record of her after the 1838 sale of Jacob Roland Hendricks’ land. At that time, she was living in Muhlenberg County. I believe she died by 1840.


1. Joseph, born 24 August 1793, New River Settlement south of Roanoke, Virginia or Rowan County, North Carolina; died 20 February 1864, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; married Mary Lewis, 22 October 1813 (bond), Warren County, Kentucky
2. Mary, born 15 January 1795, probably Rowan County, North Carolina; died 12 September 1799, Bourbon County, Kentucky
3. John, born 9 July 1797, probably Rowan County, North Carolina; died probably before 22 April 1838, as he is not an heir selling his brother’s land
4. James, born 29 November 1798, probably Rowan County, North Carolina; died 27 June 1850, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
5. Elizabeth, born 8 December 1800, probably Bourbon County, Kentucky; died after 22 April 1838; married Mr. Hendricks
6. Esrom,
born 18 October 1802, possibly Warren County, Kentucky; died 3 May 1870, McLean County, Kentucky, married Susan Smith, July 1827
7. Jacob Roland,
born 16 February 1806, possibly Warren County, Kentucky; died before 22 April 1838, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; unmarried

Before I end, I need to comment that many believe this is the estate settlement of Jacob Hendricks Sr., father of Jacob Roland Hendricks. I don’t believe so for two reasons. First, I have not come across even one record that calls Jacob Sr. “Jacob R.” or “J.R.”

Second, the land that Fanny and the heirs sold is described as 53 acres lying on Big Creek. Well, on 7 May 1835, Esrom and wife Sally sold that same 53 acre tract of land to Roland Hendricks. Jacob’s middle name of Roland was given to him to carry on his mother’s maiden name. Esrom sold that land to his brother, NOT his father.

I don’t know if Jacob Sr. died in Warren County and the family then moved on to Muhlenberg or if he made the move with them and then died soon after settling there.