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Jacob & Nancy (Witt) Clingenpeel, Bedford County, VA

Clingenpeel is a name like Stufflebean. You’d think that with a name so different looking that it would be really easy to research the family. Well, like Stufflebean, Clingenpeel is spelled many different ways in the records. If the index is ABC order, it’s not too bad because all the variations begin with “Clin.” However, in this case, computer searching is a bit harder if wild cards can’t be used.

Clingenpeel, Clingenspeal, Clinkensbeal, Clinkenbeard – all the same name.

At least Jacob and Nancy Clingenpeel stayed put in Bedford County, Virginia.

Nancy Witt was born c1822, probably Bedford County, Virginia and died 1 December 1895, Bedford County, of dropsy. She was the daughter of Benjamin Witt and Martha Williams, also of Bedford County. Nancy married Jacob A. “Clinkenspeal,” on 25 January 1840, again in Bedford County.

Jacob’s age varied somewhat from record to record. He was born c1817-1822, in Virginia and died 11 July 1894 in Bedford County of old age. Jacob was a carpenter by trade in 1850, but later enumerated who as a farmer. It may be that Jacob’s shoulder injury during the Civil War made carpentry unfeasible.  

Jacob and Nancy had ten children, most of whom lived to adulthood.


  1. Cynthia J., born 1 June 1842, Bedford County, Virginia; died 17 July 1918, Bedford County, Virginia; married (1) Alfred Lee Creasey, 3 December 1862, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born 14 April 1826, Virginia; died 14 June 1865, Union Prison Camp, Point Lookout, Maryland (2) Preston Lee Leftwich, 2 October 1866, Bedford County, Virginia.  He was born 6 April 1845, Virginia; died 9 October 1919, Virginia.
  2. Benjamin M., born 3 April 1844, Bedford County, Virginia; died 6 January 1855, Bedford County, Virginia; cause not given.
  3. William T., born 22 April 1846/7,Bedford County,  Virginia; died 3 May 1903, Bedford County, Virginia; married Jane Chaffin, 18 December 1876, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born 14 March 1853, Virginia; died 23 April 1901, Bedford County, Virginia.
  4. George Wiley, born May 1849, Virginia; died after 1901; married (1) Julia A. Leftwich, 20 December 1871, Bedford County, Virginia (2) Ella Fuller Roberts, 6 October 1901, Bedford County, Virginia.
  5. Jacob A., born c1851, Bedford County, Virginia; died 7 January 1879, Otter District, Bedford County, Virginia of dropsy of the heart; married Nannie S. Wright, 19 December 1877, Bedford County, Virginia.
  6. M. B. (female), born c1853, Virginia; died after 1860.
  7. Benjamin N., born January 1856, Bedford County, Virginia
  8. Patsey J., born c1857, Bedford County, Virginia; married George N. Adams, 26 Sept 1877, Bedford County, Virginia
  9. James (Jubal) Jupiter Steptoe, born 7 Feb 1859/60, Bedford County, Virginia; died 16 Sept 1935, Lynchburg, Virginia; married (1) Elizabeth Maude Miller, 23 July 1884, Macon County, Missouri. She was born 27 May 1870, Virginia; died 13 March 1950, Lynchburg, Virginia (2) Mary Williams Boileau, 5 November 1914, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  She was born 13 June 1896, Virginia; died 18 April 1978, Staunton, Virginia.
  10. Mildred A., born 18 October 1863, Bedford County, Virginia; died 18 October 1935, Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois; married Paschal Washington Nance, 18 June 1884, Bedford County, Virginia. Paschal was born c1863, Virginia; died 29 July 1932, Henry County, Illinois. Both are buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee, Illinois.

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