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Mystery Photo – Stufflebeans in Noble, OK, c1915

This photo is in terrible shape, and I’ve even used the MyHeritage photo enhancer, which has improved it slightly.

On the left, we have a little girl, who I believe is a grandchild of John Henry Stufflebean and the daughter of Iva Myrtle Stufflebean Baker.

Myrtle Baker seemed to favor that hairstyle for her four daughters. I think this is her first child, Mildred, who was born in 1909. that would date this photo to c1915 and undoubtedly taken at the home of John Henry and Addie Stufflebean in Noble, Oklahoma.

The little girl looks like she could be about six years old.

Here is a photo with Mildred, two of her sisters and cousin Nolan Stufflebean, a few years later. Mildred is top and center:

The mystery child on the right (in the original photo at the top) appears to be a little boy, given his haircut.

I do have a guess about him, too, though. Could this be Harry Glenn Stufflebean, John Henry’s only son with his second wife, Addie Belcher?

Glenn, as he was called, was younger than Mildred, as he was born on 10 August 1911.

The little boy in the photo looks like he could be about 4 years old and that would fit with an estimated photo date of c1915.

Here is Glenn with his sister in a photo taken around the same time:

What do you think readers? Is the photo of Mildred Baker and Glenn Stufflebean? by the way, Glenn was actually Mildred’s uncle!


Hunting for Today’s Stufflebean Cousins: Iva Myrtle Stufflebean, 1888-1976

Iva Myrtle Stufflebean, the second child and eldest daughter of John Henry Stufflebean and his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Hollen, was born 17 September 1888 in Linn County, Missouri.

Iva Myrtle was always known as Myrtle. My husband and his brother remember Aunt Myrtle’s visits with the family in the 1950s and 1960s, both in California and Oklahoma.

Myrtle and Everett Baker, c1909

Myrtle married Marion Everett Baker on 8 June 1908 in Cleveland County, Oklahoma and likely in the town of Noble.

Myrtle and Everett, as he was known, became the parents of four daughters:

  1. Mildred N., born 21 December 1909, Linn County, Missouri; died 16 June 1961, La Crescenta, Los Angeles, California. Mildred didn’t marry and has no descendants.
  2. Irene Catherine, born 16 March 1911, Linn County, Missouri; died 16 January 2003, La Crescenta, Los Angeles, California. Irene married Loyd John Helms on 1 September 1928 in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. He was born in 1909 and died in 1978. They had one child.
  3. Thelma Lucille, born 13 October 1912, Linn County, Missouri; died 23 May 1998, Sugar Land, Fort Bend, Texas. Lucille married John Porter Miller on 20 February 1933 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma. He was born in 1912 and died in 1991. They had at least one child, who, in turn, had at least four children.
  4. Delores Ruth, born 27 March 1919, Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma; died 17 July 2000, Palm Desert, Riverside, California. Delores married Ernest Leo Tullius on 9 June 1937 in Los Angeles County, California. He was born in 1915 and died in 1975. They had at least three children.

Myrtle and Everett divorced on 20 November 1940, probably in California.

If you are a grandchild or great grandchild of Myrtle and Everett Baker, I would love to share information with you. Please contact me.